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3,5 sur 5 étoiles
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le 15 janvier 2012
I enjoy Jane Austen and I have enjoyed other Austen mysteries. I had high hopes for this "big name" mystery writer, sadly unfulfilled. I'm sure there are a lot of offended Austenites out there. The characters from their beloved novelist hijacked and tossed about as empy soul-less shells in a dry as dust tale. This cant even really be called a mystery. It reads as though several different people did the research and then just slapped it all between the covers and called it good. The last few chapters are particularly painful. Based on all the accolades and honors listed on the book jacket, if I were Ms James, I'd be embarrassed to say the least.
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le 3 avril 2014
I find the narrator speaks far to quickly. I love PD James and Jane Austin, so it was so disappointing.
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le 6 mai 2012
Wow - what a terribly indulgent and meaningless book this was. You get the impression that the only reason James wrote this novel is because she needed to satisfy a lifelong desire to write some dialogue between Darcy and Elizabeth.
The book is set six years after the grand dual wedding of Elizabeth & Darcy, and Bingley and Jane. James takes a bit of delight in painting a picture of the Pride and Prejudice characters in their (slightly) later years - there are lots of babies and a generally happy existence.
But then - Egad! - there is a murder on the Pemberly grounds!! How dramatic and terrible! What a great disaster this will be for the Darcys!!!

Except not!

The murder victim isn't someone that anyone will miss. James sustains the mystery of who the murderer is by simply keeping the chief suspect from telling his story through most of the book. And at the end, after the jury gives it's verdict, P.D. James brings out the brooms and starts sweeping everything under the carpet so that nothing we've been reading for 200 pages matters anyway - and this includes sweeping two undesirable characters off to the New World so that they will no longer pollute the happy existence of Darcy and Elizabeth.

This was a wretched book.
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le 1 janvier 2012
I had given up on PD James. Her formulaic style and her insistence on dealing with exotic deaths in esoteric locales got on my nerves. However, the reviews I read about "Death Comes to Pemberley" led to my buying the book and reading to the bitter end...and I do mean bitter. I didn't think it was right to review a book I hadn't finished. Suffice to say that the verbosity and the overanalysis of every action undertaken by the characters was very annoying. Elizabeth, to my shock, has very little to do or say in the book. The denouement is hilariously unbelievable. I'm sure it was the sister who did it (and probably because she was denied her lessons in Latin!). I know I'd have been miffed without my course in Latin! The empress has no clothes forsooth!
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