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4,5 sur 5 étoiles
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I wanted to love this book. The previous two held me captive and breathless right the way through. I came to really care for all the characters not just the famed 'duo'. But the book was slow, full of extraneous and unnecessary detail. For a book with journalism at it's core, it could really, really have used an editor. Most of the side trips did not add to the story, did not advance the plot, did nothing but slow the action and keep the tension low. Half way through I almost stopped but ... this was the last one and I kept wanting it to get better. Kinda didn't. I'd love to have loved the book because I'd loved the characters. Pity there's no more because instead of a 'blip' in the series, it ends with a whisper.
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le 10 août 2010
I cannot agree with the rave reviews that this book is receiving. In my opinion, it was the worst in the series, and I had to force myself to read it. I could've taken a red pen to much of it, and eliminated at least 200 pages, if not more. There is so much superfluous material in this book, as well as the first 2 books, that they could've been cut down into 2 books, as opposed to 3.

This book is mainly wrap-up of the events that occured in the 2nd book, and the ending is so predictable, that it felt pointless to push through all of the useless Swedish names and places (which were extremely difficult to keep track of). I felt that Salander alienated herself even more, especially while she was on trial for her crimes, and instead of liking her more, I couldn't wait for the book to end so I didn't have to read any more of her ridiculous shenanigans, about the limited amount of food she eats (Billy's Pan Pizza anyone?), her trips around Sweden on public transit, or her endless pouting and doom & gloom.

I thought this book ended the series on a very low note, instead of the high that resulted from the first book. I disagree that it's one of the best series--I'm still giving that title to Harry Potter.
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le 11 septembre 2012
WARNING: This review contains spoilers and details regarding the plot and outcome of the novel.
I rather enjoyed The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, with its mystery-driven plot. I thought there were some problems with the book's pacing and editing, and I thought the characters sometimes fell flat, but overall, I found it an entertaining light read. I was less taken with The Girl Who Played With Fire, which I found overwrought and caricatural, but with some suspension of disbelief (as when watching a James Bond film), I kept myself entertained. However, I really had to force myself to finish The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

The structure of this novel is fundamentally flawed. It picks up where the previous novel left off: Lisbeth Salander is recuperating in hospital, and preparing for her trial. Of course, Mikael Blomkvist remains in her corner and fights for her any way he can, recruting an impressive array of people to help him. They are up against an ultra-secret division of the Security Police, known as The Section, who is basically responsible for all the abuse Salander has been a victim of all her life (this is all explained to the reader by way of a massive, ultimately snooze-inducing "information dump"). The problem is that we are never really worried about Salander and her friends: they always seem to be one step ahead of The Section - and what's worse is that the reader knows it. This simply kills any form of suspense the plot could have had.

From the beginning, we know Blomkvist has evidence of Salander's abuse at the hands of her guardian. We know that he has managed to hold on to crucial documentation, whereas The Section believes to have succeeded in stealing it all from him. We know that he has video surveillance in his apartment, which protects him against any eventual attempt The Section makes at framing or entrapping him. And when Salander digs up nasty dirt on the evil psychiatrist Teleborian, we are immediately informed. By the time we get to the trial, which is supposed to be the big moment toward which the novel builds up, we know pretty much exactly how it's going to unfold, and the result is more of a let-down than a catharsis.

There's also a sub-plot in which Blomkvist's lover and former colleague, Erika Berger, has to deal with a stalker at her new place of work, and enlists Salander's help. This ties in with the series' "men who hate women" theme, but otherwise has nothing to do with the main plot, except that it gives Salander something else to do while she's still locked up in hospital.

There are numerous characters, so many that it's sometimes difficult to keep track of them. Some of them have potential, but there simply isn't enough time to really develop them. As a result, their interactions often feel superficial, and the dialogue is often stilted and plot-driven, with many redundancies. Salander remains the most accomplished character, and even she feels like a cardboard cutout at times.

Basically, this book wraps up the previous one, and never feels like a standalone work, let alone a conclusion to the series. Obviously, this is due to the author's unfortunate and untimely death, as we know he had more plans for the series. But even taking that into account, this third installment falls flat.
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le 18 mai 2011
It is just long and boring and far worse than previous two. It is like the Pirates of Caribbean: The first one you really like, you go watch the second one to see if it as good as the first one and of course you realize that you have been cheated, and you do not even bother to see the third one.

The difference is that I bought the third one, too. It is because this way the order was a free shipping.

The first two had some story actually, this one has none of that. In the first half of the book the girl recovers in the hospital from a head shot, very plausible.

In the second half one arm of the Swedish security service called Constitutional Protection Unit (what a stupid name) investigates the other one, very plausible, too. And then Treborian falls because his notebook that he takes to court trials happens to have a several thousand kiddie porn pictures on it.
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le 15 juillet 2012
Due to Mr. Larson's untimely death, I have a sneaking suspicion that the publisher fiddled with the ending. Keep in mind that he had planned to write far more than this series featuring his journalist detective and Lisbeth was never supposed to be the main character as implied by the English titles. Larson had set Lisbeth up to find her female lover/roommate who had previously left the country and essentially disappear again. The publisher decided that it wasn't good enough, so instead, they say a polite "hello" and then Lisbeth decides that she's magically cured of her Asbergers and then shows up at Michael's house ready to be girlfriend material. The ending couldn't appear more tacked on than if the book had shown up with the last four pages stapled together and written in crayon.
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le 1 octobre 2010
The first book in the Trilogy took me over two hundred pages to even get the
least bit interested, all the boring Vanger family history was a waste of time,
the second book was "so so" but this is the worst by far! The author brought in
so many new Swedish characters that I gave up trying to keep track of them and
in the end it really didn't matter anyway.Boring characters except for Salander
and even she got a bit boring at the end with her anti-social ways even to
people who were trying to help her.This Trilogy could have been cut down to two
books quite easily. Big question never answered,where was the sister?? I kept
reading these as my husband for some strange reason liked them and kept saying
it gets better, don't think so!!
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