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Captain Wentworth's Persuasion: Jane Austen's Classic Retold Through His Eyes
Captain Wentworth's Persuasion: Jane Austen's Classic Retold Through His Eyes
by Regina Jeffers
Edition: Paperback
Prix : CDN$ 12.64
41 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 étoiles sur 5 A Thoroughly Satisfying Read!, Nov. 11 2011
I didn't think I would ever read a Captain Wentworth Perspective book that was better than the 2 volume "For You Alone" by Susan Kaye. Well now I have! "Captain Wentworth's Persuasion" made up for everything that "For You Alone" lacked - including an in-character ending!
Captain Wentworth's Persuasion retains the nature and behavior of Jane Austen's original characters. They have not been modernized and the retelling is faithful to the events and motives of the originals.
I think what I appreciated most was the dignity and intelligence attributed to the Captain, which justifies his rapid promotion and success in the Navy. He is smart, compassionate, manly, foolish, jealous and proud in a most satisfying mix! It's no wonder Anne never got over him!
Like many retelling novels this one goes ahead of, and continues past Jane Austen's original story yet the events are logical and in keeping with the nature and personalities of her characters. To me, this respect is the highest tribute a reteller can pay to the original author's work. No smut, no smarm, no "poetic licence", just a true-to-Austen version of a fantastic and much loved story I thoroughly enjoyed reading! OK, honestly, I couldn't put it down!
I also want to compliment Regina Jeffers on the excellent period research that obviously went into this novel. Many things that are often "whoops"es in rewrites were avoided and that was especially nice! (Inventions, people or events that are historically incorrect etc).
So if you couldn't get enough of Jane Austen's original Persuasion, here's a second serving you'll find deliciously satisfying!

Jane Eyre (2011)
Jane Eyre (2011)
DVD ~ Mia Wasikowska
Prix : CDN$ 9.99
20 used & new from CDN$ 2.85

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 A Pleasing Surprise!, Nov. 11 2011
This review is from: Jane Eyre (2011) (DVD)
I read a number of reviews before purchasing this video. Most of those reviews missed how fresh and accurate the visuals were. I felt the the locations and sets much more accurately reflected the period than many versions of Jane Eyre than I have seen before. The actors were an excellent casting choice and supplanted my previous favorites of Ciaran Hinds and Samantha Morton (excellent acting, lousy script). I enjoyed the flashback storytelling because it broke up the tedium of the telling of the early years which were dreary and oppressive. My only real disappointment, as with so many versions of this classic story was the script. I can't understand why so many directors take the position, "Let's see how much we can cut out or change and still have a good story!". Too much attention was given to trivialities and not enough to the more important aspects of the story. For example, Jane's relationship with Rochester seems to have blossomed from furtive looks and assumption as there was little in their dialog to establish anything more than a casual interest between either. Truncating the relationship between Jane and her cousins, especially with St. John made his proposal of marriage seem strange and absurd, to say the least!
The omission of the central event of Bertha Rochester invading Jane's room and tearing her wedding veil robbed the story of it's one true gothic horror scene (important to the original author and central to the nature of the story) and withered the believability of Jane's apprehension about the marriage to nothing. Although there was a version of it in the Deleted Scenes bonus feature on the DVD release, it was over done and I was glad it was not part of the finished movie. Badly done is worse than not done at all! It requires subtlety and talent to portray the menacing, devious nature of Bertha and Jane's very real and blood chilling fear. This is the sort of passion this movie lacked.
This young director brought some freshness and some folly to this retelling. Too bad it wasn't a better balance. This movie comes so close to greatness but lacks the substance (easily provided by the original book but set aside) to be truly "great"!
This movie is likely to be enjoyed best by those who have read the book and actually know the story, provided they can tolerate how much important stuff was left out or ignored. Strangers to the story will not get a satisfying taste of what makes this story a true classic.
In spite of all that it is still a good version, infinitely better than the 2006 version with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens (abysmally poor script and poor casting!). If you love Jane Eyre and want an enjoyable retelling, this film is fresh and fairly accurate. Overall a pleasant surprise and I'm very glad I bought it. It is now my 2nd favorite version behind the 1983 mini-series with Timothy Dalton and Zelah Clarke which actually follows very accurately the events and dialog of the book.

Darcy and Fitzwilliam
Darcy and Fitzwilliam
by Karen V Wasylowski
Edition: Paperback
Prix : CDN$ 13.51
47 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

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2.0 étoiles sur 5 Brutish Disappointment!, April 22 2011
This review is from: Darcy and Fitzwilliam (Paperback)
If you like sleazy Harlequin-type "romance" books then you'll love this novel. If you are a big fan of authentic Jane Austen then you'd be well advised to steer clear of this one! Due to advertising hype I was expecting a story that explored the brotherly relationship between Darcy and Col Fitzwilliam and viewed the events of Pride and Prejudice from their perspective. Instead, their ribald and viscious verbal exchanges would make hardened sailors of their time blush! Their relationship never would have survived the mutually disrespectful and rude dialogue which completely robs them of the breeding and class Jane rightfully understood to be a product of their education and position. Worse, their bawdy exploits are a page taken right out of Wickham's code of conduct and would have made him, Fitzwilliam and Darcy bosom buddies not enemies!
Elizabeth is reduced to a screeching, pottery throwing, jealous, pouty brat bereft of the wit and intelligence Darcy so respected and loved.
This is especially sad because the plot is quite good and the story line engaging, even workable, if the author had an ounce of respect for the characters Austen originally created. The only one she seems to have expanded successfully is Lady Catherine De Bourg who saves the day in the end. In a nutshell this book is a shipwreck of a marriage between Jane Austen characters and low class 21st century morality.

Masterpiece: Jane Eyre
Masterpiece: Jane Eyre
DVD ~ Ruth Wilson
Prix : CDN$ 19.99
10 used & new from CDN$ 8.37

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2.0 étoiles sur 5 Masterpiece can do better than this!, July 24 2009
This review is from: Masterpiece: Jane Eyre (DVD)
Although the casting was good I felt Ruth's portrayal was cold and unsympathetic. This may be the fault of the writers who didn't give her character a very high IQ as far as dialog went. Worse, her over-emphasised over-bite reminded me of Bart Simpson! (sorry Ruth, it's nothing personal but walking around slack-jawed didn't help dissipate the appearance of low intellect!) They also chopped out some of the more significant parts of her life which made her character shallow indeed! Perhaps they wanted to "modernize" this story but it's a sad failure! WHY try to "improve" an already compelling and beloved classic by warping the characters and gutting the events? The Jane Eyre in this version is so wishy-washy and soul-less she would have stayed on as Rochester's live-in companion, not run away! "Yes sir!". The BBC production with Dalton is truer to the story and well cast, if you're looking for a better version. The ultimate version, in my opinion would be the BBC script with Cirian Hinds and Samantha Morton cast as the leads! There was chemistry, depth and passion, sadly crippled by (yet another) truncated script!

Socks from the Toe Up: Essential Techniques and Patterns from Wendy Knits
Socks from the Toe Up: Essential Techniques and Patterns from Wendy Knits
by Wendy D. Johnson
Edition: Paperback
Prix : CDN$ 17.55
38 used & new from CDN$ 8.74

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 New to socks? Great place to start!, July 24 2009
I have been knitting socks for many years. I learned cuff-down but eventually fell in love with toe-up! No more guessing about "will I run out of yearn before I finish the foot?" plus you can adjust as you go, if you need to. This book covers all the bases. Lots of pictures and clear explanations. Several methods taught plus heel and toe options. Makes the whole sock knitting process easy to learn. Heck, it makes learning to knit easy as there's a section on the basics of that too! The patterns are lovely with lots of scope for the imagination! You'll never look at knitting socks the same again! Highly recommended!

Jane Eyre (1971) [Import]
Jane Eyre (1971) [Import]
DVD ~ George C. Scott

1.0 étoiles sur 5 If you like Jane Eyre, don't buy this version!, July 24 2009
This review is from: Jane Eyre (1971) [Import] (DVD)
Far and away the WORST film rendition of Jane Eyre I've ever had the misfortune to watch (and I'm pretty sure I've seen them all)! George C Scott looks and acts about 60 instead of 35. He struts about, stiff, pompous and arrogant and is entirely unsympathetic as Rochester. No wonder his wife went mad!
Susanna York is a joke as Jane! She looks and acts more like a 40 year old matron instead of an 18 year old school girl! Ridiculous casting!
The over-acting makes many scenes almost hilarious. The script barely follows the story from the book and leaves out a lot. This film is really about 2 famous-for-their-time actors trying to make a buck off a universally loved story and doing a hideous job of it! It is static and staged and very much has the "look" of it's film era rather than it's true time setting.
All that aside, if you are simply a collector of film versions of Jane Eyre and want to add this to your collection, go ahead. It tells the story - barely - and will be one more off your check-list to gather dust on the shelf!

McCallum: The Complete Series
McCallum: The Complete Series
DVD ~ Gerard Murphy
4 used & new from CDN$ 69.97

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Spectacular Stories Perfectly Cast, April 25 2008
The most refreshing aspect of this series is the unique story lines. Every one is unusual and demands everything of the pathologists. John Hannah is perfectly cast a McCallum and the supporting casting is equally perfect (or maybe it's their performances that are perfect). Something else particularly noteworthy is that these characters are all presented as real people and parts of each of their lives is expanded on and intertwined with their 'work' stories. It presents a much more human picture and makes the storytelling all the more compelling. They all have strengths and flaws, splashed across the screen for the audience to relate to. It makes for very satisfying viewing.(Seeing Hannah on his black motorbike regularly is pretty easy on the eyes too).
As mentioned in another review, the last disc stinks. Nathaniel Parker is a pathetic attempt to replace John Hannah. His stiff, unsympathetic performance sucked the life right out of the series - no wonder it died! Such a shame too! I would gladly have watched another 9 episodes of Hannah and the original cast. This series is TOTALLY worth purchasing!

Doc Martin: Series 1
Doc Martin: Series 1
DVD ~ Martin Clunes
Prix : CDN$ 29.74
10 used & new from CDN$ 29.73

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Painfully Funny - Excellent!, Sept. 10 2007
This review is from: Doc Martin: Series 1 (DVD)
Socially awkward and neurotic is right! Laugh out loud funny at times, touching and very personal at others. First class entertainment! VERY refreshing! Hope they're making LOTS more of this series!

DVD ~ John Hannah
Offered by M and N Media Canada
Prix : CDN$ 49.72
6 used & new from CDN$ 9.59

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4.0 étoiles sur 5 A Softer Pretty-boy Rebus, Sept. 10 2007
This review is from: Rebus (DVD)
John Hannah may not be the perfect casting of Inspector John Rebus but at least he makes Rebus a real man with real passions, real demons, real desires. Hannah's Rebus is a very human character who provokes an empathetic response in the viewer. It is impossible to be indifferent to his tortuous conundrums.
The cinematic device of the voice-over narrative used in this series helps a great deal in opening up the mind of Rebus, something easy to do in books, not so easy to do on screen. This has been a perennial problem for screen writers trying to bring best selling books to life. A classic failing of the Series One set Rebus with Ken Stott as the lead.
The cinematography keeps the story moving and is well thought out. The flavor of the Scottish environment is well captured and adds immensely to the overall impact of the stories.
Hard core Rebus fans may be dissatisfied with this original series but it is cinematically more pleasing and by far more entertaining than the first of the newer production sets. There is no perfect book adaptation - such things are virtually impossible. The choice of the title character is so crucial. John Hannah may not be the perfect choice but at least he can turn in a believeable performance that draws you into Rebus' world in a way that makes you give a damn.

Rebus Series 2
Rebus Series 2
DVD ~ Ken Stott
Offered by OMydeals
Prix : CDN$ 1,249.83
3 used & new from CDN$ 87.98

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1.0 étoiles sur 5 A Really Mixed Bag, Sept. 10 2007
This review is from: Rebus Series 2 (DVD)
For the second series screenwriter Daniel Doyle got dumped. A step in the right direction but his replacement David Kane did not do a lot to improve things. Kane's 2 installments "The Black Book" and "Let it Bleed" are still very shallow as far as the portrayal of Rebus are concerned. The only change with these two stories is with the supporting cast who seem to have improved slightly in their scope. The new director Roger Garland has done a marginally better job getting the characters to appear somewhat less like murder-oriented zombies. Cinematography is much improved also.
"Strip Jack" is written by Robert Murphy and directed by Matthew Evans. It is highly likely both have actually read Ian Rankin's books and this story is so dramatically improved from the first 4 it's like watching a completely different cast. Thoroughly excellent in writing & directing! This team has finally done justice to a great character and superbly written story!
"A Question of Blood" is by far the best of the lot. Truly a pity it took them 4 dismal attempts before producing this gem! Written and directed by Matthew Evans it is as gripping and thrilling as Rankin's original story! Evans's genius has produced stellar performances from Stott and the supporting cast. His writing should receive abundant accolades! Rebus and all the other characters truly come to life as compelling well-rounded real people with depth, wit and great intelligence. All is augmented by well thought out cinematography. I sure hope they keep Evans around to produce any further stories! Does this one outstanding film justify buying the set? That depends on just how badly you want to see Rebus finally come to life in a believeable way! Three stars out of five!

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