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4,5 sur 5 étoiles
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le 20 mars 2007
The Thrive Diet is a gift - a gift to yourself and your commitment to live a better quality life. I am so grateful that Brendan has taken the time to share his deep experiences and knowledge with us in his new book.

The Thrive Diet is a solution for many ailments that we encounter on a daily basis from living on this stressful planet. He is keenly aware of and addresses the role that food plays in the prevention of most chronic diseases, stress, weight, and aging. Brendan has written in a very personal fashion, relating his experiences and his path to discovering the diet in which to thrive at the top level as an elite athlete - and with a plant based diet.

However, The Thrive Diet is also for you and me. It is for my mother and father, for the person who suffers with digestive issues, the person who cannot sleep deeply at night, the person who is so stressed out they don't know what to do. It is for the person who doesn't have enough energy to accomplish what they need to in the course of their day, the person who doesn't have time to cook but wants to eat better, the person who is holding extra weight and is suffering from health issues because of it.

The Thrive Diet is gratefully written by a man who is healthy, extremely intelligent, determined and sensitive enough to discriminate and find out the truth in order to reach to top of his field--both as a professional Ironman tri-athlete and the Canadian Ultra Marathon Champion for 2003 and 2007. Brendan has given a lot of answers you might have searched for your entire life- and possibly not found - and they are there for you simply by reading his book. He explains the process step by step so you can succeed. Brendan has great experiences with success and is sharing his path with us.

Even though we are reading the words of a top-level international athlete, Brendan's compassion and delivery is inspiring and hopeful. He is very heartfelt and to the point, with clear examples and scientific research to back his findings. Brendan also has the consciousness to consider how each action we take affects everything around us, how it impacts the world. He wants to help, and this is so evident the moment you begin reading his book.

All this for only $20! It's one of the best investments you can make in your life! The Thrive Diet is a "must have"! I can't wait to continue reading it and to take the steps that will change my life by helping me live with less stress and with more vitality.
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RÉVISEUR DU TOP 500le 30 septembre 2009
What an excellent book. I got The Thrive Diet as a birthday present while camping and I read the entire book with-in three days. It was such a great, inspiring read. I was familiar with the author Brendan Brazier's main message as I had just finished his new (and free!) Thrive in 30 program offered from his website. The book has clarified and expanded on those points, where I now have a much better understanding on his approach to a healthy body (and mind).

I love his premise on reducing all types of stress (nutritional, psychological, environmental) and his explanations for his Thrive diet. Truly amazing. And definitely following his advice will get you extremely healthy! I have many books on health, and the good ones stress the same elements: eat more vegetables. Especially green leafy veggies, plus switching a plant-based diet. Of course there's so much more, which is why I recommend reading this book.

I would say my only gripe is Brendan doesn't footnote; he does mention a lot of research and science-based studies but there are no further noting/resources about these studies. I know what he says is correct as I've read other books on plant-based nutrition (like Eat To Live book by Joel Fuhrman, MD and Michael Greger, MD DVD series) who do mention similar studies and research and provide the footnotes (and/or shows the studies on the DVD). I figure Brendan is coming from an athletes perspective, not from a researcher and/or MD, so he doesn't need to provide all the medical and clinical studies.

I have tried many of his recipes and I enjoy all his smoothies, pre/post exercise, cereals, and some of his veggie recipes. I have had to adapt many of his other recipes to suit my own tastes, but the recipes are definitely a good starting point. For newbie cooks, I suggest getting other healthy eating or specifically raw cookbooks (or checking out the internet) to complement Brendan's recipes. I love Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, Becoming Vegetarian, and The Gluten-Free Vegan, but of course, I usually adapt those as well.

Good book! Change your life (and health) and read it!
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le 14 mars 2007
This is far and away the best book I've ever read on the subject of diet...and I've read A LOT of diet books. Its holistic, long-term, broad-thinking approach is what appeals to me. Brazier has written a fantastic book that has given me a completely different prospective on the subject. It's exceptionally well-written (considerably better than your average diet book), is concise and remarkably sensible. I had no idea how much poor food choices caused a stress response and how that was the root cause of my sleep difficulties and ultimately my slow but steady weight gain. Thanks to the Thrive Diet, I'm already sleeping more soundly and waking up with greater energy, resulting in no desire to drink coffee or eat sugary foods. Thank you Thrive Diet! This book is truly in a class by itself.
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le 4 février 2009
This book offers a lot of informations regarding the food we are eating. It demonstrates why sometimes we do not have as much energy as we expect even if we are eating "good things" and training a lot. The reason is stress. Everything causes stress in our life, even food. The Thrive diet explains what we should eat to obtain more energy by eating(sometimes)less. The key is to eat what don't requires much energy to digest. The Thrive diet gives simple recipes to create and that gives a lot of good energy. I did not follow the 12 weeks meal plan, but there are a lot of recipe really good. There is a couple that does not suit me, but everbody is different!
Sincerely, I really enjoyed (and still enjoy!) this book since there are lots of good tips, good recipes and interesting information.
I recommand to buy this book, you will not regret it!
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le 30 juillet 2007
I learned a lot from this book and tried a lot of the recipes. This book started me on the path to unintentionally following a mostly vegan diet. I started making changes to my diet (I was a meat eater) and my cravings and tastes for certain foods just changed. I just didn't want to eat meat anymore and I found myself craving veggies, fruit, nut based recipes etc. I no longer crave really sugary sweet things and I have always had an incredibly sweet tooth.

Some of my favourite recipes:

Chocolate Almond Smoothie (with carob powder)
Cucumber Pesto Salad
Tomato Basil Dressing
Vegetable Crackers

Although I love this book and highly recommend it, I do not solely follow the Thrive Diet. I did need a bit more variety in my diet so I use other vegan cook books and follow the vegan food guide from another book (to make sure I get all the daily requirements etc).
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le 23 avril 2011
Brendan Brazier is a guy who walks the talk. He's proven that his dietary recommendations work. According to his own words, the only reason he eats the way he does is BECAUSE it works. When he started looking for the best dietary habits for the sake of acheiving his athletic, he was willing to eat anything. For him, the additonal ethical and environmental benefits of the diet are totally beside the point. ... which is good to know when human health is your goal! Brazier's book is a great all-purpose reference, everything you need all in one handy book.
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le 14 janvier 2009
When I first wanted to go vegan I wasn't too sure how to go about it while ensuring that I get all the required nutrients. The Thrive Diet changed my life for the better by informing me clearly and simply about what I needed to maintain a balanced diet. I was also able to learn about raw foods and their digestibility.

This book provides you with a 12-week meal plan to get you started off, as well as some excellent exercise complimentary snacks. I never thought that going vegan could be this simple and I was able to gain a lot of insight about the importance of our food choices and their impact on all aspects of our lives.

One of the most important topics the author discusses is that of stress and I can tell you from experience that applying the Thrive Diet to your life does alleviate a lot of stress in your body and mind. I have never felt so great in my life and I am not an athlete. I do moderate physical activity and I do see the enormous impact this diet has had on my life.

The Thrive Diet is not so much of a diet as it is a way of life. It's a must-read for anyone looking for self-improvement, stress relief and a healthier life.
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le 13 mars 2007
I recieved this book after reading Brendans first book "Thrive," and when I started it I never expected such tasty recipies. Along with some great advice to help you along the way, there will be great recipies that you will not tried before. You do not feel like it is a diet, it does still feel like you are eating the foods you love to eat. The food is that good, yet it is a lot healthier.. If you have seen brendan speak, and liked what you have heard, you would like this book as it covers all that he speaks about and more. This is a great book, one I will use and try to live by for years to come.

ps try the cinnamon plantaine yummy

oh and the pizza's mmmmmmm.....

thanks for another great book Brendan :)
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le 3 juin 2010
It's not another diet book. It's a 'how you can achieve optimal health' book.
Ironman Triathelete Brendan Brazier has put together an excellent long-term eating plan based on nutrient dense plant-based whole foods. Weather or not you are an athelete or a Vegan, this book tells everyone how they can achieve optimal health through nutrition.

Fasinating reading about stess, Ph, hydration, exercise plus a 12 week meal-plan and shopping list to get you started.
Definitely worth it!
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le 21 juin 2011
Thrive Diet is a great book. It's clear, insightful, and can be consulted now and again as a reference book. For me, it was the catalyst that pushed me to make the health-conscious dietary changes I knew I needed to make. Don't look back . . .
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