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le 26 mars 2004
Having just taken the 70-291 exam, I can assure you that this is not a full and complete study guide for the real exam. The book is made up of something around 1000 pages, however, for each lesson review, the full questions for each lesson are repeated in the answer section, padding the book's pages quite a bit. Incompleteness in and of itself is not entirely bad, but I found the book to be often misleading and containing several errors. The book is not without its merits, though. The accompanying CD contains a trial version of the Server CD and the labs and exercises were very helpful. The book on CD is also useful to have, especially when you want to study on the go and don't want to drag the book around with you. Call-outs in the text point you to think about what's on the test, too. However, if you're going to take the exam, make sure you don't rely on this book by itself. It's pretty weak on security policies and SUS, both of which are tested on the exam. If you arleady have study guides for this exam, this isn't a bad addition to your library, but it shouldn't be your only book to help you prepare for the exam.
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le 1 mars 2004
I have to say, I kinda liked this book, even though I found a number of errors. Between this and Unleashed, you probably can't go wrong. But both left holes and technet wasn't much help. Eventually I found what I needed and agree with the other reviewer that winstructor's website is brilliant and I consequently passed my exam using their videos.
This book has quite a few labs, which were nice. But very little on things like Certificates and Front/Back End Servers.
Overall if I had to choose either book, I'd go with Unleashed, even though its not an exam prep book.
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