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Casual Outdoorsman "buffnye" (Uncasville, CT United States)

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Conan: The Complete Quest (Conan The Barbarian/Conan The Destroyer) [Import]
Conan: The Complete Quest (Conan The Barbarian/Conan The Destroyer) [Import]
DVD ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Offered by Canadian Apple Sales
Prix : CDN$ 29.99
11 used & new from CDN$ 2.19

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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Destroyer No (Anamorphic)Widescreen! But Look At The Price!, Feb. 12 2004
I agree with the reviews that have been written here. I was very excited to see the two movies packaged together, and bought it immediately. But it was extremely disappointing to see that Destroyer was not in (anamorphic) widescreen format.
At the same time, though, I cannot complain because for one low price I got two great movies. Barbarian has some good extras too, although Destroyer has none.
Anyways I am still very happy with my purchase!

If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor
If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor
by Bruce Campbell
Edition: Paperback
Prix : CDN$ 17.80
40 used & new from CDN$ 0.42

5.0 étoiles sur 5 You Will Never Put It Down, June 17 2003
This book is definately one of the most entertaining books I have ever read. As a long time BC fan, I was extremely excited when I found this book on the store shelf, and once I started it I couldn't put it down.
Half BC life story, and half How To make an independent movie, Chins was entertaining, witty, hilarious, and enlightening. From the stories of BC's childhood tribulations, to the antics of Sam Raimi, this book tells it all. On top of all that it is loaded with great pictures throughout the entire book.
Anyone who has ever enjoyed BC's talent and sense of humor will treasure this book...I know I did.

Jason X [Widescreen Platinum Series] [Import]
Jason X [Widescreen Platinum Series] [Import]
DVD ~ Kane Hodder
Prix : CDN$ 17.85
22 used & new from CDN$ 8.49

1.0 étoiles sur 5 Please...Please...Don't Waste Your Time, May 24 2003
I love horror movies...the worse it is the more I love it (Read my other reviews and I think that will be obvious). But come on...what is going on with this movie?
Some may call me a purist, but Jason X is nothing like the rest of the series. I know this is not the first time that the writers tried to take a departure from the played out story line, but why not stick with what works. Perhaps if I lived under a rock for the last 25 years and had never heard of Friday the 13th, maybe I would have seen some light at the end of the tunnel for this movie. But I haven't and I didn't.
The one thing that always brings me back to the Friday the 13th series is the feeling of dread that I get when I watch them. You know what I mean, a house full of teenagers, never knowing where Jason is or what he is doing. Jason X didn't have that at all, and totally ruined the movie for me. It was more 'predictable' than the others and they showed far less gore than any other Jason movie.
Redeeming Qualities:
- The holographic camper seen (Hell Yeah! That was cool)
- Jason's first killing when he wakes up (creativity, I like that)
Other than that the movie was lackluster and uninspired. There is nothing wrong with taking a departure and trying something new, but never forget your roots.

Link [Import]
Link [Import]

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Nothing Beats a Cigar Smoking Suit Wearing Monkey, May 10 2003
Ce commentaire est de: Link [Import] (VHS Tape)
How can anyone not enjoy a movie that has monkeys that wear clothing and smoke cigars? Mind you these monkeys are not animatronics of computer graphics...but real trained monkeys!
This movie is basically a psychological thriller about a girl trapped in a relationship (and a house)by someone who is controlling and jealous. But what makes this one different from all the other sob stories is this time the abuser is a monkey!
This movie has some excellent redeeming points:
- The trained monkeys do an excellent job of creeping you out
- The story is enjoyable
- The acting is good
- There are some clever death scenes
- Elizabeth Shue is naked (briefly)
The people that should watch this movie are anyone who likes horror/thriller movies, anyone who likes monkeys, or both. I highly reccommend it!

To the Devil... A Daughter
To the Devil... A Daughter
DVD ~ Richard Widmark
Offered by M and N Media Canada
Prix : CDN$ 84.54
8 used & new from CDN$ 21.95

4.0 étoiles sur 5 If You Like Hammer and Lee...., Jan. 9 2003
Ce commentaire est de: To the Devil... A Daughter (DVD)
I enjoy Hammer films and 'To The Devil A Daughter' was no exception. The cast boasts Nastassja Kinski, Christopher Lee (of course), and Denholm Elliott (of Indiana Jones fame), among others.
The movie definately progresses a little slowly but eventually has some great suspenseful buildup. Unfortunately the ending leaves a lot to be desired. There is a fair amount of gore in this movie and a little nudity, but the story line is enough to keep you going.
I would give this movie a 3, but it has a great redeeming quality in the bonus features. This is a featurette called 'To The Devil...The Death of Hammer' which basically describes how the Hammer Production company went under due to movies such as this. What is great is that it has the original cast and crew basically trashing this movie, espcially the ending. Most enjoyable!
But in the end I still enjoyed this movie and would reccommend this movie to anyone with similar tastes.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space (Widescreen) (Sous-titres français) [Import]
Killer Klowns from Outer Space (Widescreen) (Sous-titres français) [Import]
DVD ~ Grant Cramer
Offered by importcds__
Prix : CDN$ 7.68
24 used & new from CDN$ 6.78

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Killer Klowns is a Killer Bargain, Jan. 8 2003
Killer Klowns is an excellent deal!!! First of all you get the movie...which in itself is worth the price of admission. Just looking at it you expect a cheesy, campy, low-budget, bad movie...which is not a bad thing. But what you get is a cheesy, campy, low-budget, bad but extremely well put together movie. Considering the budget of this movie, anyone would be impressed with the detail of the makeup and effects.
The movie itself is downright hilarious. My favorite actor is a certian jerk cop whom you may recognize from a certain National Lampoons movie.
On top of the top quality horror/comedy film, you get a pretty decent set of extras which accompany the movie: behind the scenes, bloopers, concept art, some early "films" made by the Chiodo brothers as kids, and more. I would pay more for this movie and still enjoy it; but given the price tag, no one should pass this one up!!!

The Thing (Widescreen)
The Thing (Widescreen)
DVD ~ Kurt Russell
Offered by SosaMedia
Prix : CDN$ 11.99
18 used & new from CDN$ 4.39

5.0 étoiles sur 5 a THING of beauty, Oct. 3 2002
Ce commentaire est de: The Thing (Widescreen) (DVD)
This is one of those movies that I have been waiting a long time for. In fact I had almost forgotten about it when I saw it on the store shelf recently. I had to pick it up and relive the movie that my brother had introduced to me oh-so-long ago. This is one of John Carpenter's best films, and Kurt Russell is incredible. This movie will definately make you jump. My recommendation is to turn out all the lights, turn up the volume, and get ready to have your girlfriend hold on for dear life!!!

The Return of the Living Dead (1985)
The Return of the Living Dead (1985)
DVD ~ Clu Gulager
Offered by M and N Media Canada
Prix : CDN$ 48.68
10 used & new from CDN$ 5.99

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Send More Cops!, Sept. 23 2002
Yay!! It is about time this movie made it to DVD. I first saw this movie when I was a kid, and I still love it. This is a movie that equals Romero's Dead series, but in its own way. Where Romero has created classic horror movies, this is a classic comedy/horror movie. A great story, hilarious acting, rockin soundtrack, decent extra features, and an all around great movie, you will not be disappointed with this movie.

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