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4,7 sur 5 étoiles
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le 12 septembre 2002
The author comes to the topic of the afterlife from the perspective of a medium who is bringing messages from recently dead people to their loved ones. So the focus is on dealing with the grief of losing a loved one.
One of the unique issues that he deals with is that suffering, whether physical or emotional, is worth going through, because of the rewards it brings in the afterlife. I wish he went into some detail about what those rewards are.
He is also the first author I've read who makes the point that the souls want very much to communicate with us. And he brings a unique interpretation of suicide, which is the most humane and gentle interpretation I've seen.
This is a very compassionate and uplifting book. I give him credit for taking on the religious right squarely, with a right cross, by saying flat out that there is no devil. Many Americans, particularly in the south, believe strongly in the existence of the devil, and George Anderson doesn't mince words when he tells them that they are dead wrong.
There are so many books dealing with subjects of marginal interest. This one deals with what will happen to you after you die. And George Anderson definitely seems on the level.
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le 28 octobre 2002
I read this book over the weekend. I have always liked George Anderson. I have a good feel for people and I can say without a doubt he is very genuine. You can feel the love of the souls from the hereafter reflected right through him. This book is excellent advice for all people. Bereaved or not bereaved. Quite honestly, it's probably some advice we don't want to hear or like to hear but it's what we NEED to hear. I applaud him for helping the people he as helped and for his honesty. I couldn't help thinking as I was reading the book that one day I am going to have to face a more difficult challenge then I ever had before in my life and I hope I remember to pick up this book. I'll need it.
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le 4 août 2002
When I lost my son in 1996 I grew to hate everything I was taught about religion and the meaning of life. I had the extraordinary good fortune to attend a seminar in Seattle, WA where my son came through. Ever the skeptic, I never even thought I would get to meet George Anderson, let alone have a reading, but my son came through with such force (and even his nickname, "paulimon" which knocked me out) to tell me not to give in to my hatred and to understand that we are only separated temporarily. My heart sang at the words George said. I thought he would be wisked away after the program, but he stayed there as plain as can be signing books and talking to people. I have watched ALL the psychics work, but this man is a living saint. The information was too specific to be a crock, and you need only to look at him to know this is no act. He is gifted beyond measure, and his words brought such joy to the people he did readings for that night. I bought this book for everyone I know who is in pain. It helped mine so much--I still struggle with my loss but the book is like a bandaid for the heart.
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le 24 juin 2002
This book has done more for me than just provide a good read, or inspire an emotional response. I have spent years trying to find something that would speak to my own spiritual beliefs and I need not look further. This book offers not only heartwarming stories of hope, reconciliation, and love but also a beautiful and comforting way to deal with one's own mortality and the mortality of those we love. In these times especially it is so refreshing to live without a sense of fear about death and to know that those who have passed are thriving and well. It is even more inspiring to read a book that speaks to religion and spirituality in a way that is not condeming and judgemental of others. The idea that we are all here to learn lessons and to "create a garden of our own" in which to thrive and love one another in is, in my opinion, the healthiest and most rewarding way to live. This book is a must read for anyone hoping to find not only spiritual guidance but to anyone struggling to endure life's difficulties. It has given me nothing short of an inspired sense of calm.
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le 19 mars 2002
I nearly made the mistake of not buying this book. I had read George Anderson's "Lessons from the Light" as well as two of the books about him. I found them all interesting, informative, intriguing, and inspirational, but it had been my experience that second and third books by authors just usually rehash the material in the first book or two. I doubted that Anderson had much more to offer. I was very much wrong. This is the best of all books by or about Anderson. I hesitated in buying it, let it sit on a book shelf for some time, but then couldn't put it down once I started reading.
This book is more than some trite, mundane, and unremarkable utterances from the dead. Of course, the cynics who call themselves skeptics would scoff at even that, but I have learned enough about mediumship to know that it is for real. Yes, there are frauds, but Anderson is certainly not one of them. He comes across as a sincere, caring individual with a gift that he is using to help many people. From the many spirit communications that have come through him, Anderson has been able to piece together a concept of the "hereafter" and how souls continue in the realms. There is much wisdom, much profoundness in this book, all consistent with the preponderance of information obtained through other gifted mediums of the past 100 or more years.
Whenever I enjoy a book as much as I did this one, I buy a copy for my daughter, a pediatrics nurse who occasionally works with dying children. She has informed me that such books help her understand and deal with the losses. However, inasmuch as my daughter is now expecting a child, I questioned whether I should buy this book for her. Does a woman ready to give birth to new life want to read about death? The paradox here is that in coming to understand death, we come to understand the divine plan and better understand, appreciate, and enjoy life. If this understanding can be passed on to a child in his formative years, it would seem that the book is indeed appropriate at this time, and therefore I am buying a copy for her.
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le 12 mars 2002
George Anderson has effectively taken us on the next step of his miraculous journey- one of empowerment to live our lives simply, truthfully, and with a sense of great purpose and responsibility. I have enjoyed the great gift of a Near Death Experience and have searched for ways to integrate that experience into everyday life and into a general life perspective. George's messages come closest to capturing the essence of the powerful lessons I recieved during my NDE. Messages that are so hard to put into words, but he does it beautifully- as "Walking in the Garden of Souls" accomplishes just that. The stories that he compiles and the framework that he uses (the garden) illustrate that all life experience has beauty, interconnectedness, and meaningful purpose.
In keeping with that illustration I can say that for me, George Anderson has provided some sunshine for his readers as he takes us on his journey "Walking in the Garden of Souls". A "must read" for all aspiring "gardeners".
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A marvelously well written and compassionate book by one of the world's best known mediums. Two things are accomplised by those who read this book. First, we are given an inside look at the life of a medium. Many of us feel that they have a special connection with God, a certain insight that is unavailable to others or that they, in turn, feel like one of God's prophets. None of these issues could be futher from the truth. The author, like us, views his life as a journey of daily learning. Secondly, as my title suggests, this is an important book to be read by someone who is recently bereaved. It not only gives extrordinary hope for the one who has passed on but also the recognition by the author of the intense struggle that we all undergo when this occurs to us directly. Having worked so closely with so many recently departed souls the author gives encouraging examples of their journey and solace to those left behind.
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le 7 octobre 2002
This book is even better than George Anderson's first book, "Lessons from the Light", as it focuses more on peoples' life purpose, rather than the circumstances of their passing.
It's an excellent book for those curious about hearing a medium's perspective on the cycle of life and how we can all make the most of our lives on Earth.
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le 30 juin 2002
This book changed my life forever. It solved the mystery of why life is so hard and solved the mystery of something everyone of us must face, death. It was very moving and taught me, who literally thought life wasn't worth living, to appreciate life, my loved ones as well as to be the best person I can be. It also taught me not to be afraid of death and dying. I will always keep this book with me for the rest of my life so I can reread it when I need to. This book saved my life and my death.
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le 20 octobre 2001
Once or twice in a life time a book comes along that touches the soul and heart so deeply, that one can not help but to change from the "healing." Walking in the Garden of Souls" by George Anderson and Andrew Barone, is one such book. Their first book, "Lessons from the Light" was a phenomenal work and a blessing for readers. While focused on the gift of mediumship and its purpose, this new work continues where "Lessons" left off. This book provides a deep and spiritual insight into the purpose of our lives, the journey of our souls both on earth and in the hereafter. The miracle of the book is the way that it also touches the spirit to the core and provides an intense healing for those who grieve. The writing is superb and flows as a spiritual lesson in death and bereavement. Even our grieving, as the book details, is but a lesson of learning in which we will be rewarded for in the eternal and beautiful hereafter. The authors also touch on several universal and deep principles, such as "everything that ever happens to us" has Divine purpose and order behind it; and all suffering and hardships are but steps toward a great reward in the hereafter; and, that life is really a journey of the soul, which continues in the hereafter.
I have had the blessing of a private reading with Mr. Anderson a little over a year ago. To say that it changed by life forever, would be an understatement. The hour that I spent in the reading with him was the most life-changing, phenomenal experience of my life. Truly I came away a different person experiencing a deep spiritual and psychological healing of grief. To have the blessing of a reading with him is truly a life-changing event. For those who have not had the benefit of a reading with him, "Walking in the Garden of Souls" serves as a "second" best healing source from the gift of this remarkable man. This book is a real testament to the learning that he has undergone through his gift, and now, encourged by the souls in the hereafter, shares it with the world. This book far surpasses any that I have ever read related to mediumship, death, dying and bereavement. Truly, this new book by Mr. Anderson and Mr. Barone is Divinely inspired and guided. A true gift of healing from the Eternal Light.
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