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4,6 sur 5 étoiles
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le 21 juin 2011
As an aspiring vegan, I would not hesitate to say that I am a fan of Brendan Braziers 'Thrive' series. Instead of replacing the SAD (Standard American Diet) with similarly processed, refined, and nutritionally depleted soy alternatives, Mr. Brazier introduces a variety of foods and their preparations for optimal health and performance.

With the previous books in mind, 'Thrive' and 'Thrive Fitness,' I looked forward to the third, recipe-oriented, installment. Happily, the book delivers a number of excellent recipes from Brazier and other contributors. In addition, it appears that a conscious effort was made to make them a bit easier to prepare than the previous books' examples.

Unfortunately, the poor editing of 'Whole Foods To Thrive' diminishes the recipe section significantly. For example, any page reference made to another recipe, a dressing for a salad, for example, is incorrect. Correct the references early to make future use of the book easier. In addition, don't be surprised when a listed ingredient disappears, and/or is replaced, in the preparation section.

Finally, albeit brief, Brendan Brazier makes a reference to eating starchy carbohydrates to gain size and strength. He says that he refers to it in another Thrive book. Owning each of the three books, I was unable to find any other information pertaining to, or supporting, this statement. A small detail admittedly, but as a non-endurance athlete who would like to put on some additional size, Mr. Brazier's insight into this area would be appreciated.

Despite a relatively neutral review, I would still recommend the books in the THRIVE series for those interested in supporting their athletic endeavors through proper nutrition.
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le 6 juillet 2011
I just got the book a couple of weeks ago and skimmed through it and really like it. I think Brandon Brazier is great and a true vegan. Only thing negative in the book is that it refrences different pages for receipes to go with other ones but when you get to that page # it is not the correct receipe??? A bit disappointing.
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le 16 septembre 2012
Having been introduced to the Vega line of products years ago and loved them, when I found this book, I knew I'd love it too. I wasn't disappointed. Brendan Brazier speaks to a lifetime of research and accumulated knowledge on the subject of eating to enhance physical performance, decrease stress, detoxify the body and mind, and bring balance to one's day to day life.

While much of the book is dedicated to recipes, a great deal of effort has gone into explaining why the foods in the recipes are superior to those excluded. Learn why a plant-based diet it not only better for the body and soul, but also for the environment at large. A must read.
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le 17 juillet 2011
Many of the 200 recipes in Whole Foods to Thrive are not credited to Brendan himself. Lucky for us, this book is a recipe collection of the best dishes Brendan has enjoyed around the world, plus some that he makes in his own kitchen. I was delighted to see recipes from some of my favourite restaurants included, such as: Live Food Bar, Thrive Juice Bar, Candle 79, The Green Door, and Fresh. There are also some recipes contributed by celebrated chefs like Matthew Kenney, Tal Ronnen, and Chad Sarno.

You may want to think of this book as a "greatest hits for your health". Every recipe is full of ingredients that contribute significant nutritional benefits. There is a reliance on raw, whole foods for phenomenal flavour and simple preparations that anyone could tackle at home. I am looking forward to using the recipes in Whole Foods to Thrive to take my own culinary journey to many of the best vegan restaurants that I have yet to visit.
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