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le 9 mars 2002
Science of Discworld is one of the lesser-known, but nonethless highly entertaining of Terry Pratchett's books. Mixing Discworld madness with educational necessity, Pratchett dispenses large doses of what should be compulsory reading for school kids.
The book is both intelligent and humorous (which accolade, I believe can be applied to most Pratchett works) and demands an intellectual engagement on the part of the reader. Hard science mixes with Pratchett-style fiction but ultimately tells the history of the world as it is (or at least as most people believe it is). The author is not afraid to go where few satirists have gone before, exploring everything from astrophysics through relativity to quantum mechanics and evolution... and always with one eye on the outrageous.
Pratchett has the skill to mock his fellow creatures, but oh so gently, and always with a warm heart. As a fellow reviewer said "To me at 50, it is an epiphany; I can only imagine the personal impact if I had read this at 15". Likewise, I would have appreciated knowing a little more earlier on in my life, particularly if helped through the morass by the guiding hand of Terry Pratchett.
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