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Robert Badgley (St Thomas,Ontario,Canada)

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Thief of Bagdad (Deluxe Edition) [Import]
Thief of Bagdad (Deluxe Edition) [Import]
DVD ~ Douglas Fairbanks
Offered by importcds__
Prix : CDN$ 25.41
15 used & new from CDN$ 17.27

5.0 étoiles sur 5 One of Fairbank's best!, Feb. 7 2016
The Thief of Baghdad(released Mar/24)starred,among others,Douglas Fairbanks,Snitz Edwards,Charles Belcher,Julanne Johnston and Anna May Wong.This is one of the best known fantasy films in all of movie history.Fairbanks pulled out all the stops for this one and the result has to be seen to be appreciated.
The story finds FB's as a "prince" among thieves,eking out an existence stealing from whomever he can and sharing it with his cohort in crime Edwards.One day he decides to mount the palace walls to steal the Caliph's treasure,after absconding with a magic rope elsewhere in the city.Once inside he spies the Caliph's daughter and falls instantly in love.Back outside his partner is baffled by any lack of treasure other than the princess's slipper.They devise a scheme to kidnap the princess away from the palace.
The next day three suitors arrive to ask for the daughter's hand in marriage.FB's makes himself into a fake prince and arrives as the unwanted fourth.The princess's fortune was read and it said the first one to touch a rose tree inside the palace walls will be her forever lover.FB's is accidentally tossed into the tree off his horse and takes a rose bud to give to the princess.He douses the rose with a sleeping agent and ascends to the princess's balcony.Seeing the rose the princess now knows FB's is the one,and when FB's realizes her devotion to him he abandons the kidnap scheme.In fact he now becomes a changed man and admits everything,including his pretense as a prince.The guards are alerted and capture him.He is taken away to be flogged.Before he can be caged with a vicious orangutan the princess uses her clout to see him safely escorted out of the palace.
The Caliph tells his daughter to select another suitor but on the advice of one of her confidants she delays by telling them that the one that brings her the rarest item in the world will win her hand.FB's,learning of this,goes to a holy man who advises him to become a prince and tells him of great treasures in a journey that will be fraught with peril.All this must be done within seven moons.
Off they all go.The three other suitors wind up with a flying carpet,an all seeing eye and a magic apple, which cures all ills.FB's journey is indeed dangerous as he must endure extreme heat,great underwater depths,riding to the moon on a winged horse and other perils.He eventually obtains a cloak of invisibility and a small chest with a powder that can create anything.Back home to Baghdad he races.
When he arrives he finds one of the suitors has taken control of the city.He creates a magical army and lays siege to Bagdad,and frees it's citizens and the royal house.The film ends as FB's is given the princess's hand by the now grateful Caliph and the two ride over and away from Baghdad in a loving embrace.
The film comes in at around 154 minutes,but it moves along surprisingly well.The set design by famed William Cameron Menzies is to die for.They are immense and with the seemingly endless crowd scenes on the street of Bagdad the film takes on an epic dynamic.Fairbanks has all this to play in and he does so with typical Fairbanks style;with a smile on his face,effortless athleticism and an air of devil may care.The S/FX are also state of the art for 1924 and must have amazed its audiences at the time with such things as a flying carpet,flying horse,swimming deep underwater,the materialization of objects out of thin air,etc.
Technically the film is in its full screen mode and is generally a very fine print.There are of course defects because of its age,but that is to be expected.This one disc set is loaded with extra features such as some very rare outtakes,excerpts from two film Leni's Waxworks and Melie's Arabian Nights,excerpts from the original program and much more.
All in all a must have film for all interested in film history or "silents" in general.If I was to pick a typical Fairbanks film to show to someone who knew nothing about him,this would be the one.It is long but is worth clinging to to the last moment.There are many a great surprise along the viewing journey. Highly recommended.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (Bilingual) [Blu-ray]
Kingsman: The Secret Service (Bilingual) [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Colin Firth
Prix : CDN$ 9.99
12 used & new from CDN$ 4.40

2.0 étoiles sur 5 A wasted opportunity, Feb. 4 2016
Kingsman-Secret Service(released Dec/14) stars,among others,Colin Firth,Samuel L. Jackson,Mark Strong,Taron Egerton, Sophie Cookson and Michael Caine.The film has all the slam bam,thank you mam action that one could ever ask for in an action film.However I just couldn't dig it.Why? Let's see.
The story is about the Kingsman,a special secret branch of the British government who fight those who would do the free world harm.The film opens 17 years before the present as one of its top agents gets killed.Firth who runs the day to day operations attends the home of his deceased agent and presents his wife with a special Kingsman medallion.She is grief stricken and rebuffs his gift.Instead he bestows it on her young son.On the medallion is a phone number and Firth tells them if they are ever in trouble to call it and repeat a special word code to the operator.
17 years later and the son(Eggerton) is grown up.His mother has married an abusive man and Eggerton is somewhat of a loose canon,and with a chip on his shoulder.He gets arrested and decides to call the medallion number.Firth comes poste haste and he is released.In fact Firth recruits him to join the secret service,along with several other candidates.They meet the head of the organization,Caine.
After a grueling months long training the candidates are whittled down to Cookson and Eggerton.Their immediate mission,as circumstances have moved along throughout the film dictate,is the take down of one Mr.Valentine(Jackson).He is a genius who has gone more than a little off kilter.What has been happening is that he is introducing free internet,free phone calls and phones to the world.However every phone has a sound trigger.When activated the sound causes people to go berserk and kill every person they see.He also has contacted hundreds of heads of states to convert them over to this forced"culling" of the Earth population.Those he converts will be present and accounted for as they watch the world go to hell in Jackson's remote mountain lair.Each person has a tracking pellet implanted in their head.Those people he cannot convert he imprisons.
Jackson tests his sound trigger out on a church congregation,at which Firth attends by invite.When it goes off Firth becomes unable to stop himself from annihilating a good number of the worshipers, before they can kill themselves.Outside the church afterwards Firth and Jackson meet.Jackson unceremoniously puts a bullet through Firths head.
Eggerton and Cookson have their work cut out for themselves.Eggerton gets a lift via jet to the mountain lair,while Cookson sits on a chair lifted to the stratosphere by two large balloons.On board is a missile,which is intended to take out Jackson's own satellite before he can use it to send the deadly signals through the phones.Eggerton becomes of age as an agent as he infiltrates the lair,his skills at their keenest level.Just as Jackson sends out his signal the satellite goes out.However he switches over to another, but must keep console contact in order to keep the signal going.Ultimately Eggerton succeeds in taking down Jackson and stopping world carnage.
The movie moves along quite swiftly and between the S/FX and groove enchanced music,it has a rhythm all its own.The action is fast paced when it comes,and it comes often.All involved did a fine job with their why do I NOT like this film? It hit me at a gut level,the wrong way.The film moves constantly back and forth between a serious Secret Service and a cartoonish one.Cartoonish in the sense of the incredible stunts no ordinary man could do,such as super high flying kicks and rolls and the super fast fighting pace they display.Then there is Jackson's character.He looks just plain strange/silly and that lisp affectation is a no go right from the start.Then we have the piece' de resistance when the high profile converts and guards get their heads blown up in a spectacular colour light show.All mushroom straight up.The accompanying music just makes it all seem strangely bizarre but funny.These examples and others took away from my enjoyment of it.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 2:39:1 and is clear and crisp.There are no extras.
All in all this film was a real disappointment.The makers tried their darnedest and made a sophisticated effort.However it became a mish mash of a rollercoaster ride,one minute serious,the next comic.I think it tried to walk the fine line between both but it failed.Given the story line and content it was like watching James Bond on speed.Sean Connery could get down and dirty when circumstances called for it, but he also could have lighter moments,but you knew it was all grounded in a serious dynamic.This film's lighter moments go so far over the top that it loses its grounding.2 1/2-3 stars.

An Affair To Remember / Laura / Three Faces of Eve / Letter To Three Wives (Bilingual)
An Affair To Remember / Laura / Three Faces of Eve / Letter To Three Wives (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Cary Grant
Prix : CDN$ 10.00

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Four great movies at an unbeatble price., Feb. 3 2016
This four pack of films from 20th Century Fox is a win-win all the way.Win for the price and a win for the quality of films presented.
An Affair to Remember(released July/57)stars,among others, Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant.The story finds Cary as a notorious playboy meeting Kerr who is in a lifeless marriage,on a ship bound for Europe.The two fall for each other,Cary more demonstratively than Kerr.Cary takes her to see his grandmother in the south of France which enhances Kerr's feelings for Cary.Back in NYC the two agree to end their relationships and meet each other on top of the Empire State Building in six months.Cary is there at the appointed hour but Kerr never shows,as unbeknownst to Cary she is struck by a car just below.Kerr undergoes operations and therapy to be able to walk again but remains in a wheelchair.She wants Cary never to know of her condition.Cary eventually finds her address and pays a visit, for some closure to her"snub".In the end Cary realizes the truth and the two finally reunite properly.Leo McCarey directed this wonderful picture of two people finding their soulmates but going through hell to get there.It is a fine print and is in a 2:35:1 a/r.4 1/2-5 stars.
Laura(released Oct/44)stars Gene Tierney,Dana Andrews,Clifton Webb and Vincent Price,among others.This Academy Award winning picture is gripping from start to finish.Andrews is a detective called in to investigate a murder.After many interviews of suspects,friends and colleagues,Andrews sits in the victims apartment.Who should walk in but the murder victim herself(Tierney) ! There are plenty of suspects with motives but in the end it turns out to be one of Tierny's friends.And just who DID get bumped off? It still packs a punch even today.This film can safely be given the status of classic,it is that good.Well directed and acted,this is a not to be missed film in anyone's lives.It is in its original full screen a/r and is a clear print.5 stars.
A Letter to Three Wives(released Jan/49)stars,among others,Jeanne Crain,Linda Darnell,Ann Sothern,Kirk Douglas and Paul Douglas.The story finds Crain,Sothern and Darnell as three wives of varying backgrounds and husbands out volunteering as chauffeurs and assistants on a kids day out (picnic and boat ride) .A letter arrives from a female friend explaining that she has run away with one of their husbands but won't say who.As each lady thinks back into their past it is revealed all of the husbands know this women well and she has always seemed overly attentive to each,sending them timely gifts and socializing over the years.The day comes to an end and each wife goes home.Darnell and Sothern have their hubbies, so it is assumed Crain is the one left flat.But Crain's hubby told her he may or may not be home that day and,as it turns out, it is one of the other two who had the chance to go away but backed out.But which and why did they come home? Watch and see.Another wonderful picture,which has a more realistic feel to it in so far as their private lives are concerned.It is certainly a study in characters.The film slowly winds its way along to tell its full story and it manages to keep your interest.It is a clear print and is in its original full screen a/r.4 stars.
Finally we have The Three Faces of Eve,released Sept/57.It stars,among others,Joanne Woodward,David Wayne and Lee J. Cobb.This is a tour de force performance from Woodward who won the best actress OSCAR.She plays a women with multiple personality disorder;three in fact.Based on a true story, Cobb plays her psychiatrist and Wayne is her bewildered hubby.She has apparently had the problem since a very young age but is forced to finally go to Cobb for help when it becomes out of control.As the story progresses, her different personalities come out;one a beaten-down and depressed mother,the other a flirtatious thrill seeker and the third a quite normal and gentle sounding women.In the end,after Cobb finally gets to the cause of her mental breakup,only one personality will win out for good.Wonderfully directed and acted by all,this is a mesmerizing film about mental illness and its effects not only on the patient but the other people that enter their lives.It is a clear print and is in its original w/s a/r of 2:35:1. 4 1/2-5 stars.
Each of these discs(there is one each for each film) come with a number of special features dedicated to that particular movie.They are the same discs that you would find if you bought them separately.For the price this an absolute steal getting such high quality films at such a low price as this.You would pay 4-5 or more times the price if bought separately.Get it while the getting's good.

The Last Witch Hunter
The Last Witch Hunter
DVD ~ Vin Diesel
Prix : CDN$ 19.99
4 used & new from CDN$ 19.99

4.0 étoiles sur 5 A nice new twist on the witch genre, Feb. 3 2016
This review is from: The Last Witch Hunter (DVD)
The Last Witch Hunter(released Oct/15) stars,among others,Vin Diesel,Elijah Wood,Rose Leslie and Michael Caine.I thought this film was quite engaging from the get go and it managed to maintain that interest(generally)throughout the film.
The story opens 800 years in the past as Vin Diesel(Kaulder) and fellow members of the Axe and Cross are descending into the ground beneath a giant deformed tree.This is a witch hunting party and they are after killing the witch queen herself.She doesn't go down without a fight,but in the process as VD is giving her the coup de gras,in her "death",she grants him a curse:immortality.
Fast Forward to present day and VD is living in NYC with Caine(36th Dolan) as his loyal assistant.It is on the eve of Caine's retirement and his replacement(Wood) taking over,who has been hand picked by a special council of witches(Axe and Cross) that has maintained law and order between witches and humans for centuries.Any witches breaking the truce are tried and interned there forever.The next day as the new assistant starts Caine is suddenly reported dead.The two attend Caine's apartment to discover traces of an ancient black magic there,and a clue that his friend left;that he must remember his death.They next go to a bar run by Leslie(Chloe) where they can obtain a memory potion.They confront one(Belial) that is trying to bring back the queen to life.In the process the bar is burned down and Belial escapes.VD returns to his old friend and confirms he is not dead but has been put under a spell.He has only a short time left to break it before he really dies.Chloe realizes she has a friend who has some ingredients for a memory potion and off they go.But Belial has been there ahead of them,taken the ingredients and killed her friend.The only other place VD knows is a woman who is witch and runs a fashion house as a front.They go there but the witch puts VD into a trance.Chloe enters his mind and pulls VD out of his trance just as they are carting him away,and saves him.It is afterward VD realizes he has his passport into his memory through Chloe;a dream walker.Into his mind they go and VD finds that the queen witch's heart was actually kept by one of his friends of the Axe and Cross,not destroyed as he always believed.Incensed VD confronts Wood who says that Caine told him not to say anything and that he was probably about to finally dispose of the heart the night he was put under a spell.If the heart dies,so does VD.
VD follows the trail and finds the spot where Belial,who now has the heart,has planted it in the ground.Belial has tied another blind witch to the tree who will become a sacrifice for the returning queen.VD kills Belial but the queen re-emerges through the blind witch and takes back her immortality from VD.She had obviously been using him as a vessel until the next time they met again.
VD returns to Caine who is now up and about and who urges him to keep fighting the good fight,even though he feels the Axe and Cross council has betrayed him.VD,Wood and Chloe go to the underground holding facility of the Axe and Cross prison for witches.It is here the witch queen will use the minds of all the witches imprisoned to release a plague on mankind.VD realizes if just one witch mind is corrupted,the spell will not work.He pulls one out of stasis and Chloe enters his mind and kills him.While she is thus engaged VD is busy trying to destroy the animated`beast`` that actually does the imprisoning.After he brings it down he then confronts the queen.Just as he has her where he wants her Wood takes Chloe at gunpoint,telling him he really has been working for the queen all along.This distracts VD long enough for the queen to temporarily take him down.As she uses Chloe's mind walking gifts to once again complete the witches circle and unleash the plague,in VD`s mind his original wife and child tell him to get back up,that he has work to do.This he does and throws his sword into the chest of the queen.As she lay there on the ground and he is about to put the sword through her heart, Chloe stops him.She convinces him that he still has much more to do, and without him the world would have a bleak future.
VD and Chloe return to his apartment,where he disposes of the heart in his vault and Caine & Chloe pledge their help to fight witches by VD`s side.
I found the movie vastly entertaining.It was edited nicely and the film moved along very well.Vin Diesel conveyed a lot by not emoting to the hills.Kind of a Clint Eastwood-ish approach.It played well off of the others, who had to play it straight down the line.The S/FX were well done and the jumps back and forth between present and past were far less annoying than normal.As the film ends it is apparent there are going to be sequels,depending on how well the producers think they did this time around.
Technically speaking the film is in its original w/s a/r of 2:40:1 and is clear and crisp.Extras abound here with commentary,deleted scenes,a music vid,a small featurette, and five short animated films narrated by Caine as to the origins of the Axe and Cross and Vin Diesels role in it.These were put out in advance of the film to promote it.
All in all a nicely done piece of film.All actors are spot on and VD carries the star load well on his shoulders.With a Clint Eastwood type of less-is-more acting style,he manages to convey a loneliness and the great burden of 800 years of existence into his acting dynamic.Recommended.4-4 1/2 stars.

8 Classic Albums
8 Classic Albums
Prix : CDN$ 24.45
23 used & new from CDN$ 9.25

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Catch this if you can., Feb. 2 2016
This review is from: 8 Classic Albums (Audio CD)
This new release by Real Gone Records is certainly a revelation.Eight of Bert K.'s albums between 1958 and 1962.He was a prolific recorder,song writer and arranger and it is a shame that Real Gone isn't issuing a second,third and more volumes of his albums, which totaled around 55,depending on which country you are in.Bert Strangers in the Night,L-O-V-E,Danke Shoen and so many others.An amazing output for an amazing artist who passed away at the far too young an age of 56.
This four disc set has fantastic sound throughout and sounds even better than the 2003 Dutch two disc set release.There is no booklet enclosed but why include the usual trite background that you can find just as easily on line.Furthermore the outside notes tell from which album and year they are from anyways,so a detailed discography is just superfluous.No biggy.
Bert K. could certainly set a mood with his music and he perfected the song hook.He could seemingly take any music from any country and turn it into a hit.
This set isn't to be missed.

The Martian
The Martian
DVD ~ Matt Damon
Prix : CDN$ 19.88
8 used & new from CDN$ 12.00

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2.0 étoiles sur 5 141min's of boredom and mediocrity, Jan. 31 2016
This review is from: The Martian (DVD)
The Martian(Released Sept/15)stars,among others,Matt Damon,Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels and Sean Bean.Not having seen it during its initial theatrical run I am sure I am not the only one who heard the scuttlebutt on what a "great" movie this was.Not to mention that Damon would be a good candidate for an OSCAR.As has happened so many times in the past,the rumour mill turns out to be just that;thinner than air itself.What a big disappointment this barely a sliver above a turkey was.
The story finds Damon as a botanist,and five other crew,on Mars collecting data on our celestial neigbour.Up whips a huge sandstorm and their spaceship is in danger of toppling.As the crew return to the ship to leave,Damon gets struck by an antenna array and is propelled into the air and out of sight.The on board instruments tell everyone his vital functions are gone.So with danger imminent the order is given to leave poste haste.
Unbeknownst to the crew,Damon is alive,but temporarily not so well.There is a piece of antenna wiring stuck in his stomach,the blood from which most likely saving his life as it sealed the tear in the suit.He hobbles back to base camp,does a little self doctoring and is soon up and around.Now the task begins for him to survive somehow until help arrives.Damon proves resourceful and devises a way to grow potatoes inside the habitat to extend his food supply.One day he comes upon a solution to contact Earth.By this time,however,NASA has already detected him and when they finally connect,the rush is on to get him back home.
The crew of the returning ship,after three months,is finally made aware of the situation.After a supply ship to Mars,which is hastily put together,blows up after launch,NASA devises a plan to slingshot the returning ship around Earth,pick up supplies(from a joint U.S./China project)in orbit,and head back to Mars.This is accomplished, but once in orbit the return ship is still too far away to get to Damon.His ship(a de-constructed supply ship sent to Mars ahead of a future mission)is tumbling over and over far below.The captain of the rescue ship is on an EVA seat stretched as far as the tether will take it.Damon in a desperate move cuts his suit around his wrist and uses the escaping air to propel himself to the captain.Damon is saved.
As the film ends we find Damon is now teaching up and coming astronauts.
Yes the S/FX are very good and director Scott does manage to imbue the film with moments of tension and suspense.But the outcome is telegraphed long before the picture ends,so it is just a matter of wading through over two hours of long,drawn out and quite boring scenes involving either Damon's activities on Mars or the NASA gang on Earth doing their "we're very concerned and worried" routine.The outdoor scenes of Mars itself were totally unconvincing to this reviewer.The were of course just computer enhanced Earth scenery, but it LOOKED like computer enchanced Earth scenery(we're not supposed to think that while watching,as it kinda spoils the believably ya know ).And speaking of unconvincing,Damons transformation from full weight to a walking skeleton near the end of his rescue was just as unbelievable.What caused this severe weight loss was his having to ration his meager supplies.However when the producers showed an obvious double from behind-only to emphasize his wasted phsyique,they forgot when they showed his face that it too should have looked as gaunt.It looked as full as it did in the beginning of the film.And if he was that emaciated how did he ever have the strength to do the things he did to get rescued.Just asking.
Technically speaking the film is in its original w/s a/r of 2:40:1 and is clear and crisp.Extras include a gag reel,featurettes and the trailer.From what I understand the original cut of this film came in around 2hrs.45m.I would expect that version to be released sometime in the future.
All in all a darn long and boring film.While it tried to be something grander,all it succeeded in doing was trying my patience.Do not believe the hype folks or you will be sadly disappointed.2 1/2 stars.

The Honeymooners : Lost Episodes 1951-1957 (The Complete Restored Series)
The Honeymooners : Lost Episodes 1951-1957 (The Complete Restored Series)
DVD ~ Jackie Gleason
Prix : CDN$ 90.51
25 used & new from CDN$ 90.46

5.0 étoiles sur 5 "Lost"is a misnomer,but historically signifigant?.....YES!, Jan. 28 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Like the three disc Jack Benny-The Lost Episodes set,this 60th Anniversary set of the Honeymooners-The Lost Episodes is a misnomer.They were never lost at anytime.Jackie Gleason himself had the foresight to put his shows to Kinescope;a process whereby a a camera is pointed at a TV set and laid onto(in this case)16mm film.He did this from 1951 when he was on the Dumont network and then did the same from /52 to /57 on CBS.From here he stored them properly in air conditioned vaults until he released them in 1985.Like the Benny's these kines were remastered by the UCLA film and TV archive in California.The picture and sound quality vary from ep to ep of course due to the film and sound quality(or lack thereof).I think though it is the best we're going to ever get for these shows.I for one am just grateful The Great One had the means to preserve these shows.Personally,considering each entire show is preserved in toto,I would like to have see them in their complete form.However beggars can't be choosers.
This set contains 15 one sided discs all in snug plastic holders,with the entire set done in book-like form( disc on one side of the "page",turn the "page" and there's another disc on the opposite side,then over to the next page,turn over for the next,etc.,etc.).It contains a nice informative booklet explaining what the history of the "lost"eps is about and a detailed listing of each ep c/w air dates.The 15th disc is chock full of extraordinary extras,including featurettes,rare clips relating to Carney/Norton and two radio performances of the Honeymooners.
Being live television anything could happen,and in these eps you will see and hear many a flub.Props that don't work,Carney and Gleason both taking tumbles,surprise special guests and general faux pauxs by all the cast and supporting players.They don't happen that frequently but when they do,be prepared for even bigger laughs.The /51 season starts off with Pert Kelton as Alice, and you will find a more harsh relationship between the two characters.When Audrey Meadows comes in for the /52 season onwards the harshness slowly diminishes over time.As the actors/characters develop their chemistry and dynamic, the magic that we all know and love from the Classic 39 starts to peek through and flourish.By the time /54 rolls around it's all there and it just gets better and better.Come /57 and Gleason jumps into eight musical Honeymooners.Watch them for the comedy,you bet,but also marvel at his supporting players,the extraordinary June Taylor dancers and the musical geniuses of Jerry Bressler and Lyn Duddy who wrote the music and lyrics,and conductor Ray Block who puts it all out there with his orchestra.
In conclusion, for the Honeymooners fan in your life there is no better gift than this 15 disc set.I got this as a present from my daughter for Xmas and I have laughed my way through every precious second of these shows.These are historically important pieces of video,which should also interest those who love old TV programming.A big thanks to The Great One for being who he was(he had an enormous impact on my life),who brought together and surrounded himself with some of the best talent on the planet, and who left us an unparalleled TV legacy that now,more than 60 years on, we can look back at and enjoy,be entertained and above all laugh at,until the tears start to flow.

The Laurel and Hardy Movie Posters Book - Volume Two
The Laurel and Hardy Movie Posters Book - Volume Two
by Greg Lenburg
Edition: Paperback
Prix : CDN$ 30.19
8 used & new from CDN$ 22.02

1.0 étoiles sur 5 No real research and cheaply done, Jan. 15 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Released the same time as the re-released Vol#1(Jan.10/16), we have yet another nice mess author Lenburg has gotten himself into.With roughly 94 actual pages showing posters,this volume is as cheaply made as the first.The posters reprinted herein are sometimes washed out.Pages 6-10 are prime examples.Many others look like poor scans from even poorer sources.Having said that,I think this volume's reprints do look a little better/clearer overall than the first.
As I stated in my review of the first one,the author wants you to believe these are rare or rarely seen posters.Nothing could be further from the truth.I had seen all the ones printed in Vol#1,and I was hoping to spot something new/old in this bunch.....nada.
I am also glad the author didn't insult our intelligence in this one like he did in the first.In that he included a a solo work section and pathetically could only come up with two Roach's for Stan, and the Fighting Kentuckian for Babe(!?).
In conclusion I do not believe the author has done the REAL necessary research to do a proper work on the subject matter at hand.Like the first it has been done cheaply and quickly(as the technology of our times allows many to do)with no thought to fans of Laurel and Hardy.Novices to the team MAY find it of some value,but to those of us who have been around the Laurel and Hardy block more than few times,it is old hat.Chances are they already have or have seen most if not all the posters/one sheets,etc. reprinted here.Save your money on this over priced "book".

The Laurel and Hardy Movie Posters Book - Reprint Edition
The Laurel and Hardy Movie Posters Book - Reprint Edition
by Greg Lenburg
Edition: Paperback
Prix : CDN$ 28.81
6 used & new from CDN$ 19.93

1.0 étoiles sur 5 Save your money on this over priced "book", Jan. 15 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Hot off the presses,January 10th,2016 to be exact,comes this poster book dedicated to the greatest comedy team of the 20th century.There have been countless reprints of posters by this team over the years,in books as well as magazines.And that is this books downfall....comparison.I have some of these one sheets and lobby cards and many a book and magazine with which to compare, and this very short volume(92 pages of actual posters) comes up wanting.
Colours are very poor in some cases and the quality/clarity of these reprints are acceptable at best, and poor in the very least.Not to mention the fact that this volume's paper stock is cheap which doesn't help the end product one iota.
The author wants you to believe you're getting some rare and rarely seen posters here.There isn't one I personally haven't seen and countless more he has left out;and that goes for the foreign reprints also.As far as solo work goes,there are actually just two Roach's here for Stan(Sailor Beware which is included has Hardy in it,so it is not considered solo work) and no Rock's at all(!?).As far as Babe goes there are NO solo posters at all pre-teaming;and there are a heck of a LOT of those available,considering the number of films he co-starred in.The two posters he has included,unbelievably, is from the very common Fighting Kentuckian.
All in all,while novices to the subject matter at hand might find this a bit interesting,any L&H veterans out there are going to wince at what this book presents.It is cheap all around,some of the reprints look like poor scans,and others still look like they have been lifted off of the VHS covers of the L&H silents issued some years ago.Thing is,THEY looked better! This book would be better priced at $5.00.L&H fans,save your money.

Thunderbirds: Complete Series - The Gerry Anderson Collection
Thunderbirds: Complete Series - The Gerry Anderson Collection
DVD ~ Alexander Davion
Prix : CDN$ 45.99
17 used & new from CDN$ 45.99

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Thunderbirds will always be"Go!" for me., Jan. 6 2016
The Thunderbirds, which ran from late /64 to /66(depending on your locale in the world),is now brought back to life for all to enjoy with this new set by Shout Factory.While SF can be iffy at times,they have proven what they can do when they do things right.All the original eps are here and they have been remastered beautifully in both picture and sound.
When I look back at this show when it first premiered in Canada,as with all the Anderson's efforts up to that point,I found them to be intelligent shows and not one that was made for the juvenile set with hokey plots and on screen production.They didn't talk down to kids;they actually assumed we had some grey matter up stairs.Another strong point of this shows was the production values and attention to detail,which really made TB's as good as it was.And mention MUST be made of Barry Gray's fantastic contribution in the music department.He is as important to TB's overall success as the Anderson's were.Of course there were the odd on screen faux paux's with animals not behaving as they should,puppets not responding on cue or wheels,those pesky vehicle wheels not turning consistently when needed.
When all is said and done I think of all the Anderson shows the Thunderbirds were the peak of their creativity.They pioneered a form of puppetry and miniature work that stills stands the test of time.And along with a BBC documentary on the show in this eight single sided disc set,you will find it back in all its glorious action.

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