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4,5 sur 5 étoiles65
4,5 sur 5 étoiles
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le 14 novembre 2003
No, I don't have difficulty swallowing the reality of the experiences this book is about. Not at all. I'm sure it's a very truthful account of what happenened in the spooked house over the years. My difficulty lies with the 'healthy American spirit' of this very much alife woman writing her story, and her obvious and annoying inability to read the right books, talk to the right persons, find the right information to set some steps towards some kind of openminded understanding of what is, maybe, perhaps, who knows, going on. Reading this book I felt increasingly irritated, asking myself what it is that makes people trying to cope with something out of the ordinary for many years, and rather risk their sanity, their health, their children and their happiness than aknowledge the possible existence of something outside their petty prefabricated conceptions?
This book is about the value of an open inquisitive mind, written by somebody who definitely doesn't own one.
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le 6 août 2001
If you are anything like me, you've read every book on ghosts that you can find, and you're beginning to run out of new ones to sink your teeth into. I read Grave's End thinking it looked interesting. It was to a certain extent, but not terribly well-written or professional. Mercado strays from the explanation and definition of many paranormal events to use the book as a forum to discuss her personal life, her weaknesses, and to state her grievences against her ex-husband, about whom she has something passive-aggressively nasty to say on every other page. This book was too frequently a memoir instead of a book about the paramormal. The writing style itself was painful in spots, almost childish in its inexperience. I toyed with giving this book two stars, but I gave it three, because it was pretty entertaining at times, and worth reading.
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le 31 juillet 2009
I was looking forward to this book arriving and while I do not regret buying it or reading it, I was somewhat disappointed. It was nice to read actual accounts by someone much like everyone else, however I did find it repetitive. With that said though, it was not a horrible book and I would recommend it ;)
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le 2 juillet 2003
I have to say this story is believeable. I did find myself scanning through the paragraphs skipping the boring parts, only reading the parts that contained ghost encounters. ...
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