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John (Ontario Canada)

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Dancer in the Dark [Import]
Dancer in the Dark [Import]

5.0 étoiles sur 5 a hard watch for most, May 31 2004
I have no doubts about the beauty in this film.. it will be hard to watch if you haven't watched "disturbing" movies before. For me.. it was too. Which is odd because i am not disturbed very easily. I think bjork dying in the end is very powerful.. it may not make sense to viewers that a person could do this.. I am personally not entirely sure what the character was feeling at the moment. but what my guess is that she was very confused! She wanted her son to have the operation not matter what. I know! maybe her desicion was suppose to seem illogical. After all how often is it that someone you love does something like this! my mother kills herself trying to take care of me and my brother and even though i tell her to stop and that ill be alright she continues to come home and do everything to ensure our lifes turn out the best we could possibly be. well maybe bjork felt the same way. perhaps her selflessness blinded her from logical thought. she is a very emotional person after all!
In conclusion... for we have to go through pain and be disturbed to wake us up to the real good. although movies are only entertainment. they can still inspire you to better your life by stoping injusticed like this! Even if the plot has holes! (which i dont think it does) We must focus on the important part of it! what. it. shows. us.
the idea behind it!
ask yourself: have i ever watched a short film that made no sense
in the plot?
yes well i know why thats not a bad thing??
it was filmed beautifully!
urban city areas.
the human form. good!
nature, trees, skys. great!
Everything is ART! remember that. although sometimes its nice to follow the rule of thirds. it just makes a picture whether moving or still look more attractive. But an director is an artist! im not sure if you realize it but its true! the difference is a director who realizes it or one who does not! the director who film dancer in the dance is and artist and definetly realizes it!
so are the cast and crew! maybe those uncertainties (imperfections) that other critics noticed were people who did not assume the role of an artist! its just like contemporary art.
performance artists, bjork is one. she realizes the human body is beautiful. that is important. Thats why this is such a great film. I cant tell for sure but from the evidence a large marjority of the people associated with dancer in the dark are artsy. they are not doing is out of selfishness. but just because they love expressing an idea. and the filming is just the transportation from them to us!
If you gave it a low amount of stars its probably because you do not see the truth. which it missing out on a lot because some people believe life is truth.

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