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4,6 sur 5 étoiles
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le 29 juillet 2001
Pratchett has a talent for witty humour and I have trouble not laughing out loud whilst reading his books. Though not as good as some of Pratchett's other books, Hogfather has a deep sense of balance of human faith and belief -- take something away from us and we will naturally fill the gap.
True to form, this book contains the inefficient wizards at the Unseen University who don't recognize evil even when it turns up at their hogswatch night dinner.
Our heroine, Susan, has to face up to the fact that she is Death's grandaughter and against her will finds herself snared into action. She is accompanied by a raven, who consistently mistakes grapes and other items for eyeballs, and the Death of Rats.
Death himself has gone loopy. He's literally sick to death of being Death and takes the place of the Hogfather who has gone mysteriously missing. Some hilarious scenes play out as Death, dressed up with red hat and cloak and fake white beard, fumbles to reinstall children's faith in the Hogfather. Hogswatch in the style of Death ...
And how does the Toothfairy fit in the picture? Well, to find that out you need to read the book. I don't want to spoil the surprise!
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le 11 avril 2000
I read this back in November and didn't even mind a really long commuter train delay. My neighbors may have, although most of them seemed to smile as I snickered, giggled and guffawed my way through it. When I went home for Christmas, I pressed it on my mother, and, when she complained that her eyes hurt too much for the tiny print, I read parts of it aloud. Fortunately, my mother shares my sense of humor.
I think this is the funniest of Pratchett's books. To be sure, someone else can disagree, and that's not a bad thing. Pratchett's eye for the ridiculous is sharp, but he stays reasonably charitable which makes a nice change. Best of all, Pratchett never forgets that a satire works best if it has a story of its own to hang on. That's a point all too often forgotten by people who think they're writing satire.
Just because I can't resist, I'll hint at my favorite passage: "IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE SAFE." If you haven't already read the book, that's the point where I couldn't stop laughing, and never mind that one lady looked quite ready to summon the security people!
Like Gibbon, Pratchett lives a good deal of his life in his footnotes, acerbic enough to appeal to my somewhat jaundiced view of humanity. He thinks a lot of people are idiots, and it's a good thing the world has got so well padded. For some, it could get even better padded...
Christmas, even crass and commercialized, is a good thing, and Pratchett remembers that. This book is great.
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le 16 décembre 2007
Not Pratchett's funniest or best Discworld novel, but when considered against other possible holiday reads, especially within the fantasy genre, this one's a gem. I read it in December of 2007 as a placebo for not being able to see the film version made in the UK. The plot is simple; the Hogfather, Discworld's equivalent to Santa, has gone missing, and the hilariously deadpan Death has decided to take his place on Hogswatch night. Highly recommended if you're looking for something festive and are a fan of fantasy, British humor, Douglas Adams, or Christopher Moore. As with most of Pratchett's Discworld books, no prior knowledge of the other books in the series is necessary; it helps enrich, but does not hinder enjoyment.
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le 3 janvier 2000
Hogfather's my first Discworld book, and I'm not disappointed at all! Pratchett's style is erratic and subtle at the same time, fraught with clever wording and the funniest lines of dialogue. The footnotes are a refreshing bit. Hogfather is a story of belief and imagination, of the dreams and nightmares of childhood. Amazingly deep and philosophical without being boring. The only problem I had with the book is that my Teatime (yes, I've come to think of him as *mine*), the absolutely brilliant - and creepy - villain, wasn't played up enough. He could have been an enduring character! But that excluded, Hogfather is an altogether brilliant work!
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le 19 avril 2001
Possibly the darkest Pratchett novel, with Teatime being, as some sensible person a few reviews down wrote, truly repulsive. But even though parts of the book are black as black can be, others still crack me up, like the scenes with the wizards, or Death's 'jolly' laugh. But I don't rate it as high as some others because although it's a brilliant book, it can be a bit too unsettling. I mean, with the rain lashing against the window, the thunder rolling, the lights flickering etc etc...I think I'd rather stick with the guards than read Hogfather. But the book is still great, well-written and thought-provoking - don't let my cowardice put you off it!
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le 20 juillet 2000
Terry Pratchett is most likely my favorite author but this was not one of his best efforts. Pratchett is normally extremely funny with off beat humor (imagine Monty Python on crack) and gripping story lines but the Hogfather lacked a certain something. Death was too serious in this book, on par with Reaper Man, only making me laugh in the mall with Nobby. Susan was an interesting character but again not as enjoyable as Commander Vimes or Granny Weatherwax. I think I would have enjoyed another Anhk-Morpork effort or a return of the invincible Rincewind.
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le 1 mars 2002
Just a quick review. I picked this book up a year ago because the artwork vaguely reminded me of The Nightmare before Christmas. Pratchett is as witty and hilarious as Douglas Adams, yet succeeds in creating a style of "randomness" all his own. I absolutely adore the character of Death; his philosophic monologues and the way in which he repeatedly questions some of our earthly ways is downright intriguing. Pratchett mixes complex humor and likeable characters, then adds in a dash of theological and gothic tone. A great intro to the Discworld series.
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le 1 juin 2001
This book contains Pratchett's writing in usual form, and is for the most part well-written, and contains some stuff that is flat-out hilarious, such as the depressed cheerful fairy. Still, the ending is somewhat confusing, and seems to leave a few loose ends. Also, the inherent concept of Death taking over the duties of a jolly old sort seems underplayed. There is a great deal of comic potential in this scenario, of which the surface was barely scratched. These are minor qualms, however, and as a whole this book still makes excellent reading.
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le 3 mars 2000
Another brilliant book by this author. Having read all of his books (several times)I can't say that any one of them ranks as the out and out best, but this one certainly comes close to being my favourite. Any book featuring DEATH as the Discworld's equivilent to Santa has to be good. His attempts to understand human nature are hilarious, especially when he gets things wrong. Albert is also a favourite character of mine. The scene in the fairy grotto is the best in the book. Definitely a laugh-out-loud book.
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