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le 20 janvier 2004
I liked this book although I would recommend you read O'Neil's classic, How to Make Money in Stocks, before reading this one. That's because this book basically begins where that one leaves off, and concentrates on which indicators and information to focus on as a further aid to analyzing and buying a stock. And not too surprisingly, O'Neil emphasizes that you can get all this information from the IBD. I recently looked at getting a subscription, but unfortunately, the relative strength and sector strengths info only come with the premium, or more expensive version of the subscription, but many experts regard getting and reading the IBD an essential component of their investing success.
While I myself have never used that particular info myself, and have been able to do just fine in the market without it, the stock tables and indicators in the IBD do boil a lot of information and research down into such famous indicators as O'Neil's relative strength and sector strength ratings, EPS and volume information, and so on. Although you could get most of this information from other sources for no charge, IBD puts it all under one cover, and the relative strength indicator is something you can't get anywhere else. This is probably worth the price of the subscription as a time-saver, especially if it helps you make money. So I would essentially say this book is mainly for those who want to use O'Neil's system in conjunction with the info contained in the IBD, and are willing to put out the money for a subscription to get it.
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le 4 août 2001
Honestly, you should not pick up this book if you are looking for a comprehensive guide to investing. Instead O'neil's "How to Make Money..." is what you should be looking at. Consider this a guide to investing principles as applied to using Investor's Business Daily. If you keep that in mind you'll stay happy reading William O'Neil's latest book. You'll draw out useful nuggets and basic investing principles, but most of all, you'll better understand how basic principles well help you get the most out of IBD.
The book is written in a basic interview approach-- someone probably asked questions and then recorded the answers over a period of years. That makes the volume consise and very easy to read. In fact, you'll barrel through it in no time.
If you are relatively new to IBD, you need to read this. And, if you are a new subscriber you've probably received a copy with your subscription! If you didn't-- with patience, over time you can read through the book as it is reprinted chapter by chapter in the paper itself. O'Neil does this from time to time.
Someone in another review said this book is a giant advertizement for the Daily. No denying that-- but rather than seeing the comment as a criticism, look at it as a worthwhile suggestion. If you are considering getting into investing, I'd strongly recommend Investor's Business Daily as one of your first steps toward starting your learning curve.
And, if the book isn't included with your subscription, then be sure to pick it up at the same time.
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le 31 mai 2000
Though it doesn't include all the reasoning behind the methods (for that see O'Neil's "How to Make Money in Stocks...), this book provides the essence of the author's selection process in short, easy to understand lessons.
Though he emphasizes his newspaper publication (Investor's Business Daily), the lessons are valuable even without the paper; and should you choose to use the paper as well, there is a wealth of information that other papers only have in very raw forms. The emphasis on the information contained in his paper stems from the fact that it is the same information that he uses for his selection process. You could get the same information from the Wall Street Journal, you'd just have to set up complicated spreadsheets to arrive at those results. That said, this, like all other investment books, should be read critically as no investment strategy is without faults.
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le 4 août 2000
For those just entering the stock market "24 Essential Lessons..." serves as an excellent primer. This book is generally an abridged version of Bill O'Neil's previous best-seller "How to Make Money in Stocks." Written in a question/answer format, the book's short chapters are filled with valuable, yet practical information on how to set up your own investing rules that result in rewarding returns and, at the same time, minimize your risk. Despite his tremendous knowledge in stocks, O'Neil's writing style is simple and is not full of confusing jargon. Although, some may find O'Neil's references to "Investor's Business Daily" to be self-serving, can you blame him for describing a method that has made him millions of dollars? I found his "24 Lessons" to be of immense importance whether one subscribes to IBD or not.
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le 10 décembre 2002
Speaking as someone who lacks any major experience in the stock market, I found O'Neil's book "24 Essential Lessons..." an immense help. I've found many other financial books difficult to follow because of their difficult vocabulary and assumption of preexisting knowledge. This book explains all the basics in an easy to follow question answer form. Yes, O'Neil does make many references to his newspaper "Investor's Business Daily" but, "24 Essential Lessons..." is such an abridged version of his other work, it only makes sense that he would direct us to his other publicatons so that we can read his elaborated thoughts on any and every topic.
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le 4 avril 2001
I read some of your reviews of this book and alot of you seem to express the view that this is just an advertisment for his newspaper. Your a little misguided. What you lrean from this book and his other's is that investing is a DAILY lreaning process. No one book (or CNBC) is going to give you all the knowledge. You must devote time daily to the markets and company's where you aim to invest your money. That is what this book is trying to tell you. If you paid attention to O'Neils CANSLIM Method over the last two years you would be in great shape now and looking forward to the next bull market with cash in hand!
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le 2 mai 2000
This is a great book with lessons to allow one to trade with confidence and not lose a shirt. Follow these "rules" and you're on the way to success in the stock market.
I read this book after reading my first stock market book by the same author (How to make money in stocks). This one is much better for the novice.
W. O'Neil does push his paper so you get some knowledge of IBD and how to use it as well.
All in all, a good book you can read in a short time. I wouldn't suggest this as your first one, though.
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le 11 mai 2000
I'm surprised that many of the reviewers only see this as an informercial for Investor's Business Daily (IBD). No doubt much of the book discusses how to interpret content of IBD, but there are useful buy and sell criteria. This book clearly contains a condensed version of information from How to Make Money in Stocks (a previous O'Neil book) Chapter 15 is especially useful. If you do buy this book, make sure that you sign up for your 2 FREE weeks of IBD.
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le 28 décembre 2000
You are paying with your personal information. Name, Address, Phone... etc... who needs the hassle? Also, your mailbox is full of the newspaper daily for at least a week! Save a few trees and don't give out your personal info just to get the book free! Any costs associated with this book are well deserved for enduring the hassle in receiving it!
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le 9 février 2002
Bill O'Neil's 24 Lessons were nothing but an advertising plot for his Investor's Business Daily. However annoying to be constantly reminded of his paper, it worked. I learned alot of valuable information and I am now a subscriber to the Investor's Business Daily. I would recommend the book and paper to any investors just getting started.
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