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Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black) [Old Version] (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black) [Old Version] (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Take a pill..., March 17 2013
Ok, so I read a dozen or more reviews on the Pill and watched almost as many video reviews. But instead of basing my purchase decision on the rather polarized reviews (OMG best thing LIKE EVER from the young/Dre/hip/hipe-sters or the snubs from snobs) it occurred to me the best idea would be to go and LISTEN for myself. This is what I would always suggest but if you are unable to do this I hope my review can better guide you in your choice. In the end, be it headphones, speakers, boxes, docks, whatever, everyone has their specific taste and needs and always best to HEAR for yourself.

To start off I will give you some background on ME as to provide some context for interpreting my review... and I apologize in advance for long REVIEWER CONTEXT intro... I will say up front that the product is extremely well built and although some may not like the TYPE of sound it produces, make no mistake, the sound QUALITY is top notch. There are also some features often missed, one in particular I have never heard mentioned in a review so far, that I feel may just close the value gap for many as this is not an inexpensive product (will cover these in some detail later).


I am a 45 year old male, post grad studies, work in telecom as a general manager in the tech/IT area so consider myself more tech/tech savvy than average. I also consider myself to be what many would call an audiophile. I LOVE listening to music and probably listen to music 20hrs a week MINIMUM, mainly on my McIntosh stereo and Canton speakers (if you were thinking "Apple makes stereos?" you should probably look up McIntosh Labs and Canton Loudspeakers before continuing to read this as Mc and Mac nothing alike as I am sure many Irish and Scotts will point out!). I guess it's also important for me to admit that, yes, I guess, I must be to some extent an audio snob. I cannot and REFUSE to listen to bad-sound, period. That does not mean I won't listen to MP3 audio, that doesn't mean I think analog audio such as vinyl is better than digital such as CD. I also actually believe the "audiophile" community should sometimes take a "pill", pardon the pun, and try blind-testing some of the nonsense people quote related to impact of certain standards (eg SACD) or equipment (eg cables)... not to mention of all things AC cables. Don't get me wrong, some things make big differences, eg the actual mastering of source recordings put to disc/vinyl... I have some albums in SACD/Hybrid/XRCD/SHM/SHM-SACD etc and it is not always the most advanced/expensive that sounds best (eg We Get Requests, Oscar Peterson, sounds best on the Fim K2HD CD not the SHM/SACD). For the extreme curious out there that need to know I have a MA6600 amp, MCD500 SACD/CD/DAC player, Crono 590SL speakers (I also have about 1TB of WAV music on PC also PCM streamed to the MCD500, use media center control app on android tablets and my smartphone to control stream).


I have purchased many Beats products and as many have often sighted the design is always top notch, very slick and stylish, but build quality can be anywhere from superb (beats PRO headphones) to adequate (Beats Studio headphones) but many time very good (Executive headphones, Bluetooth headphones). I have purchased all 4 headphones mentioned above and in my opinion the sound quality on the PRO was great, studios was adequate but you MUST use eq and dial-down low end. The Bluetooth set was in the middle and I would say for wireless cans with mic for phone convo they were very good and battery life great. I sold the studios and the Bluetooth cans as I bought the Sony MDR-1 cans as they had the best from both and sound for my taste was better (not to mention even better battery life). Returned the Executives as had Bose QC-15, Executives had better sound and build than QC-15 but unfortunately the reason for this set was noise cancel and although the Executives noise cancel is better than Studio cans it is not in same league as Bose cans. While we're on headphones I also own a pair of Sony MDR-SA5000 cans. In terms of portable boxes/speakers, I bought a Harman Kardon Go + PLAY that sounds great a few years ago but only Apple doc and no Bluetooth... To this end I auditioned the Beats Beatbox Portable recently and intend to get (or intended, maybe with Pill no need, will explain later). Love this devise, superb, highly recommend... Not better sound than my Harman Kardon BUT louder and Bluetooth.

Ok, so I think I am reasonably qualified to review the Pill and here I go...


Superb! The form factor and carry case are second to none, in a class of their own.
Ergonomics are great, some complain about Fwd/Rew buttons on devise but for me why would you care if you are streaming from tablet or smartphone?? Also comes with very nice USB and Audio cables and a USB AC charger that is very nice and compact (you get what you pay for).


Ok, in my mind the sound quality is likely as good as it could be given form factor. Highs are high-point, Mids and even lows are very good... When I say lows I mean like low as in a base, piano, lower ends of strings and reeds... NOT boom boom base drums type lows. This is where it falls short BUT again, given form factor I do not believe it is possible to be better (my 9/10 is obviously factoring in limitations of form factor). I have listened to many of these small portables (including Jabra and Jawbone). Some like the Jabra Soulmate had better boom boom base, but lacked in the clarity and had a much less appealing form factor FOR ME (although the Jabra was my close second with all but much larger for factors falling WAY behind on sound quality). Others like the Jawbone Jambox for example were not even close in terms of quality or sound. So why 9? There is at high volume in some cases some distortion that kicks in, depends on the song and is only at high volume. Minor for sure.


Ok, aside from speakerphone capability and Bluetooth (Play/Pause and Vol as well), NFC for easy pairing and a standard INPUT Aux audio jack there is a ... AUX AUDIO OUT!!! So what you say? Well, if you already have a nice portable speaker box (like my Harman Kardon GO+PLAY) that does NOT have Bluetooth, or a car with an AUX AUDIO IN, or non-BT headphones/buds, or any audio amplification audio system (clock radio, home stereo amp etc) the Pill can act as a wireless enabler. If you plug OUT of Pill into IN to Audio In plug on another devise you can stream from any Bluetooth enabled device (tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc). This was the feature I have not seen reviewed in any other review I read, ie what I mentioned at begining of review.As mentioned other griped about fwd/rew buttons missing, I find this a non-issue... could even do without vol. ... pause/resume may be useful at some point but even this to me is no big deal (its a WIRELESS SPEAKER not a PLAYER!).

VALUE 9/10

The Pill is still pricey and the form factor as cool as it is has limited applications (ie I will likely buy the Jabra Soulmate for use outside in the summer and may still get a Beats Beatbox portable as Harman Kardon + Pill ok but one piece more convenient for BBQ dinners outside).


If you want a very flexible very portable high quality feeling, looking, working and sounding devise this is it and it is worth the price IF you want the full package and want a small form factor... especially if you have a bigger portable speaker solution for the BBQ (but Pill can assist by enabling Bluetooth if needed).

If you have cost/price as first consideration and are willing to trade-off certain features and form factor/size this is not the solution for you.

Lush Life
Lush Life
Prix : CDN$ 89.74
7 used & new from CDN$ 89.74

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Lush listening, April 18 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Lush Life (Audio CD)
This is for the SHM SACD, in mono, issue of the prestige record by John Coltrane. This version is a expensive, especially given non-Hybrid single layer SHM SACD format (only playable on SACD compatible hardware) but it is a rich product. The packaging and disk itself look and feel the price. The sound is very very good as well and even if mono it doesn't feel like you are listening to a mono record, it fills the sound stage nice with a very rich and warm tone. The music is very good and very well interpreted. There are various arrangements (trio, quintet etc) so very interesting and enjoyable listen. I suspect a recent issue on CD would have very good sound and not likely as pricy, but if you are an audiophile and/or jazz enthusiast this is a very nicely executed product that looks, feels and sounds the price.Lush LifeLush Life (Shm-CD)

King James Version
King James Version
Offered by USA_Seller_4_Canada
Prix : CDN$ 191.30
8 used & new from CDN$ 82.47

5.0 étoiles sur 5 All hail the king james version ..., April 18 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: King James Version (Audio CD)
Wow, what a great purchase... The recording is absolutely top notch and the music superb. This record was made in a chapel in LA, with superb mic positioning and the performance is breathtakingly unified and focused while being warm and BIG. This is truly a rare situation where the musicians and artists just hummed and clicked while being beautifully captured in a superbly exectued and technically perfect recording. Technical and Artistic scores both 10/10. Few records have been able to capture magic like this, Kind Of Blue comes to mind, where all the starts aligned and everything just worked. A must for any music lover or audiophile, big band fan or not... I wish all modern recording engineers and record company people involved in production of new records could study records like this and how they came about and maybe we could capture more magic on more recordings.King James Version

Prix : CDN$ 21.45
27 used & new from CDN$ 14.99

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Smooth, clean listening, Feb. 19 2011
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This review is from: Getz/Gilberto (Audio CD)
I have recently decided to review some of my purchases and may seem liberal with my stars, but am starting with some of my favourites so to be expected :) This record is wonderfully mastered and sounds fabulous. The collaborations between Joao Gilberto and Stan Gerz are well known and have never sounded so good. This SACD disc requires an SACD player as not of hybrid format, but I suspect the CD format very enjoyable as well. The clean presence and simple arrangements make you feel like you are sitting in front of Stan, Joao and Astrud in a studio session. Although I have heard the version of The Girl From Ipanema many times before the sound reproduction on this SACD is so clear and natural you can hear slight misses by Astrud Gilberto vocals that were not really apparent to me in before. This is not necessarily bad, it adds to the raw intimacy of the recording. All the tracks are great and you will find such classic favourites as Cocovado (quiet nights), Desafinado and of course the Girl From Ipanema... If you have an audiophile grade stereo setup, especially with SACD player, the listening experience will be nothing short of breathtaking... Enjoy. As an aside, Getz For Lovers is also a wonderful disc to consider if the Brazilian Gilberto Getz recipe appeals to you.

Love is the Thing. Nat King Cole (SACD)
Love is the Thing. Nat King Cole (SACD)
Offered by marvelio-ca
Prix : CDN$ 99.99
6 used & new from CDN$ 99.99

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Love is the thing is..., Feb. 18 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a superb audio production. Yes, Nat King Cole is a vocal genius and the songs beautiful and superbly interpreted... but the sound and mastering on this (I talk to the SACD version but the CD layer fabulous as well) is breathtaking. The warmth and surrounding presence are delightful; you will listen again and again. My favourite would have to be When Sunny Gets Blue but all the songs are wonderful and sound unexpectedly clean and clear... regardless or original recording period but exceptional for the 50s. Another superb recommendation is the Very Thought Of You, another album from Nat King Cole remastered from Analog Productions that is avail in SACD CD format that is superb listening.

Love Scenes
Love Scenes
Prix : CDN$ 15.00
35 used & new from CDN$ 1.49

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Emotional pure acoustic pleasure, Feb. 16 2011
This review is from: Love Scenes (Audio CD)
In my book this is the best Krall CD... I had in CD and bought the SACD version later. If you are an audiophile who loves acoustic, simple arrangements that you swear are being play right in front of you THIS IS IT... The songs are beautiful; I get goose bumps listening to it. Bass, guitar, piano and Diana is all you get and all you need. Unlike `The Look Of Love` and some other big-arrangements type productions this is so pure, so clean, it moves. Anyone who can listen to tracks on this album such as How Deep Is The Ocean or Garden In The Rain and not be moved or get a wide smile listening to Peel Me A Grape I do not understand. BTW, check out The Girl In The Other Room and Stepping Out as well (Live from Paris and All Of Me as well).

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