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le 25 août 2010
Charlie lives in the city and journeys into the country every holiday to help her father run his parents' store to give them a break. Rose lives in the small town and wants anything to get away. But the two have never been friends, though both families have tried to bring the two girls together.

This holiday will prove different for both girls. Rose has been accepted into a school in the city. She knows her family won't let her go. But if she can befriend Charlie and get Charlie's family to invite her to stay with them, she may just have a chance. Rose's friends, Luke and David, can't understand Rose's sudden change of heart. They've always called Charlie Duskin Charlie Dorkin. Now, all of a sudden Rose wants to include her in their adventures. Charlie's a bit hesitant to join in, but she did always think Dave was nice enough. At least he tried to be nice to her in the past.

The summer unfolds in alternating chapters. Charlie loves her music, yet she's afraid to play anything in front of others. Dave is finding Charlie more interesting the longer he's around her. Rose and Luke are a couple, but this summer they're having issues of their own. And all along, Rose is finding Charlie isn't so bad, but she's kept her ulterior motive hidden.

A LITTLE WANTING SONG was originally published in Australia in 2005 under the title CHASING CHARLIE DUSKIN. Readers will be able to pick up the Australian undertones to the story, even though it could be Anytown, Anywhere that Ms. Crowley writes about. And I have to be honest - I think the previous title makes more sense. That being said, the story is still good and worth the time to settle down and read.

Reviewed by: Jaglvr
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