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I'm the only woman in my circle of friends willing to watch the NFL. I'm a voracious reader. Even to the extent that I read the back of cereal boxes:) I would love to sell a screenplay, but in my city even the valets are trying to win an Oscar. My dog is named after director Steven Spielberg...


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Indecent Exposure: A True Story of Hollywood and W&hellip by David Mcclintick
5.0 out of 5 stars Domino Effect, April 8 2004
David Begelman, powerful head of a studio thinks he is above the law, until an actor by the name of Cliff Robertson exposes him. This book is a well written tale of immorality in a town known for it's lack of scruples. Hollywood insiders should not be surprised at this tale, but I was. The check Begelman forged was for a small amount. The man made more than that in a month. The book exposes the reasons why a man who had it all, would choose to commit such a crime and fall from grace. I was quite disappointed by Robertson's treatment by Hollywood's hierarchy when he was the victim, not Begelman. But it proves just how far studios will go to protect the bottom line. I read this book when it… Read more