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le 13 juillet 2008
And that's saying much, as I'm not big on Sci-Fi. Sure, I like it, but it isn't a main like. I thought the novel was pretty good!

The author puts an alternate reality spin on a paranormal. Feels a little more in the future as well, something to look forward to. The world has evolved, and while all 'species' should live HEA, they don't. While it looks like all's well on the surface, tension is still high. There is no harmony, period. Whithin the first four chapters, you're getting a taste of what, I think, the series will be like, and I approve, LOL!

Lots of action, tension, and I thought the climax was pretty good for what it was, even if it was a little on the predictable side.

The main characters, Fleur and Dain, were pretty good on their own. She proved to everyone that she can rule as she was meant to. Strong, she did was she had to, and I wonder if we'll see her ex in a future novel. I really felt Dain's pain, it was described well. I was a little surprised by the twist about his life - I truly didn't see that one coming.

However, together, I didn't feel the love like a reader is supposed to I think. There was supposed to be romance between them, and while I felt something, it wasn't a strong feeling like it should have been, I think. Could have been a little better in that department.

All in all, I thought it was pretty good. The descriptions gave you an idea of all living conditions, what their lives are like and why. I'm pretty psyched to see what the next novel in the series brings.

And that's something else I thought was pretty neat as well. All novels in the series is written by a different author except for the first and last, both written by Maverick. Curious to see what the others bring to Crimson City. Curious enough that I've already grabbed A Taste of Crimson from my TBR pile. For those who know me, that's a pretty good sign.
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