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4,5 sur 5 étoiles
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le 17 mai 2004
Sex therapist Grace Alexander is turning twenty-nine, and her track record in relationships with men has been less than stellar. Her closest friend Selena, a gypsy palm reader, is concerned that Grace lacks a love life and gives her a very special birthday gift. A two thousand year old book that, according to legend, contains a Greek God trapped inside its covers for all eternity, to be summoned by a woman as her own personal love slave. Grace is skeptical, but jokingly plays along with reciting the words to bring him forth. Nothing happens.
Well, initially nothing happens. But a little later she finds a huge, gorgeous, and very naked warrior in her house ready to fulfill her every fantasy. Now while most of us would nail shut all the windows and doors, take the phone off the hook, and never leave home again, Grace refuses to give in to her urges. In fact, she insists he wear clothes, takes him out in public, and treats him as a human.
A Greek general, and son of the goddess Aphrodite, Julian of Macedon was cursed by his jealous brother, and placed in the book to spend eternity alone. Except for when a woman summons him, and then he spends from one full moon to the next pleasuring her, and he knows everything about pleasuring a woman. Julian learned long ago to accept his fate, and no longer feels anything, but Grace changes all that. Now together they will work to figure out how to break the curse, but when they discover how, will they each be willing to follow through with what's required?
This remains one of, if not the most unique romance novel I've read to date. When I decided to read this book, it was with a mix of intrigue for the original storyline, and trepidation it would be too far-fetched, and might be to the point of ridiculous. But the fact this book is on the Romance Writers of America's Top Ten List, of the year it was published, prompted me to give it a try. And I have to say I wasn't disappointed. This story is very well written, and even though it stretches the limits of the imagination, it does not come off as ridiculous or silly as I had feared. The mix of myth, romance, tenderness, humor, intrigue, and yes, some really sizzling love scenes, makes for an intoxicating and memorable reading experience. I actually read this several months ago, and even though I've read many books since this, I still remember this one.
If I had to come up with something negative, it would probably be that I felt the climatic ending was stretched out a little too long. The number of events that occurred then went wrong, thus requiring Aphrodite's intervention, got a little frustrating for me. I'll leave it at that; so not too much of the ending is given away. In the grand scheme of things, that was only minor, and this book is definitely worth checking out for yourself.
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le 16 août 2007
The book is about Grace Alexander, a woman with a few bad relationships (and sexual experiences) in her past who hasn't dated for four years. Her friend Selena, a ditzy but well meaning tarot card reader, gets her drunk on her birthday and persuades her to summon a hot Greek god from an old book she found in a local shop. To appease her friend she calls to Julian of Macedon at midnight in the moonlight. Julian of Macedon, cursed to be trapped inside a book for eternity by his brother Priapus, appears and pledges to be her love slave for 30 days until the next full moon. Thereafter Grace endeavours to find out how Julian became cursed and how together they might free him and live happily ever after as mortals together. Very hot, steamy and amusing but also quite predictable (hence the 3 stars).

I bought this book as a "filler" while I was waiting for one of my favourite authors to bring out her next book and Amazon seemed to think I might like it based on my other purchases. This is my first Sherrilyn Kenyon book and although it was a quick/easy read unlike some of the other reviewers I was not compelled to rush out and buy the others. Probably best suited if you are looking for a good beach read.
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RÉVISEUR DU TOP 500le 24 avril 2012
This was my first Sherrilyn Kenyon book and honestly it was a struggle to get through. All I could think was what am I missing? I mean the Dark Hunter series is SO popular there must be something wrong with me because this, well this was a grind.

FANTASY LOVER has its moments, the premise is unique and intriguing; an ex Spartan general cursed to spend eternity as a love slave trapped inside a book. He's released every so often to be the sexual plaything of whoever has called him forth but Julian is aware inside the book and therefore also anguished and claustrophobic. His mortal past is full of pain too and I enjoyed the flashbacks into it and all the Greek/Roman history. Truthfully he only reason I managed to finish this at all was because of Julian. Just tortured and sexy enough to peak my interest, unfortunately though he had to fall for a dip.... like Grace.

Grace Alexander would have to up there as one of my least favourite heroines ever. Anytime she spoke or we were in her head I ended up cringing. Even in the closing pages I was still rolling my eyes through every single bit of her dialogue Talk about cheesy, immature, silly and painful. With expressions like holly guacamole and greasy grimy gopher guts it was also unrealistic. And really, a sex therapist? She must not be very good at her job because she's got her own hang-ups is clueless about sex.

Julian of Macedon has been condemned to spend eternity within the pages of a mysterious book. Called forth many times over his two thousand years of confinement he definitely knows how to pleasure the ladies (his curse makes it mandatory) but he expects little else from his duties. When Grace's friend Selena presents her with the book on her birthday, on a drunken lark the pair calls forth the sex slave and because this is a paranormal romance what do you know it works.

Grace utters some ridiculous remarks when she finds a gorgeous naked man in her house and then to Julian's surprise she puts clothes on him and wants to talk. She doesn't want to have sex. What!? Actually neither would I because initially Julian is all suave and creepy bad one liners, like some desperate drunk guy at last call. Anyways, Julian has a month to spend with Grace and since she doesn't want to get laid they get to know each other instead, slowly falling in love and trying to find a way to break Julian's curse.

For some reason Kennyon includes a mini stalker plot which doesn't really go anywhere. There's lots of sexual tension but not much actual heat, we meet a couple other gods and goddesses all dressed as bikers, Julian gets a haircut, buys tight fitting jeans and fixes Graces' bookshelves (that part was actually very sweet) I just don't know if I'll be continuing on with this series, I still think I must be missing something and may give the next one a try but its going to have to get a lot darker and mature for me to finish. Cheers
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le 2 avril 2011
Oh. My. Goddess! Sherrilyn Kenyon is a master of the written word! This author has an amazing talent for drawing the reader into a story so thoroughly that you can actually "feel" the emotions with such intensity! Burning anger, passionate desire, tragic sadness, Ms. Kenyon's words made this reader feel every moment!

Her touch was his salvation; her kiss had the power to drive him over the edge into uncontrollable madness....

Grace Alexander: A 29 yr old sex therapist without an romance to call her own, doesn't have much of a social life. Hurt beyond measure by the loss of her parents and the brutal treatment at the hands of a man she thought she loved, Grace has no desire to trust her heart to anyone. She just can't face the thought of have it ripped out of her chest and stomped on again.

Julian of Macedon: Son of Aphrodite; renowned Spartan General; and, because of a viciously jealous brother, cursed to be nothing but a love slave for 2000 years, sentenced to always be sued to pleasure but those who summon him, but to never find a release of his own. Full of desperation, intense hunger and thirst, Julian never wanted anything but someone to love and who would truly love him, not his body, in return.

For her birthday, Grace, is duped into an "itty bitty" chant by her best friend, Selena. Did I mention that this itty bitty chant was supposed to bring Grace her very own God-Like Love Slave that she could have for a whole month?! Woot woot! Hot tamales it worked! Julian of Macedon, cursed to serve those who summoned him for the past 2000 years, popped into Grace's living room and turned her world upside down! So beautifully masculine, Julian is the epitome of every woman's sexual desire and it takes every ounce of Grace's control to NOT make love to him. You see, Grace was brutally used the night she lost her virginity and she just couldn't bring herself to treat another that way, no matter how hot he was or how much she wanted too! For Julian, not being able to pleasure a woman as his curse demanded, was a very dangerous thing, indeed. The intense physical and emotional pain of this rejection has the power drive him beyond madness into an eternity of lunacy in darkness, never to emerge again. But, no matter the cost, Grace and Julian decide together to fight the curse. With help from Julian's brother "Eros" aka Cupid, they find the way. It's a long and sexually torturous way, but they have got to try!

With Greek Gods and Goddesses, Gypsies, and everyday "Joes", this story has many twists and turns that promises to keep the reader turning page after page, well into the wee hours of the night!

Fav Comical Quote, Page 46:
"Because I'm not some alley cat with her tail up in the air waiting for the nearest Tom to come over, stick it in, and leave!"

Fav Emotion Filled Passage, Page 306:
Julian: Closing his eyes, he remembered the night Grace had summoned him. He remembered what it felt like to have no real identity. To just be the anonymous Greek love-slave.
Long ago, he had lost himself in a painful place of dark obscurity, and yet Grace has found him.
Through her strength and kindness, she had braved the worst of him and brought him back to humanity. She, alone, had seen into his heart and found him worthy.

Couldn't put this story down! 5 Gold Stars to Ms. Kenyon!
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le 21 mai 2004
Julian of Macedon is half Greek God and half human, cursed by his brother Priapus to live in a book as a love slave to be conjured up by women to please their every sexual whim. Julian has been trapped in this book for 2000 years, when one day he is conjured up by Grace Alexander, a sex therapist who hasn't had a relationship in some time. Grace refuses to give into her body's desires and to use Julian as a sex slave because she is decent and has been hurt in the past. Together, Julian and Grace try to find a way to free Julian from the curse.
This book is hot and is very sensual but also very funny. The dialogue is very witty and will have you in fits of giggles every other page. Miss Kenyon sure knows how to turn up the heat. Reading this book is like going through hours of pleasurable foreplay and to arrive at a very satisfying climax. Julian is the most gorgeous hero you will ever meet in a romance novel and you too will be wishing that you can conjure him up from the book as a love slave. Although, there are plenty of sexual scenes, the love story is also gentle and sweet. A very highly recommended read.
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le 12 mai 2004
Oh Julian, wherefore art thou MY Julian of Macedon??? WOW! A-hem. Whether a fan of romance or not, this is a book EVERY WOMAN MUST OWN, whew! I stayed up all night long, and I shamelessly admit to some major lip licking, messy drools...Awww come on Grace, share!
For anyone who has even the slightest "Love Slave" type secret fantasy, this is a must-own-it book, no library copies will do because you will NOT be able to give it back, that means you can forget borrowing a friend's copy! Uh-uh, no way! From page one to the very last typed word, I was ADDICTED! This book has a bit of everything--Magick, God/desses, Ancient history, love story, tragedy, tear jerker, side-achingly funny, action & sword fights, totally NON-stereotypical characterizations, all wrapped up in a most delicious package. Yummmy.
Forget credibility, but that's ok--even if you are like me and don't go for romance because you can't suspend your sense of reality THAT much--because you WON'T even NOTICE it's gone, a pretty neat trick if I do say so! Almost from the start of the story, with Selena bemoaning very publicly about Grace's non-existent sex life, followed by Grace's tomato-ripe protests, the reader falls in love with these characters, and becomes Grace somehow. One definitely loses all sense of time and space outside of this story and almost tumbles onto cloud 9, voyeurs or flies on the wall.
Grace is not your typical super-model type, and has been made fun of for her looks, so she is insecure--I think we all can relate to that! She's been used badly by one man and has become sexually anorexic herself while, ironically, working as sex therapy doctor! Witchy Selena, who couldn't be any more different from her best friend Grace, decides to give Grace the birthday surprise of a lifetime, and whew boy, did she!
I won't give away anymore of this story, just do yourself a favor and BUY THIS BOOK, then guard it from all your female friends (and maybe a few males too? haha). You won't regret THIS purchase, if anything you may regret that you didn't get it sooner.
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le 11 mars 2004
Okay I admit I am a Sherrilyn Kenyon fanatic. Once I discovered her "Dark Hunter" series I lost it! This is actually the first book before the Dark Hunter Series. It's a very beautiful and oh so sexy contemporary love story. Grace Alexander is not what you would call sexy by a long shot. She's a little chunky, and knows she is no beauty. Her best friend Selena gives Grace a book for her birthday. Selena informs Grace that this book contains a "love slave" who will become her every fantasy for a month if she calls him from the book. As a joke Grace calls forth the love slave, and meets Julian of Macedon.
Julian is a warrior who has been trapped as a love slave in a book for over 2,000 years by a bitter enemy. Grace sees past Julian's perfect body, and sees a person in torment. She is determined to help him solve the curse and find a way out of the book. She just hopes she can keep her heart as she spends each day with him. This is a great story. I would highly recommend!
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le 11 octobre 2003
'Fantasy Lover' is a funny romance, if a bit corny with the little lines that Kenyon uses in place of cussing. Grace Alexander, a twenty-nine-year-old sex therapist, is cajoled into performing a tiny ritual on her birthday to summon a love-slave from a very old Greek book. Surprisingly, it actually works. In fact, I'm sure that little Gracie was VERY surprised, seeing as how she busted out screeming when the love-slave, a.k.a. Julian, popped up naked in her living room. Later asking her for pizza, of all things.
As it turns out, Grace has nerves of steel and is able to resist the temptation of this incredibly sexual man--sometimes. She gets to know Julian, and among some other really horrible things about his life, she finds out that Julian is the bastard son of Aphrodite, and that his brother cast him into the book over two thousand years ago.
...He has a very disfunctional family.
Anyway, to continue, if Julian can't hold off the urge to have sex with Grace until the very last night for some twelve hours (I believe it is) then he'll be sucked back into the book and Grace will have lost the love of her life.
-Embyr Bradson (10/19/03)
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le 7 août 2003
Demigod Julian of Macedon has been cursed, tormented in a halfway life that makes him a love slave for one woman after another, each for a month. When her friend talks her into summoning a lover, Grace Alexander finally goes along--but the last thing she needs is a man who will love her and abandon her--as did the man who took her virginity years before. Things would be simple if only she didn't find Julian so attractive--and so noble.
Julian can't understand a woman who feeds him, talks to him, lets him out of her bedroom, and won't even have sex with him. But not having sex is simply not an option. As the month they have together goes by, he'll grow more and more insane. But his brother Eros/Cupid tells him that the curse can only be broken if he waits--and he cannot wait.
Even if she can free him from his curse, Grace knows that she can never have Julian for her own. However things turn out for him, for her, the only possible outcome is loss and loneliness.
Author Sherrilyn Kenyon writes a sexy and compelling paranormal story. Julian is an attractive tortured hero (although a bit anachronistic as a pre-Christian whose favorite curse is a corruption of Jesus). Cupid's appearance as a biker is charming.
FANTASY LOVER takes the fantasy of a male love slave and gives it an emotional depth. It's a great read.
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le 1 août 2003
It is a fabulous fantasy that Ms. Kenyon brings to life literally within the pages of her book, Fantasy Lover.
She puts a new twist to those old Greek gods and how they enteract with us humans. A work-a-holic, no-success-with-relationships, woman bows to her somewhat loony psychic friend's pressure when presented with a very erotically sexy picture in an ancient book. Is the old text for real? No. No way could HE be real flesh and blood, even if she did call out his name three times at midnight on a full moon while holding to the book to her heart! But that's exactly what happens. And, for the next four weeks, the odd couple is nearly inseparable... as he can't help but tempt her beyond endurance while she tries to hold him (and his hormones) at bay in an effort to rescue him from a curse and capture true love forever!
John De Salvo on the cover is superb, even if the picture is small. (A larger copy is on Ms. Kenyon's Web site!) But, the fantasy that Ms. Kenyon weaves is the dessert.
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