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When I accompany Rodger Titman, my ornithological sidekick, on leading a field trip of bird-watchers of all ages and experience, we usually find it prudent to split the group between us. After all, how many self-respecting birds are going to hang about with the harangue and hubbub of a humongous herd of humans?! Not just because Rodger is a much more experienced birder than me, I generally volunteer to lead the group of total neophytes. While we might not spot those rare, exciting species, I simply find it satisfying to turn people onto birding and to teach them the basic ingredients of such a pleasurable hobby. No question asked of me is ever judged in my mind to be "dumb"! Moreover, I have never referred to anyone in any of my groups as a "dummy". So don't be insulted if I insist that you rush out to your favourite nature or better book store and buy a brand-new book called Bird Watching for Dummies. Written by Bill Thompson III, editor of a classy popular magazine called Bird Watcher's Digest (BWD), Bird Watching for Dummies is probably the best book you're ever gonna read on this subject! Gosh, I wish I'd written it! Part of the award-winning ...For Dummies(R) series (remember Computers for Dummies?) published by IDG Books World-wide, Inc., this so-easy-to-read-that-it's-funny volume contains information on just about every aspect of bird-watching you can think of. Want some examples? How to design and maintain a bird-friendly yard with feeders, baths, gardens and houses. Where to obtain all your birding needs. How to identify both eastern and western birds from hummers to herons and even recognize birds by their songs. How to go beyond just bird-watching locally by participating in bird counts, tours and festivals. There's much more. What's really neat about Bird Watching for Dummies is that the text is broken up into nicely digestible, humorous tidbits so that you don't have to read it all. It's so understandable that you'd have to be a dummy not to learn something from it! If you're going to buy one bird-watching book in your lifetime, besides your favourite field guide, of course, this is the one to get. It's a bargain at $26.99 (ISBN 0-7645-5040-3). Trust me on this!
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le 20 mai 1998
Bill Thompson has written an absolutely splendid guide for the person who knows little about birds except what they see out the window or left on the hood of their car. The book is basic enough that the neophyte can start from zero and work their way up, but organized in a way that an "intermediate" can find real value too. I'm not a hard core birder so I can't speak to how one might view the book.
The text is easily readable, not boring and zips along with more than the occasional joke, witticism or bad pun. Truly, the humor is well placed and Thompson writes in a semi-self deprecatory manner that is refreshing for an expert in any field.
What I liked most was the practical aspect of helping someone start from scratch in attracting birds to their yard through choices of feeds, plantings, open spaces and other ideas. I'm convinced that if you want to attract birds this book will help you do so. A bonus was the color section of high quality photographs of Thompson's favorite birds.
The book even had a nice little section on birding ettiquette for the unititiated who might find themselves in company with veterans. Always good to know what to say or not.
With the possible exception of bird haters, I think almost anyone would enjoy this book. Well, maybe not Tippy Hedrin.
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le 15 avril 1998
In the tradition of the Dummies series, IDG has again sought out the best author in the field in producing Bird Watching for Dummies. Bill Thompson is clearly at the top of bird watching. Readers are rewarded with his storehouse of knowledge presented in a delightful and witty style. No turnstone is left untouched as Thompson covers every aspect of birding for every level of interest. Casual birders will find the book extremely informative and enlightening. Serious bird enthusiasts will discover tips and trivia that will enhance their knowledge and renew their enthusiasm. Thompson's personal love of bird watching is visible in his ability to provide descriptions and details as colorfull as the artwork and photogrophy you'll find throughout the book. More extensive than a field guide and more interesting than a how-to book. It's like getting five bird books for the price of one. You'll find yourself referring to it again and again.
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le 23 mars 1998
Like others in the hard-headed but helpful "Dummies" series, Bill Thompson's solid, funny and unerringly instructive birding primer is something you can't imagine being without, once you've had it in your hands. For a true novice, the book offers down-to-earth solid information, tips, and the fine example of an expert with humor and humility. For the experienced birding enthusiast, Thompson opens avenues to better optics, resources and tips for refining skills, and the gentle encouragement to take more patience, more study, and more pure joy in bird-watching. And for every birder, hours of pleasure, very solid information and great fun. Every time I pick up this book I like it more!
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le 30 mars 1998
Not only is Bird Watching for Dummies well-written in an easy-to-read conversational style, but it's jam-packed with tips, ideas, and information for all levels of bird watchers. Bill Thompson covers every topic imaginable about birding--from how to get started identifying birds; how to attract birds with feeders, nest boxes, and landscaping; how to select binocluars, scopes, and field guides; as well as helpful info about birding tours, festivals, research, and birding on-line. If you have questions about birds and birding, this book has the answers! I plan to give copies to my birding friends and family members for Christmas and birthdays this year!
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le 25 novembre 1998
I have thoroughly enjoyed Bill Thompson's book. It's rare when you can find a book that is so informational and completely entertaining as well. I love the sensitivity of the drawings throughout. I intend to use this book quite often; in fact I am currently building a bluebird nesting box. Birdwathchers most likely have the stigma of being eggheads, but this book certainly wouldn't lend credence to that (comparing a bluebird's love of worms to Homer Simpson's doughnut cravings is pure delight). Anyone at all interested in our feathered friends would enjoy reading this book.
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le 28 mai 2001
I have never spent my money on a better book! This book got me into birdwatching and nature. In "Bird Watching for Dummies," Bill Thompson, III introduces you to his passion of observing birds. The book is filled with information and tips on which optics, field guides, bird seed, and books to buy, and very useful tips on how to observe bird behavior, identification, and attracting birds to your yard with food, water, shelter, and plants. If you are thinking about becoming a bird watcher, you must buy this book- if I could give it sixty stars, I would.
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le 22 mars 1998
While I read this book cover to cover, as I found its conversational style charming and entertaining, I find myself constantly refering to it. Nearly all the answers to my questions are found on its pages! Mr. Thompson's many years of experience as a birder and as editor of Bird Watcher's Digest serve the reader well, and his sense of humor makes even the most scientific information droll. In short this book has become a standard for me. It has taken an honored and well deserved place next to my Peterson Guide under my binocs!
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Into a universe of bird watching books that is characterized by tomes that are technically correct, tedious and bound to discourage participation in this wonderful activity by the novice, comes this gem of a book. Bill Thompson's writing provides the reader with a wealth of useful advice blended with just enough humor to bring across to the reader the shear joy of birdwatching. If you there is a friend, a loved one, or just someone that you want to turn on to birding, this is definitely the book to recommend or to give.
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le 21 mars 1998
Birdwatching for Dummies offers a well-rounded, light-hearted yet information-packed volume to anyone interested in birds, whether beginner or intermediate birder. I've birded for 20 years now, and I think the book masterfully, and colorfully, ties together the many facets of birding. The beautiful illustrations put the icing on the cake. To anyone planning to begin to bird watch, or hone their skills, I'd highly recommend Birdwatching for Dummies as a smart choice!
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