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le 29 mars 2004
Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' series is a young adult series that niether talks down to its audience nor lessen its grand scope because of it. The Amber Spyglass, while the slowest paced of the series continues to stay true to the characters and their belief in a girl's power to change the course of history.
The tension of the first to books is present in the first half of the book. The gathering rebellion against the Almighty swells to bursting points and characters that were scattered about various worlds are drawn together again. That Lyra is left helpless in the hands of Mrs. Couther and that beings from all corners are swarming in upon their hiding place makes the reader wanting how she will escape. The book loses steam, ironically just as its climax is about to shape in the war that has been building up in the previous two volumes. Characters emerge and fade out. Situations are set up so fast and their result often ambiguous through the lack of detail such as with a bomb incident. The title amber spyglass itself is not an object of fascination such as the altheometer or the subtle knife and the spyglass' creator Mary plays a much larger role but her actions are almost incidental and not as satisfying once everyone comes together in the end.
These are minor quibbles in an otherwise great set of books. Pullman's re-telling of 'Paradise Lost' is engaging, provoking, and wholly original.
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le 30 janvier 2004
"'Ghosts,' she whispered. 'This is where they all are, every one that's ever died...'" Lyra Silvertounge whispers this as she and Will Parry, her companion, stumble upon the world of the dead, where they discover what really happens when you die. At the same time in another world, Lord Asriel and Ms. Coulter, Lyra's parents, in their rebellion against the church, uncover what God, the Creator, really does. While all this is happening, Mary Malone, a scientist, creates an amber spyglass for people to see Dust, which is regularly invisible. Dust is what gives wisdom and meaning to everything everywhere, and that is why Lyra, Will, Lord Asriel, and Ms. Coulter are searching for it.
I absolutely loved this book. It's an edge of your seat thriller jam packed with tons of exciting events. Philip Pullman makes it seem as if you're actually in the story. You can feel the pain when Lyra gets hurt, and it's hard not to cry out when her soul is brutally ripped out of her body. Time and pages seemed to tick as one and I found myself on many nights reading until 10:00 and 11:00pm! If you read this book, you will be sucked into Pullman's rabbit hole, and there's no way out.
I recommend this book to many people, but especially to those who like to read fantasy or mystery books. I would recommend this book because you just can't seem to put it down, no matter the situation. Don't let the 518 pages scare you' it is definitely worth reading through each one!
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le 4 janvier 2004
I must agree, Pullman does preach. And unlike some people who preach Christianity with zaelotry, he preaches against Christianity. I can't say I disagree with him too much, because of my beliefs, but nevertheless, it's obvious what Pullman's message is without the constant preaching and it does get uncomfortable a few times.
A few moments also left me disappointed. One would really think that Father Gomez could so much more, and I was expecting with dread what was going to happen and then all of a sudden, it's all over without much effort. That part was a little unconvincing.
The ending also left me longing for more. After all the stories put together piled up in the end and you were just awaiting that climax... and then it was over. The ending of the story could've suited one book separately. But the greatness of the seriest was kind of swallowed up by the unoriginality of the finale. Of course, it was dramatic and Pullman's writing nearly drew tears out of my eyes (and I'm not the touchy type either), but despite it all the ending seemed unconvincing.
That is why I gave this book 4 stars. But those few moments, only 10-20 minutes of reading in total were nothing compared to the thrill of the rest of the story. Every chapter was great and I could hardly find a place to stop, so I had to stay up until 4 am, 5 am, 6 am (luckily, it was Xmas vacation), the last night of my reading I didn't even go to sleep to finish off the book.
Pullman says he got his ideas from a multitude of other books. Well, perhaps. But the originality with which he put this world together, with which he created something so totally different and yet so totally the same (a make-like), is genius.
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le 3 décembre 2003
I found the book The Amber Spyglass, by Philip Pullman to be really exciting. It is a mixture of fantasy and adventure. The reason why I chose this book is because I enjoy fantasy because it can take you to places that you have never even dreamed of. One of my favorite quotes is "because he is Will" on pg. 82, because it shows the trust Lyra has in Will and she knew that he was going to save her. Together they can accomplish anything. It shows they make a really great team despite the people who are after them, and the question about the thesis of what dust really is.
One of the themes in this book is never give up and you can go far with teamwork. I definitely agree with the theme. I think those are some really good pointers for dealing with life that was put in the book by Philip Pullman. I believe that those are good points to go by in real life. I try to go by them. To me a little team work can go a long way.
In conclusion, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read fantasy. It really is a book that will take you on a magical ride. I would recommend this book because I think Philip Pullman wrote this book, he really let his imagination go wild. It really captured my mind and made me so I could not stop reading the book. It is a book that is great to read and it is something I am sure you would enjoy.
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le 17 octobre 2003
I liked the Golden Compass and I REALLY,REALLY LOVED the Subtle Knife, but this book was not up to par with the Subtle Knife. Also alot of it was kinda disturbing, i dont like the idea of 12 year old lovers, creeps me out. And his ideas or theories in the book about dark matter and such, are kind of silly to me, im a physics major, but it was cute.
Im not sure that I understood all of it, Dr Malone was to go through the window to do something, but how she do it. Was it just telling them stories? I thought she was supposed to tempt them. I didnt get that part. I did love her friends though, the mufla, oh i forget how it was spelled, but how cute were they? I love the way Pullman has her friend Atal ask questions about humans because they're so freakish.
The end of this book, though, is just retarded, he is just trying to drag out some drama from this story, like these poor kids need any other bad things to happen to them. It upset me that he split them up, they could have found a way. Splitting them up like that after, well i wont say to give away part of the story.
If you have read the other two read this book to get closure, dont expect it to be better than the second though.
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le 15 juillet 2002
I read the first two books in Pullman's trilogy, "The Golden Compass" and "The Subtle Knife," a while ago, and having to wait years for the final volume nearly drove me crazy. "The Amber Spyglass" was just as riveting as the first two. Pullman has a great style and is extremely inventive. The way he wove the revelations of the first two books into a cogent plot of "what's really going on" was ingenious. However, I didn't quite like the ending. I'm a fan of storybook endings where everybody's happy and this didn't - exactly - happen in this book. The way it plays out makes perfect sense, and I spent the last third of the book going, "oooooooh!" as the connections hit me, but some points of the ending irked me. I have heard rumors that Pullman plans a followup to the trilogy, and I await it eagerly.
In other words, if you read the first two books you of course should read this one to know how it ends - the engaging story is certainly worth your time. If you are considering reading the trilogy (which should unquestionably be read in order, or it makes no sense at all), proceed with caution. There are incredible but surprising ideas in all three books, and the ending is not to be expected. All in all though, it's a very good series.
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le 8 juillet 2002
Like the previous two books in this trilogy, "The Amber Spyglass" is a mesmerizing read. It draws you in and refuses to let go. The plot was wonderfully interwoven with symbolism and subtle humour, the characters are fresh and lifelike, and the overall writing is almost surreal.
So why did I not rate this book 5 stars? The ending. All right, yes, the ending was beautifully written - no question about that. It was, however, a rather weak ending to such a strong trilogy. It was so terribly sad it made me cry, and I was disappointed that Pullman chose to end his series with a whimper rather than a bang. In my opinion, this ending is the coward's way of finishing the trilogy (or maybe I just like happy endings). Nevertheless, it was meant to tug at the heartstrings and so it did. It was, really, unbearably sad, and made me think about what became of the characters for far too long afterwards.
The religious part I enjoyed, because it isn't a very popular opinion in the world today. The "killing God" angle really was very interesting. To everyone who objects to this book for religious reasons, remember: it's called freedom of speech. If you don't like it, don't read it. Be forewarned now that the book presents controversial views of the Church.
All in all, a book worth reading. Just be sure to have some Kleenex for the end.
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le 20 juin 2002
The Amber Spyglass is one of the most intriguing books that I have ever read. It all started when my friend, who had just finished The Golden Compass, forced me to go to the library and get the Golden Compass. I read the Golden Compass and was delighted. I read the Subtle Knife and was delighted. And now I have finished this trilogy and I still feel delighted. I love the way the book was written but I only have one pet peeve. As soon as the book gets really exciting, another beloved character dies. It happens so often in this book, as soon as it's really exciting, yet another beloved character dies. It just takes a little away from the excitement and lovelyness of the story. I'm not Christian, but I know some Christians have a hard time with the Rebellion part of the book, but all you need to remember is that this is a book. There are so many subplots it's almost like reading several different books at once but all the plots come together in the end in a magical way. Mary and mulefa were my favorite to read about. This is definitely a great book, but not my favorite.
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le 9 juin 2002
Avid readers have been waiting year after year for the third and final book in Philip Pullman's trilogy "His Dark Materials." It's finally out in bookstores - and it's no disappointment. Lyra Silvertounge and Will Parry, two young children whose remarkable adventures began in The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife, meet again in The Amber Spyglass. Will carries the Subtle Knife, a mysterious object which can cut into different worlds, while Lyra possesses the Golden Compass, or alethiometer, which can tell the future, past, and present. With the help of the armored bear Iorek Byrnison, two tiny Gallevespian spies and many others, Lyra and Will venture into a world that no living people have been in before and come out alive - the world of the dead. Meanwhile, Dr. Mary Malone is building an Amber Spyglass in the land of mulefa, which allows her to see Dust, a substance that gives the world it's life. For some unexplained reason, Dust is draining from the world, and plants and trees are dying. And while all this is happening, assassins are hunting Mary and the children down.
The Amber Spyglass is a book that many will find hard to put down. Philip Pullman takes the reader on a journey through the universe, introducing many strange and unusual characters: witches, mulefa, armored bears, tiny people, dæmons, and angels. Although these are characters that no human being would expect to see here on earth, Philip Pullman made them entirely believable. Even so, I thought The Amber Spyglass was a bit hard to "get into," or become interested in. However, around chapter four, I became addicted to this book. Overall, I would give this book 4.5 stars out of 5. For anyone who needs a good book, The Amber Spyglass is the one to get!
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le 29 mai 2002
The adventures started in The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife for Lyra and Will continue in The Amber Spyglass. Accompanied by two minor angels, Baruch and Balthamos, Will sets out to rescue Lyra from her captivity at the hands of an unknown kidnapper. It is on these two children, from two different but parallel universes, that the futures of all of the universes lie. Not everyone, however, believes that these children are there to save the universe. The Church believes Lyra will commit a sin that will destroy the universes forever, and they are out to find her before she can commit that sin. Ms. Coulter, Lyra's mother, seems torn between supporting the Church or helping her daughter. Lord Asriel, Lyra's father, has started gathering forces at his mountain fortress to resist the angel Metatron, Reagent of the Kingdom of Heaven, who is frustrated by his lack of physical substance and plans to take it out on the masses of physical beings in the Universes. Meanwhile, Dr. Mary Malone has made a horrible discovery in another parallel universe; the magical Dust that has been keeping conscious thought alive in the universes is disappearing at an alarming rate! The tension keeps building as more layers of complexity are revealed and the plots start becoming intertwined. It is a page-turner from start to finish.
In this third and final book of the His Dark Materials series, Philip Pullman pulls a mind twister out of his creative bag. The entire series, but this book in particular, will really get your mind gears turning as you try to figure out what is going to happen next. Pullman is a master of foreshadowing with subtle clues. Pullman also makes the plot interesting by not giving away too much at once. By leaving out key information in conversations between the characters and ending conversations with statements such as, "And Will knew what he needed to do," Pullman entices the reader to keep reading to find out what happens next. This made the book extremely interesting to read and I would highly recommend it to those fantasy enthusiasts looking for another series to read. However, this is not a book I would recommend if you are just looking for something to read over the weekend, as this book is difficult to understand unless you have read the other two books in the series and have become familiar with the characters and concepts.
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