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le 1 décembre 2001
As a 60-year-old very fit lady with a from-birth rotten lower back, I bought this book on the recommendation of a friend who swears by its effectiveness for reducing or even eliminating "sciatica". As one who has taught fitness classes for upwards of 23 years and who knows her own body very well, I was able (not recommended to non-fitness professionals) to "finesse" only TWO of the exercises to reduce my back pain by about 75%! No equipment required, no classes to take, only minutes a day in a chair or in bed or standing up ---- and relief!
This book is wonderful and highly recommended to anyone with back or neck pain. After only one week, my symptoms were easily manageable and considerably lessened. I can now live life without back pain, which often got to the excruciating "can't walk" stage.
The aptly-named book is worth the price to anyone who suffers, however intermittently, with back pain and/or "sciatica". Get it. You won't be sorry.
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le 13 février 2002
If you've already read his "neck" book and his "back" book, then this is redundant, tho I didn't know that before purchasing it. I am amazed someone as renowned as he would do this. Clearly he was duplicating material so we'd buy it all as Ortho does when it produces the same pesticide and calls it three different names.
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le 14 mai 2003
A few years ago I suffered a minor accident that resulted in progressive and long term back and hip pain. The orthopedic surgeon diagnosed severe sciatica. He put me on prescription pain meds, muscle relaxants and lots of bed rest. Actually, bed rest was about all I could handle as all of the prescription meds kept me in a constant mental haze (but did little to relieve pain). The doctor also referred me to a physical therapist 4 times a week (who has time for this - each session lasted hours). After 4 months of this with not much improvement I'd had enough. I stopped taking the prescription meds, switched to OTCs and began chiropractic treatments. A year and two chiropractors later the improvement was small but pain was manageable. Unfortunately the last session with the chiro left me feeling worse than when I began the treatments. Then I found Robin McKenzie's book. I could not believe the improvement I experienced after just two days of following his emergency exercises. After several weeks I had complete recovery. I have given this book to friends and relatives with back or neck problems and they have all found relief from pain and have gained full mobility. The funny thing is that the positions and movements that Mr. McKenzie prescribes are exactly what the chiropractors and surgeon told me not to do!
Go figure!
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le 4 décembre 2000
My problems started in March. I had a sharp pain that lasted for two weeks and then a general ache that lasted several weeks. After two chiropractors, I went to a Sports Therapy Clinic, and they help resolve the initial problem using cold/heat, ultra-sound, TENS. By mid May I felt fine, and was back lifting weights, as I am a body builder.
In September the ache returned, and I went back to the clinic. After several weeks of traditional therapy, the Orthpedic doctor prescribed massage therapy. The nurse practitioner immediately noticed I had a posture problem, but after a couple of weeks of therapy, I still had an ache.
I stopped the therapy, and began reading several books on the problem. I purchased this book as a last chance, before exploring the possibility I needed surgery. I got the book on a Wednesday, and began doing the exercises over the following weekend.
Now I had been doing all sorts of exercises for several months to no effect. This book proposed extension as compared to flexation exercises. I write this on a Monday. While I can't say I'm healed, I am significantly better.
If you have lost hope, that you can get better, read this book before having surgery. I now believe that I may not need surgery at all, and may be able to resume my life.
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le 21 février 2001
Patient----heal thy self. If it's lower back pain you suffer from, definitely turn to the McKenzie exercises first. But... you're going to have to make a tradeoff: A little time and exercise in exchange for much, much less pain (or none at all). The first 3 exercises all start the same way: face down on your belly, head turned to one side. Progressively, through the first 3 of 7 exercises, you arch your back backwards toward the sky...while allowing your pelvis "to sag" toward earth...Don't forget to breath...and relax...and then repeat. McKenzie works you hard: REPEAT every two hours, at first. A small price for rapid pain relief! Yes, the book's layout is a bit cheesy and the black & white photos are repeated verbatim again and again. Who cares? It's cheaper and more effective than a chiropractor...and you'll know how to heal yourself should your lower back pain fire up again.
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le 8 décembre 2002
I bought this book in October of 2001 and have considerably reduced the lower back pain I have suffered with for nearly 20 years. After years of doctors, spinal manipulations, drugs, xrays, MRI's, physical therapy, the pain was intolerable and nothing doctors did was helping. Rather than have an epidural steroid injection (research the side effects of those!) I decided to buy this book. It took a few months before I was pain free, but I noticed improvement right away. Using a lumbar roll, always sitting with good posture and doing simple exercises once a day has changed my life. You certainly do want to be under a doctors care and have approval before doing this or any exercise program, but do not be afraid to try this it does work.
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le 8 janvier 2003
I'm generally skeptical about books that solve problems that the collective wisdom of the medical profession cannot! However my excruciating back pain (sciatica ?) caused me to try the exercises in this book....what did I have to lose? After about ten days of incapacitating pain when I got out of bed in the mornings, I started the exercises and got immediate (although, not total) relief. Six weeks after diligently following the exercises I still have a recurring ache but a run-through the streching (not flexion) exercises helps a lot.
Once the pain subsided I gingerly moved to the flexion exercises:I am convinced that a full stretching of the spine is key to recovery.
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le 16 mars 2001
My wife and I both are both survivors of a high-speed train derailment disaster in India 9 months ago. We both sustained non life-threatening but painful injuries. My injury was to my lower back, my wife's at her neck. We have spent thousands on doctors visits, chiropractic care and medicine, all helpful but 9 months later we are still suffering daily from pain. We are one week into using this book and find it to be fantastic. We both experienced some relief immediately following our first exercise sessions from the book! The book costs less than a single visit to the chiropractor. Its worth trying if you are in pain.
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le 7 janvier 2002
I was only 18 years old when I injured a disk in my lower back. I had horrible chronic pain for 6 months, day in and day out, the only relief I could find was lying in bed. Then I discovered McKenzie's book and what a miracle it was! I followed all his steps quite seriously and I found that in a couple of months I was able to completely eliminate ANY sign of back pain. This book works! I spent countless dollars on two different chiropractors that did absolutely nothing for my pain and I was seriously considering sergery! It's only too bad I did not discover this book sooner!
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le 27 avril 2004
Generally, the McKenzie method works well with stiff spines that have lost the natural lordosis(lower back curvature) required to minimise pressure on the intervertebral discs. For hypermobile lumbar spines, these exercises may make symptoms worse and stabilsation exercises are more appropriate. A good physiotherapist will assess which category you fit into. The book serves as one of the best educational resources around, and anyone who has "bad posture" after reading it may have misread or misunderstood the text.
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