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4,3 sur 5 étoiles
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le 24 octobre 2003
A great starter book that will get you up and running with a good personal web page or site (multiple connected pages) in a short time, or even a basic business site.
One staggeringly DUMB thing is that the first reference to a web SITE rather than merely a page is on page 11. No mention on the cover either. Most people are more familiar with the term web site than web page, so this is a very questionable omission, which may have cost them book sales.
If the book has a weakness, it is that it places too much emphasis on catering for older generation browsers, suggesting that Netscape Composer will build pages that older browsers will usually be able to read. Although, even here, I'm not so sure they are correct.
I created a basic read-only multi-page site in Composer under Netscape 7.1 and when I looked at the HTML source code, it was using HTML 4.1, (i.e. current HTML) and by the fact that it mentioned DTD's (Document Type Definitions), it must be leaning in an XML direction. However, by the fact that it did not generate an end slash after the (empty) "br" (line break) tag, for example, it does not go all the way to being XHTML compatible.
One problem here is that 95-97% of surfers will not have older generation browsers, and to compromise going ahead with XML and ultimately, XHTML standards (the ONLY way to go for the future) will not be helpful to you or your web host.
Many web hosts wince if you say you have built a web site in Composer, and whine about 'inelegant code'. What they are really talking about is forward compatability i.e. dragging web design and Net standards out of the stone age.
It is definitely advisable to manually convert any generated code to XHTML format and use a checking tool such as WC3 Validator, which I don't think this book even mentions.
It also fails to adequately distinguish between the nature of a read-only website and a fully interactive one, with a MYSQL database. It does mention that any add-on such as forms necessarily includes data storage and it does mention CGI and Perl (server-end software), but the detail in this area is somewhat lacking.
These are not heavy criticisms on my part. I love the For Dummies series, and this is a very good basic book. It will certainly suffice for most people, in that many of the explanations of the basics are excellent. Just a few tweaks and it would have been perfect.
Oh, what the heck, give 'em a seegar anyway.
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Don't be fooled by the title "for Dummies". This book includes everything you need to know about creating your own Web page with all the knowledge and software you'll need. You will need to invest some time in this project - but it is worth every minute! It's a simple, step by step process and you will need to take it slow if you're an average creator.
First you'll learn all about Web Publishing Basics, Website strategies and just enough HTML to get started (it's not that hard!). Besides creating your first Web page, you'll learn how to get the darn thing published on the WWW! That's half the battle, but worth the effort! There's lots of information on what to avoid (before you go there) and what makes the best Web page. Before you know it, you'll be upgrading your Web page all the time. You'll never get bored updating and changing your page until it's just perfect!
The book includes an invaluable CD that is useful for Windows and MAC! It contains Microsft Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, Dreamweaver (great design tool!), Frontpage Express, HTML conversion tools for Word (nice short-cut), BBEDIT, GraphicConverter (MAC), Homesite HTML Editor (MAC), Hotdog Express (for Windows - great tool!), SiteCheck utility, an Internet service provider software (if you don't already have one - most likely you have a sufficient one), HTMLValidator (catches errors), WEB Wizard (a nifty quick-and-dirty page maker), Reptile (for making cool backgrounds) and Paint Shop Pro, which is my favorite tool. There's plenty of other stuff too that I just can't get into detail here.
Once again, this does take a little bit of effort, but of all the books I have perused, this one seemed to be the best value for the money. It's all here and updated annually. It is worth every penny. Get your Web site up and running in less than a weekend (even though the book says one day). You'll feel smart when you're done! Enjoy!
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le 20 décembre 2000
This book has good and bad points. First, the bad, so you will know why you SHOULD NOT buy this book: the authors are liars. Okay, okay, strong language I know, but consider: both in the book itself and in the software included, the authors claim that Internet Explorer 5.0 and FrontPage Express are included on the CD. Now, if you already have these programs, you obviously don't need them again. But if, like me, you don't yet have them, then having them on a CD is a great bonus. It sure beats waiting for hours for the things to download off of Microsoft's server. And what a great convenience if, for some reason, you need to reinstall Windows, or something. Unfortunately, neither of these useful programs are included on the CD. Neither one. Zilch. Nothing. How dishonest. How disappointing. Liars indeed. Now the good, so you will know why you SHOULD buy this book: although the authors spend a ridiculous amount of time talking about GeoCities and AOL (or whatever), they do provide the rank beginner (that's me) with some helpful hints about HTML, graphics standards, and web creation software. It is thanks to this book that I discovered that I already had Netscape Composer on my computer and could use that to make my webpage. Which I did! So, I'm grateful for that and reward them with the extra star (they would have gotten 1 star for lying). Of course, if they had included FrontPage Express, as they promised, I would never have had to use Composer in the first place, so... LET THE BUYER BEWARE.
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le 31 octobre 2002
This book is very generic and the intended audience for this book is the person who recently just bought their first computer and now they want to create their first web page. This book will help you achieve that goal. When you finish this book, not only will you be able to create web pages but you will be able to include pictures. This is perfect for the home user who wants to put their kids or their grandchildren on a web page for all of their friends to see. The authors have done a good job writing this book. In chapter 2 and 3, the authors explain how web pages work on AOL, other ISPs, and GeoCities. In Chapter 4, they teach you the fundamentals of HTML. The chapters are fairly short and the cartoons really help ease the stress of learning. You cannot go wrong with this book and I highly recommend it.
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le 24 octobre 2001
I love all of the Dummy books I have because all of these books just explain things so clearly, have a little bit of humor, and you learn things while having fun! I just bought this book not too long ago and I have to say it's pretty good. I always wanted to create my own web site but knew that I should start out with small ones then move onto larger ones. This book teaches you the basics of HTML without all that scientific talk and other things like creating cool icons. Then, once you create a basic web site it tells you how to improve it by giving it a little more power. Before you know it you got yourself a pretty cool web site! The humor was alright but was still entertaining to read. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to start to create basic web sites then move onto major ones!
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le 28 septembre 2000
While this book trades under the usual "Dummies" yellow and black, I found it to be extrememly helpful beyond the bare basics. There were numerous pointers to aid in the building of a webpage for my 3rd grade students as they support their writing skills and have a place to display their work. This book provided a great way for me to simply show them "how to" and I gained pointers on where to go for the next stage in our class web projects. I also liked getting the CD with trial versions of a variety of programs such as Dreamweaver and HotDog Professional. This was money well spent.
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le 22 avril 2001
Since I'm new to the web publishing world, I found "Creating Web Pages for Dummies" to be very useful and informative. Because of this book, I actually published three home pages and an entire web site! In my opinion, the authors provide detailed and easy to follow instructions. The book was also humorous and an easy read. I was never bored and I actually read a few chapter over again. I really enjoy this book because it taught me something I never thought I would be able to do. This book is a must for the beginner web publisher.
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le 21 juillet 2003
... but I wanted a book that would let me create web pages for smart people!
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