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Bush Must Go by Bill Press
Bush Must Go by Bill Press
George W. Bush is shown by Bill Press to be the worst President this country has ever had and should be voted out of office this November with not a second thought.
Bill Press outlines all of his reasons in his book but certainly Bush/Cheney getting us into this fiasco in Iraq should be reason enough. How many lives were premenantly altered by this war that was fought for reasons that were proven false. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq wasn't involved with Bin Laden. Yet, aside from Michael Moore and publications like Mother Jones, the sleepy press sits by and gives Bush/Cheney pass after pass after pass.
In the end, as Bill Press has so well articulated in his book… Read more
Weather Underground <b>DVD</b> ~ Lili Taylor
Weather Underground DVD ~ Lili Taylor
I am absolutely opposed to violence as a form of protest so the Weather Underground was not a group I agreed with, yet, one could agrue that they did play a role in the Vietnam protest era so this film is a good review of that.
The film is well done. I feel the Todd Gitlin, Mark Rudd and Brian Flannagan were the more realistic people on this DVD. Clearly they had come to see that the Weather Underground's methods were not ultimately the most effective and said so. They also saw the orgies as self indulgent and stupid.
In the end, all would truly admire a man of peaceful protest like the late David Dellinger for his methods as his were better than their methods.
This film… Read more
Sex Lies   Politics The Naked Truth by Larry Flynt
Larry Flynt argues that the Republican Party has duped America into thinking that it's policies that favor the rich also benefit the middle class but the reality is that this isn't true. Larry Flynt then goes on to clearly articulate the power of the average man when they vote and participate in the system to advance their own needs and not listen to the nonsense of elitist political people like Bush/Cheney.
Flynt also highlights his now famous "Flynt Report" that derailed the the Republicans when they were going after Clinton. This is worth reading as the hypocracy of Bob Barr, Bob Livingstone and other politicians are amazing.
I'd say this book is good for those who want a meat… Read more