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4,5 sur 5 étoiles
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le 2 février 2000
I have been looking for books on CD (long drive to work) and thought I would try this abridged version of Pride and Prejudice. I happen to love Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice is a fantastic novel. However, this abridged version lacked some of the best aspects of the original story. They cut it down to 3 hours (can't be helped, I guess) and, therefore, the story really only deals with Elizabeth, Jane being a mere afterthought. The other sisters are barely mentioned. I am looking forward to when someone realizes that there are customers out there with CD players in their cars and they would like to hear the UNABRIDGED version of popular and classic books. I also felt that Jenny Agutter did not distinguish that well between characters, Mr. Bennett sounded just like Lady Catherine. I have listened to Sense and Sensibility with Juliet Stevenson and the difference between these 2 readers is amazing. You are really able to appreciate the acting skills of Ms. Stevenson versus Ms. Agutter on these CD's.
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le 25 mai 1999
First of all a good advice to all students who are condemned to read this so called 'Best' work by Jane Austen: It is enough to read every 5th chapter and you've got the outline It is absolutely not necessary to read the whole 400 pages I don't know why but somehow Emma has reminded me of a friend who always cares about things the others don't need-she's a failure as matchmaker and meddler as well I wonder why people like Emma are predestined to get out of their struggles without sh... on their faces Greetings to the 1* reader And I p...myself laughing about Elton's proposal in the carriage-quite clever,she couldn't escape just fall out as an alternative-poor,fragile Emma! And cleverness is a matter the recipient's point of view Just do the'Cross-Reading'and spare yourself the rest Yours affectionately A Frustrated Student :)
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le 17 décembre 1998
The common comment on this book, seems to be people's love for the ... "love" story. Mr Darcy, and Elizabeth, how great it is to see them together. Howevor Jane Austin is not a Romantic novelist. Her intent was to criticize her generation. She was in a way, poking fun at people's prejudice. This book is actual considered an "ironic comedy." The comedy I can not see, but the irony is definately blinding. The part of this book that bothers me, is not so much within the book itself, but the point of the book. If someone was truly in hatred of their society, noticing the flaws relentlessly, why spend 62 chapters of their life, writing about it? I personally felt that this book, could be summed up in less than four pages, with the same amount of content being delivered, the same lessons being learned.
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le 9 août 1999
I am 11 and a 1/2 years old and simple love books that take place in Europe in the 1700 or 1800's. However, this book was absolutly boring. Out of all of Austens works, which are not all to exciting themselves, this has to be the most boring and drawn out. There are long pauses of nothing but tea and long walks, and once in a while Emma will set up one of her friends. This match does not last long, however. Personaly if I were her "friend" Harriet, I would think myself better off without her companionship. To my knowledge Jane Austen wrote this "little gem" for the prince of England whom she did not exactly admire. I wouldn't be surprized if his didn't admire her so much after he finished reading it. If you are looking for a exciting and gripping book do not choose Emma.
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le 14 juin 2004
The first 2 Jane Austen books I read were Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Both I considered excellent books, Pride and Prejudice being my favorite. I had high hopes of Emma, considering it had been made into the modern movie "Clueless". However, I have found this book very tiresome and it took me a long time to trudge my way through it. It may be the fact that I didn't like the main character as I had in the other books, but this book really went by slowly. It wasn't that bad of a story and really deserves 2 1/2 stars instead of the given 2 stars, but thats not an option. I would still recommend people to read the book for the good plot behind slow movement and seeing this prideful heroine transformed into a more likeable person.
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le 17 mai 2003
should have given it only 1 star, but since it is a well liked classic and i'd actually like to save the flames, i'd make it a two. i've read this book 2 times. the 1st time i got to the 40th page, the 2nd time i finished it. i tried to understand, i really did...fine, i didnt. but this story is just so plain un appealing. you spend the whole book hooked on elizabeth bennett and mr darcys' [silly] love affair. it would actually be better if the two fine main characters did not live their lifes in complete fluffness.
the love lifes of a group of [silly] and giggling girls and the 'dashing' mr darcy, how much more interesting can it get?
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le 6 octobre 1999
I totally agree with the reader from NY who didn't like the novel(maybe it's something in the NY water). I didn't find any of the characters particularly interesting or the writing style very engaging; in fact, this was one of the few books I had to force myself to finish. All the characters were very pretentious, only caring about how you looked and what family you belonged to. After I finished this book I read JANE EYRE, fearing that I would have the same negative experience. But I cannot say enough about how great a novel Jane Eyre is, and I would recommend anyone thinking of reading P&P to pick up Jane Eyre instead.
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le 2 juillet 2000
Emma Is a bad book, fact. The only thing that gives it any value is the quality of the writing. The book is unbelievably drawn out. I fell asleep many times whilst trying to finish this book. Don't think that i don't understand the plot or that or don't appreciate good litrature. In fact i read the book twice and was forced to study it for two years. Anybody who likes this book is very sad because it is just the unremarkable section of some unremarkable people's lives. As a result your life would have to be extremely tedious and boring for you to enjoy this waste of good paper.
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le 9 mai 1997
Honestly folks, did you really enjoy reading this book? After paragraph after paragraph of needless description and rhetoric, one must scrounge up what's left inside their brain after it being destroyed by Jane Austen's pointless circumlocution to dig up what was actually said in modern English. However, I can see how older adults might enjoy this. If you're under 21, or like to have fun with the books you read, stay away...stay away
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le 9 mars 2000
I have read this book a number of times, and tried to like it; but; the characters lack depth. Lizzy, and to an extent Charlotte are the only two who are 3D. Jane Austen`s ideas of poverty are laughable, large house complete with servants is not poor. Mr.Darcy great on video but passionless in the text.
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