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If you asked me to recommend to you the single best book I have ever read, my answer would be a very definite "Think and Grow Rich".
First published in 1937, this is the end product of two decades of research conducted by Napoleon Hill. His research started when Andrew Carnegie (the steel tycoon who was then the richest man on earth) gave him the assignment of organizing a Philosophy of Personal Achievement. Hill, who was a poor journalist, armed with just an introductory letter from Carnegie, set out to interview over five hundred successful people including Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, George Eastman, William Wrigley Jr. and Charles M. Schwab. Hill then revealed the priceless wisdom of his research in the form of the thirteen steps to success (in Think and Grow Rich) and the seventeen principles of success (in courses and lectures he conducted).
The concepts taught by Napoleon Hill transformed my life. Some of these include developing a definite purpose, building a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), channeling the power of the sub-conscious mind and dealing with adversity. Everything he wrote about or talked about is thought provoking. He was wise, humble and funny. His philosophy is universal; he did not mix it with religion. The riches he referred to were more than money, for the Philosophy of Personal Achievement can be applied to anything in life.
Hill was well ahead of his time. This book has a chapter dedicated to some of today's most important issues - Specialized Knowledge, Decision Making, Imagination and Organized Planning (in which he deals with Leadership). He also has principles for Teamwork, Creative Vision, Health, etc.
This is a classic, and hence the examples are old (not to be confused with outdated). But they are as relevant today as they were in the early twentieth century. Here is an example from T&GR in the chapter on Desire:
On the morning after the Great Fire of Chicago (1871), a group of merchants on Chicago's State Street went into a conference to decide whether to rebuild their stores or leave Chicago. All but one decided to leave. The merchant who decided to stay pointed a finger to the remains of his store and said "Gentlemen, on that very spot I will build the world's greatest store, no matter how many times it may burn down." His name was Marshall Field and his store still exists, and in Hill's words is "a towering monument to that state of mind known as a burning desire." I lived in Chicago from 2002 through 2004 and worked three blocks away from this impressive store on State Street. Sometimes I would visit it or stand outside it to derive inspiration and be reminded of the power of desire. It is amazing that Hill describes "burning desire" with a story based on the Chicago Fire.
There are thousands of self-help books out in the market and hundreds of self proclaimed "gurus" who have made a living by copying the wisdom in Hill's books. As I went through some of those books I realized that there was not much in them that Hill had not already written about. I recommend quality over quantity. Instead of reading through many books, I recommend that you study the following works of Hill and internalize his wisdom:
1. The Think and Grow Rich Action Pack (1937) - I recommend the Action Pack edition,
2. Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement - this is an excellent guide to his principles,
3. Your Right To Be Rich [Unabridged] - this consists of 12 hours of live lectures covering the 17 principles, that Hill conducted in Chicago in 1954.
By internalizing, I mean studying in depth - analyzing the ideas, making notes and summaries. I own more CDs by Hill, but I believe that these 3 items make the perfect study plan on the Philosophy of Personal Achievement.
I am greatly indebted to Napoleon Hill. The purpose of my writing this is to spread awareness of his work so that more people can benefit from it. This, I believe is the best way in which Hill would have liked to have been repaid.
If my review was helpful to you, I request you to select "Yes" so that the rating is improved and more readers will get to read it. Please also see the website of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, naphill dot org, which has helpful resources.
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le 9 juin 2004
I know that they are many personal development books and tapes and seminars and other programs. But in all my years I have never seen anything that delivers like Think and Grow Rich does.
To be honest, it took me awhile to figure out the secret that Hill was taking about. Of course, I found some people who still haven't figured it out. Perhaps they are the people giving this great book 1 stars.
Not a big book, Think and Grow Rich is only 230 pages and 15 chapters. What sold me on buying this book (I used to hate these self books and thought they were too Pollyannaish) was when I read that Clement Stone turned $100 into over $36 million by following the principles in this book.
At the time I first heard about this book, I was flat broke and deepling debt. That all changed and quickly thanks to following the principles in Think and Grow Rich.
To me the 6 step self confidence formula on page 36 coupled with the chapter on autosuggestion did the most for me. I also memorized the poem on page 38 and would say it outloud on my way to sales calls while driving in my car. Drivers next to me on the road found me very entertaining I suppose...but I found this simple exercise very beneficial to me.
Think and Grow Rich had a profound effect on my life. I cannot recommend this book or any book by Napolean Hill for that matter highly enough. They are life changing and powerful.
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According to Wikipedia, Think and Grow Rich is reputed to have sold more than 30 million copies.

Walking around a bookstore I could not help but notice this very attractive edition of this book. With its black leather bound cover, its gold lettering, the red string bookmark, and pages etched in gold leaf it called to me like a sultry siren.

I could not resist despite the fact that I already own 2 copies of this book. This is the big daddy of self improvement books, a classic book with amazing ideas.

When you read this book you will learn Hill's strategies gleaned from some of the most successful people who ever lived, people like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Charles Schwab.

The further you get into this book the more will appreciate ideas such as the Mastermind Principle, Decision making and using the subconscious mind. Some of these ideas are eyebrow raising. For example, transmutation of sexual energy. Perhaps my favorite idea is the Invisible Council.

If you like this book, you will love his other work The Laws of Success, which goes into these principles in a lot more detail.

Here are some quotes: "The kite of success can only fly high against the wind of adversity."

"The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does."

"Our minds become magnetized with the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds and these magnets attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts."

"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit."

This version of this book looks ridiculously good, and would make a great present, and also looks great on your bookshelf. I think you will love it, and so will your friends if you get it as a gift.

One of his success principles is Desire, so the more you desire and can imagine the benefits this book will bring, and the changes it will make on your life, the more likely you are to buy this book.

Other books that I recommend are Success Principles by Jack Canfield, and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by Harv T Eker.

I hope this was useful, and I think you will enjoy the book..
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Those who have read one or more of the volumes that comprise Tom Butler-Bowdon's "50 Classics" series already know that he possesses superior reasoning and writing skills as well as a relentless curiosity when conducting research on history's greatest thinkers and their major works. For these and other reasons, I cannot think of another person better qualified to provide the introductions to the volumes that comprise a new series, "Capstone Classics."

Think and Grow Rich was based on two decades of research conducted by Napoleon Hill (concluded in 1928) after being retained by Andrew Carnegie to complete an analysis of 500 of the most successful people in the United States and elsewhere. The title of his original report, "Laws of Success," consisted of 1,500 pages in a series of seven volumes, in which Hill lists and discusses 17 "principles of achievement." It is worth noting that this volume in the "Capstone Classics" series also contains both the "Publisher's Preface to Original Edition" and the "Author's Introduction to the Original Edition" (published in 1937) and a list of those interviewed by Napoleon Hill over a 20-year period.

Unlike so many others, Butler-Bowdon provides more, much more than a flimsy "briefing" to the given work. For this volume, he creates a context, a frame-of-reference, for Napoleon Hill's insights in a 16-page introduction in which he addresses subjects, themes, and issues such as these:

o A brief but remarkably insightful review of pertinent details in Hill's circumstances when retained by Carnegie
o His magazine ventures, notably Hill's Golden Rule and Napoleon Hill's Magazine
o Hill's DRAFT of a book, The 13 Steps to Riches, based on material introduced in "Laws of Success"
o Original title of DRAFT was changed to Use Your Noodle to Win More Boodle and then, final, to Think and Grow Rich
o Hill's "four clear elements of success" (i.e. desire, faith, plans, and persistence)
o The moral and spiritual foundation of Think and Grow Rich
o 31 reasons why people fail
o The self-defeating aspects of personality that many (most?) people do not recognize

So what is "The "Supreme Secret" of success revealed by Hill in a later work, Grow Rich with Peace of Mind, published in 1967, three years before his death? "Anything the human mind can believe, the human mind can achieve." Although it may now be fashionable to dismiss (often with ridicule) all such aphorisms, the fact remains that every success in life does indeed require an idea, an insight, that someone then makes a reality.

Thomas Edison was right: "Vision without execution is hallucination" but execution without purpose is merely effort without value. As Butler-Bowdon suggests, "Hill was saying that there were [begin italics] no limits [end italics] to what a person can do [unless self-imposed], and history has proved it so thousands of times with the stories of any remarkable person."

As indicated earlier, Tom Butler-Bowdon's purpose in this introduction is to create a context, a frame-of-reference, for Hill's insights. He does so brilliantly in this instance and in each of the other volumes in the Capstone Classics series that have been published thus far.
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le 21 juin 2004
I love Think & Grow Rich. It is without a doubt the most powerful positive mind book ever written. Think & Grow Rich has no doubt influenced more people to become successful than any other book ever written.
Recently, I came across this audio cd program along with Your Right To Be Rich also by Hill. Having always been a fan of Hill and his revoluntarily principles of success, I bought both programs and listened to them on a long cross country trip. I found myself feeling renewed during that long trip.
The principles in Think & Grow Rich are as fresh today as they were in the 1930's. Principles don't change. Even if you have read the book, I highly recommend you add the cd's in as well and listen to them over and over. Do this for 30 days and watch the difference.
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le 20 mai 2004
I read this book while I was in college and it made me commit to a life of wealth. I learned to pay attention to my thinking and to USE my thinking to create the outcomes I want. I have used many of the principles over the years, and now have a lot of passive income. I guess I can say that I am financially free. I attribute my success to this book, and two others. The second book which had an incredible impact on me was Optimal Thinking: How to Be Your Best Self. Optimal Thinking taught me how to lead my life with my best self, how to overcome disturbing emotions and be emotionally self-reliant, and how to make the MOST of any situation. Rich Dad, Poor Dad stopped me from wasting money and INSPIRED me to make some excellent investments.
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le 5 juin 2010
This is a great book. I have the beautiful leather bound book original.
This is an old book but convey the same message. I find the book is too wordy and the reference is mainly for American audience so for some of us who are not american, do not relate to the american's president. However, Napoleon is trying to share the success by 500 men who were not born with silver spoons but the will and determination.

If I have to choose between this book and the book by David Schwartz "The Magic of Thinking Big", I believe you get the point across faster by reading David's book than Napoleon.

Comment: Great book but Too wordy and because it is an old book, take it with a grain of salt as we are living in technology / fast life style....
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le 14 août 2006
It took me longer than normal to get into the depths of this book and I began to doubt it claims. Then, all of a sudden, I felt emmersed in its material. From then on I decided to read it in little chunks because it contained such useful information that I wanted to appreciate and absorb it all.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has the desire to achieve success. My one piece of advice is to STICK WITH IT and you'll soon find it irresistable.

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le 14 avril 1999
i have red this book several years ago and have never got rich.Moreover i'm not motivated to read it again and think one can find many other better books on this subject.
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le 23 juillet 1999
There is absolutely nothing concrete in this book. What are the steps necessary to achieve wealth? "Visualize being rich". Give me a break! And to the gentleman who says he can find verses to back up Mr. Napoleon, I would first ask what happened to "seek first the kingdom of God"? I gave it 1 star because zero was not a choice! There are much better books. Try Covey's 7-Habits. Get the basics down first.
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