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4,7 sur 5 étoiles
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le 2 décembre 2010
The box set includes 3 Hunger Games books - which is the complete set. This would be an amazing gift for any teenage girl or guy and even an adult who likes science fiction. These books have it all - action, drama, adventure, sci-fi, love, loyalty, friendship. All 3 books had me on the edge of my seat, flipping and reading the pages as fast as i can.

The books are about a teenage girl, Katniss, who lives in a post-apocalyptic world in the country Panem which is controlled by one government and one president. Her world is very different from ours as Panem consists of 12 districts and they're basically like little towns or little cities. All 12 are controlled by district 1 which has the most food, money, power and comfort. District 12 is the worst - the people there live in extreme poverty, have no money or help from anyone and life is hard. To keep everyone in their "rightful" place, district 1 hosts Hunger Games every year which is a game that is broadcasted on television in every district. Hunger Games work like this - 1 boy and 1 girl is chosen at a random draw from each district to participate, they're then transported to district 1, the capitol, to play the game. The game is hosted in a man-made environment, like a little forest for example, and there are a lot of traps everywhere. The goal for the participants is to kill each other, and the last one standing is crowned the winner. The winner gets food and gets to live in a better house. The point of the Hunger Games is for the capitol to demonstrate that even children are not above the law. District 12 almost never wins since the children there are hungry and weak, and mostly District 1 and 2 win the games since the kids there have plenty of food and healthcare.

The only difference is that the rich districts (1,2,3) children just want to win for pleasure but the poor districts (12, 11, 10) they fight for food.

Katniss, is not chosen for this year's Hunger Games, instead her only sister is, who is very young. Katniss volunteers to take her place in the games, and that's how the story begins.

The idea is horrifying, I have chills just writing about it and thinking back to reading the books. I already gave this set to a friend of mine and she finished the 1st book and absolutely loved it. This is a great gift or just buy it for yourself. I am planning to go back and re-read the trilogy in some time, it's just amazing. The story is very well written, you can easily picture the sounds and the smells - the characters are written out very well with great detail. The action and drama scenes are so intense that you will hold your breath and shed a tear - it feels like you're right there in the middle of all of this. Get the set, read it, you won't regret it!
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le 3 novembre 2010
I read all three books in under two weeks while at home with strep-throat.

I was very quickly intrigued by the main character, and liked her immediately.

From there, I just could not read the books fast enough, I needed to know what happened next.

I love that the female protagonist is essentially the age of a high-school senior, but is brilliant, strong-willed and lethal. She's no passive debutante. Any person who has had to struggle in their life, especially as a child or young adult, can appreciate the way that forms you as a person. How it can make you a little hard.

Apparently these books are classified as "young adult" but I got a real kick out of them, and I'm not a young adult. I'm merely "adult." I mean, the stories are quite violent. More so than many adult science fiction novels I've read.

Unapologetic. Action heavy. Great characters. An absolute riot.
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le 19 janvier 2011
This series has made it through our family of 6 and their spouses. It is now being shared with the in-laws and their families. Best to buy the boxed set as you won't be able to stop after the first book!
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le 1 février 2012
My sister and I read the first book after a mutual friend loaned it to us, and we loved it so much we decided to buy the trilogy set so that we had the books for when our children get a little older and are interested in reading them. Great story line, much different from the usual kinds lately out there. We are looking forward to the movie coming out and hope that the producers do it justice and keep it true to the book. It is a story line that makes you "hungry for more" on the characters and the tradgedies and triumps that take place in their life. Very much worth buying and reading!
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le 17 janvier 2013
I'm not a book reader but I was intrigued by the movie. The style of writing targets a teenage audience and flows well. The movie's perspective is 3rd person narrative. The trilogy, however, reads like a personal diary. We find out what is going on in Katniss's head. The movie tends to shorten or speed up the action, whereas by reading her personal account we can really experience the full 3-4 week duration of the first hunger games contest. Here is a person of unimaginable courage, yet throughout her adventures remains sincere and modest. She is a fiercely independent thinker. She has a conscience. She does not want to take lives gratuitously or indescriminately. But she does not hesitate to kill if she has to. What sets her apart is that she's not politically ambitious. She has no political agenda other than a desire to end tyranny (the totalitarian state) and mitigate the excessive exploitation of class disparity. What fascinated me was how different political groups kept trying to use her as a "symbol" without realising that she actually was as great as the "legend" she was supposed to be portraying. Only in the fullness of time in the history of Panem would people look back and recognise her for who she was and how monumental was her impact on Panem's history. An impact as great as Joan of Arc's but virtually without any religious references whatsoever. For that matter, the entire issue of sexuality was also left out of the picture, which at times became hard to accept for a young woman of 16, 17, 18 years of age. There is always an air of nobility about her, her courage, her sense of self-sacrifice. Of course, the novels drive home the reality of all the mental confusion, anxiety as well as guilt that envelope her thoughts, all of which we only get a glimpe of in the film(s). The ending (Mockinjay) is particularly significant because it does not break with, in any way, how her character has developed throughout her ordeals. And it is an ending befitting to a heroine of the highest order.
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le 9 mars 2012
This is a very nice box set of the hunger games. The books are very good, They tell a very serious story set in a post-apocalyptic world. There is only a small portion of the world left, ay least as far as we know, and it consist of 12 districts and the capitol. The capitol has gotten on their high horse and is punishing the districts for the starting a war before. They use scare tactics, have each district completely isolated from the others, and control their food levels to keep them down, in additon, they have the Hunger games. A yearly contest where every district have to send one girl and one boy to fight to the death in a grissly robinson type game.

This story, while set far off, or maybe not so far at all, is still relevant today. It's a universal theme of bullying, control and rising against the corrupt authority.
The main character, Katniss is lovable in all her normalsy. She isn't the classical heroine, all pretty and multi talented and the purest, sweets thing since jesus. But a normal girl with her talents and her flaws, she's easy to relate too. Her struggle to survive and to break free of all the people who want to use her is important to everyone of us, it shows that the world isnæt all black and white, not even in such an extreme example as this. Even as they're fighting against the capitol, obviously a corrupt and horrible state, you realize that just because the state is corrupt and evil, does that make the small people living in it equally guilty. And where does the line from fighting rightfully to free yourself go, and when are you as bad as the ones you are freeing yourself from? This line is illustrated clearly when they have a vote on whether they shall arrange a last hunger games for the children of the capitol.

This story has useful morale on many levels, from the obvious fight against, oppression, and which guy do you choose, to the less in your face: when do we turn into the bad guys. Where do the line go?
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le 28 novembre 2011
On it's own, this first book is a knock out. The ease of readability is comparabe to that of Harry Potter. You blink, and find yourself already 20 pages in. It's such an engrossing read that even non book worms will find it irresistable. Despite it's horrible subject and violence, the heroine of the trilogy is averse to using violence unless absolutely necessary. I work in a book store and have seen the cross generational appeal that makes this book so popular. No, it's not good for any child under the age of 10-12, but I've seen adults in their 40s pick this up. There are times when I felt this story could have used a little more time in the editing room. I had a friend who found it on predictable side too. Still, as a 32 year old male who watches but doesnt read sci-fi/fantasty- I loved this book and series. For so little for this paperback, it's WORTH taking a chance to realize this book isn't JUST hype as I previously thought.
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le 14 avril 2013
I had the opportunity to purchase the complete Hunger Games Trilogy for the low price of five dollars on a few weeks ago, so I thought "Why not?" If only to see what the buzz about the novels were, even though I'm not really the target demographic.

I found the series to be a very easy read of a dystopian society set in the not so distant future. If you take two of the Bachman books, "The Running Man" and "The Long Walk" and make a hybrid of them for teen readers you will end up with "The Hunger Games Trilogy". The themes of the book; starvation, oppression and eventually, revolution are disturbing topics for young adult readers and Suzanne Collins taps into the psyche of her characters very well.

The series is well written, with the exception of a few chapters and has a nice pace to it. I would recommend it if you are a fan of dystopian fiction.
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le 30 janvier 2011
I was given book one to read from a friend and was hooked so purchased the set. I checked the mail continuously until the product arrived and didn't lift my nose out of the books until I had completed the final two!
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le 7 novembre 2014
Well...I wasn't sure about the book as I started it.. I had not read too many books with a teenage girl as the heroine..
As it turned out I couldn't put the books down ..It is very exciting...the taste in my mouth at the end of the trilogy was ...I just read something a teenage girl would read..I liked it ..didn't love it.. I think I made the mistake of watching the DVD...It was not true to the book and that brought the whole thing down a notch for me... I did not care for the movie at all...poor acting by the lead..nothing at all like the book described her..and anybody but the stereotyped Woody Harrelson...please
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