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le 26 mai 2011
Though it will not be known for its style, this volume may well become known as the definitive biography of Malcolm X. It is exhaustive in its gleening from all possible sources an inclusive, panoramic view of Malcolm's life. The book comes from a place that is neither sensationalistic nor idealistic, freeing itself from any agenda other than portraying history as acurately as is possible. After the first few dozen pages, the book looms as an intimidating tome, but soon the story of Malcolm and the interweaving and parallel stories of black movements in the 50s and 60s compells the reader forward. The book is careful to state what is documented fact and what is conjecture, and this, happily, does nothing to diminish the riveting nature of the narrative. As the facts speak for themselves, a picture emerges, rich, complex and even contradictory. Here we see Malcom as an extrodinary leader, orator and thinker, but also as a human being, often fallible and uncertain, but always moving forward.
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