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4,6 sur 5 étoiles
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le 22 juillet 2015
Its little bit of a tough read if you do not have a financial background. But the book has alot of very good investing lessons that is outside the normal thought process.
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le 23 février 2004
Classic investment book. However, each chapter in this edition is followed by a chapter of commentary by a journalist. I found this annoying and would have preferred an appendix with the information. The content of those additional chapters makes for some interesting reading but doesn't sit well between Graham's original chapters, in my view.
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le 7 septembre 2003
Although I am mostly a value investor, this has never been my favorite book. The old 1973 edition which this replaces was dated and the examples were hard to relate to today's market. Even the previous editions were not ones I particularly enjoyed. Quite frankly, the book was and is boring. Also many of the investment ideas in the book simply do not work in today's market. For example, I agree with Niederhoffer that buying companies for less that Net Current Assets is ridiculous in general. Most who claim to be successful at this are simply liars. This technique worked for a short time following and during the great depression. But that was basically it. The idea of approaching one's investments as a business is old hat now but for those not familiar with the concept this book may be worthwhile although whether it is worth buying the book for this tidbit is debatable. The Buffettology books do this just as well and are more up to date. Despite the laughter and venom directed against these books they are useful modern investment books which the budding value investor would do well to read. This update does use more modern examples but with the rise of the internet this type of information is just not as rarely available as it once was. I just wonder how many more "revisions" this book can stand before it becomes like Graham's Security Analysis. Keep in mind this is a new edition of a book by a man who has been dead for years ( and not the first one at that). The modern investor would probably be better off learning something about valuation and applying that to determine if companies are undervalued. The primitive methods in Graham are not particularly useful today and do not reflect the methods of today's successful value investor.
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le 16 octobre 2014
It's more of a life lesson by James Buffett rather than providing real insight and expertise on his choices which made him a billionaire. All I learned mostly from this book time and time out again was "Buy Low, Sell High"....but we already know this Warren....
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