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3,9 sur 5 étoiles
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le 8 janvier 2004
I purchased Catherine Anderson's latest title with anticipation. I've read most of her books and enjoyed them consistently. Although Catherine Anderson's obvious writing and plot development skills are again apparent in this latest novel, I was taken aback and dismayed by the general disrespect given to the heroine, a 28 year old adult, by Bess and Hank. Bess consistently violates Carly's trust by discussing Carly with Hank - a man Bess doesn't even know! She even suggests the despicable tactic Hank eventually uses to initially win over Carly's approval to his "solution" to their problem. This trend continues when Carly's father also reveals information to Hank without Carly's permission. The final straw is when Hank (again with Bess's help) finds Carly and removes her against her will from her chosen place of refuge - with her father's approval and help!! Catherine Anderson has thus painted us a disturbing picture: it's okay to go behind a friend's back, to reveal personal information without permission or even the involved person's knowledge, forcibly move physically challenged persons from where they want to be, refuse them the right to make decisions regarding their own future - all in the name of that person's own eventual good!! The erroneous assumption here is that these people know what that person's eventual good is. It's impossible to know that, and it is extremely dangerous to assume that one does. The pervasive disrespect shown to the heroine throughout the book made this book impossible for me to enjoy. I hope the author's next heroine gets better treatment.
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le 19 janvier 2004
I've read all of Catherine Anderson's books, and by now I can practically write her plots for her. All of her characters are interchangeable, the women are completely helpless (although they are supposed to be strong and independent). But this book takes the cake. While I applaud the author for her use of disabled people, the writing for these two characters drove me insane. Everyone controlled Carly's life, and inbetween ridiculous conversations about why Carly had to live in an unsafe environment through which she could not navigate, we get the doctor's conversations full of medical jargon. This could have been SO much better.
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le 14 janvier 2004
One of the authors that I never miss a book from but was really disappointed in this one.
CORNY dialogue and stiff, unbelieveable charectors made this book a real disappointment from this usually great author. People don't really talk like this...especially a "cowboy" and if I would have had to read the term "visual cortex" one more time, I would have screamed! I think we got the idea after the first 10 times she mentioned it.
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