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le 12 octobre 2006
Lynsay Sands has been doing the quirky Argeneau vamps and I adore them. But she is a very talented writer and I feared she'd box herself into just more of the same. I think people read her lighter romances, with their wonderful comedic touches, go "fluff" and dismiss the powerhouse talent she is. The depth of her writing is amazing, but subtle, so people often miss what a high-caliber wordsmith she is. Thus, I am THRILLED to see her cut loose and deliver a different paced Argeneau book. She started to move to darker, but kept trying to correct her story, but once she stopped fighting and went with this flat out dead sexy tale, it's simply amazing!

This is not like any of the other Argeneau tales. They were great. This is great, too, just different. It's darker, sexier and Lynsay at her best. I think she just breathed fresh air into the Argeneau line before they became carbon copies.

Private Eye, Jackie Morrisey has been hired to shield Vincent Argeneau (ladies you have been screaming for ages for Vincent's story. Well, here it is). Seems someone want to kill sexy Vincent, this is becoming clear as acts of damaging his property, then escalating to injured employees and finally to murder. Jackie is not too happy about the assignment. She knows the true nature of the Argeneaus, and being close quarters with the delectable Vincent isn't her idea of fun. She had a run in with a vamp named Cassius. Seduced, used and then betrayed, it left a bad taste in her mouth in more ways than one. She is not about to let Vincent have those sort of powers over her.

Vincent is attracted to Jackie. She makes his centuries old existence new again. As Jackie comes to know Vincent, she recognizes he's nothing like Cassius, and it sees her determined to protect him. Vincent and Jackie are wonderful characters, and their chemistry goes snap, crackle, pop!

Yes, it's different from her Fuzzy Vamps. But then, nothing stays the same. You either stagnate or go forward. Lynsay Sands went forward in style!

VERY Highly Recommended!!
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le 8 septembre 2014
Part murder mystery, part romance, all Argeneau, This story picks up just a few weeks after Bastien's wedding and follows actor/ impresario Vincent back to his home on the west coast. When it becomes clear that someone has been sabotaging Vincent's productions (remember the outbreak of anemia among the cast of his New York musical production of Dracula) Bastien comes to the rescue by dispatching his personal private investigator. Murder, sleuthing and romance follow in a funny, romantic and well written story that will have you searching the book store for the next book in the series.
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le 15 septembre 2010
The book is great, and I'm glad to see that it's in print again. However, if you've already got the whole series (like me) you don't need this one. It's a reprint of a book from 2006, not the latest. In fact, you can still buy the 2006 version on this site, it's cheaper and it's available right now.
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