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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars

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on August 5, 2012
I'm a Britax fan owing the B-safe with the B-ready and now purchasing the B-Agile. We bought this stroller because its less bulky than the B-Ready and a perfect everyday car stroller that doesn't take up my entire trunk. The stroller has plenty of space for a growing child, fantastic one handed maneuverability, a huge sun shade and seems quite comfortable for my toddler. The fold is a one handed easy step and one of the reasons I purchased this model. However, if I could, I would change a few things.
-Basket isn't too large but OK for a small purse, misc items. A mommy hook works wonders in this situation but be careful it doesn't flip back.
-The handle bars aren't adjustable which for me has been a little annoying but manageable. I'm 5'8 and could feel myself slouching ever so slightly as I push. If you're slightly shorter than this wont affect you. If you're much taller, this may be an issue. If you're looking for a compact britax, the b-nible's handles are quite tall.
-And not a deal breaker but a cup holder would be nice. For the price they could have thrown in a free cup holder instead of me having to dish out another $15. More of a hassel to remember to buy the cup holder than it is spending the money.

overall I'm really happy with this stroller and would definitely recommend it!!
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on November 15, 2012
I just bought this stroller after reading many positive reviews and I love it! I gave it 5 stars because there isn't anything negative I have to say - maybe with further use but definitely nothing so far! I used it inside jogging around a track and it drives great, very easy to steer, even one handed, and runs so smooth. Then I just used it (with my daughter just 17 days old) to fly to another city for the day for a medical appointment for her. It drives great in the snow (we live in Northern Alberta) which is a must. It folds so easily! Everyone (the plane people loading it etc) all seemed pretty surprised at the ease too! And it works great with the car seat and so easy to click on and take off. Overall I am so happy with it and so glad I bought this stroller!
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on February 7, 2013
This is a great stroller. We purchased this along with the Britax B-Safe car seat. We are very pleased with this stroller. There are some pros and cons however.

- this stroller lives up to it's agile name, just not with the car seat attached. You are supposed to lock the front wheel in place when using the car seat adapter. This greatly decreases the ease at which it steers.
- the lower basket is on the small side and if the seat of the stroller is reclined it makes it difficult to access.
- the tray and cup holder are not included.
- the handle is not adjustable which is fine for me (perfect height for me at 5'7) but it might be a deal breaker for somebody else.

- without the car seat this stroller is a breeze to manoeuvre. One handed, uphill, downhill, in tight spaces.
- the canopy is huge and doesn't feel flimsy at all.
- the wheels are large and they can plow through snow and slush easily
- it is very light without feeling flimsy. Easy for my weak arms to load and unload.
- it was very easy to assemble out of the box
- it is very easy to fold and unfold
- it is very sleek looking. I have received many compliments on this stroller.
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on September 26, 2013
I bought this stroller for my baby born in March 2013. Within a month the fabric was fading everywhere on the stroller. I did not leave it out in the sun and I live in a place where the sun isn't terribly strong. The stroller now looks terrible (was black) so after six months of use I phoned customer service. When I first called they had me send photos of the fading and told me they would call me back. When I hadn't heard from them in two weeks I called them and and they told me they don't warranty fading. This was very frustrating as I had taken the time to take photos etc like they had asked to then find out they did not cover fading. Now I am stuck with a stroller that looks terrible (albeit it works fine) and looks as if I've owned it for 10 years not six months. I will not buy their products again.
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on August 1, 2013
I wish I had bought this with my first. A little pricey but totally worth it. Handles like a dream with one hand or two, great for traveling . It's a little bigger and bulkier than my jeep Cherokee stroller and the storage space is a little small but that's fine with me. I do wish that opening it up with one hand was a little easier but folding it up is a snap. Got it in red and I don't regret it. My 6 month old sits great in it and even my 4 year old like to push it along.
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on September 8, 2013
This was a great purchase, stroller folds up nice & small for our small car (Kia Soul) and doesn't weigh very much. We used it first with the B-Safe car seat when our baby was younger, now she's about 10 months and we are using it as the stroller without the car seat. Perfect for navigating a shopping center, not too wide to get around the aisles and has a few other great features like the brake being on one side only for ease of use and the bar between the back wheels being curved so you don't kick it while walking. The only small complaint I have is that the material the tires are made out of is a fairly soft plastic so sharp rocks tend to get stuck in it and it seems to wear fast, although ours still has a lot of life in it. I think if I had to do a lot of walking outdoors on rough surfaces I'd probably go for a stroller with better tires, but this one has been great for us, we do use it walking a bit but our main use has been shopping and getting from the car to the shop.
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on August 21, 2013
This is a great stroller. I find it quite light, easy to fold down and pop up. My girl is very comfortable in it and it has a nice, big sunshade. I am 6 ft tall and find the height ok; it could be a tiny bit higher. My husband is the same height and says the same thing, although he finds he kicks the bottom of it when walking (big feet). The stroller is great for malls, trips etc, although I will keep my Expedition three wheel stroller for going for walks. The Britax isn't very good if you end up walking in gravel for a long period of time.
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on July 10, 2013
Britax is superior brand. The materials uses and fabric is of top quality and you can tell the difference when compared to other. We bought Britax B-Ready but its too huge and heavy as compared to B-Agile. The main purpose of travel system is that it should be portable and easy to transport. We returned B-Ready and bought B-Agile. Its super light and compact and at the same time serves the purpose. I would highly recommend this product.
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on January 10, 2014
Yes it is less bulky! That is its only positive!
The stroller steers great with not weight in it. However as soon as you put a child in it, you cannot steer it with one hand. And wit two hands it is very difficult to keep it straight. you have to keep correcting it from right to left. It is HORRIBLE. I have had 4 different strollers with my children and this is by far the worst!
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on October 3, 2013
I ordered and bought the B-agile/ B-safe system for my newborn. The B-safe, although very heavy, is an amazing car seat - even my hospital was impressed.

It is very disappointing that the B-agile stroller does not follow. It is still hard to believe that they made a stroller that does not allow the child to sit-up properly. The incline system is created in such a way as it does not allow the seat to ever be in a proper sitting position. Instead the child is always inclined and slouching. Its a simple adjustment of where the stitching is positioned on the seat incline adjustment mechanism. It means that I never want my child in this stroller for any long period of time.

Secondly, the five point harness is extremely sticky and every time I have to forcefully pull the device apart risking hitting my child, the force required is that much. Given that I have the B-safe product with similar five point harness which was so easy to use, the B-agile disappoints again.

Lastly, I will never recommend this stroller to anyone due to it absolutely requires you to place the stroller directly down on the ground in order to open it. Yes the closure system is amazing, but you have to set half of the stroller down in the mud/puddles/ grass/ etc first to open it.
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