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on March 30, 2003
I just had the pleasure of finishing Mel Hurtig's book The Vanishing Country: Is it too late to save Canada? As an American, I feel that everyone in this country should be required to read this book. Not only will our people see what our country does to our closest neighbor country, but also what a wide discrepancy we have between the two countries. Also, you will learn in deed how simmilar our two countries are. In Canada, most college students can graduate without taking a Canadian history class. Sadly, where I graduated from, you are also not required to take an American history class.
Every American should read this book. It will open your eyes to how our country really deals with the international world, and how we rate amongst other countries.
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on February 14, 2003
A sincere thank you to Mel Hurtig for writing "The Vanishing Country". Clearly Hurtig is one of the few public figures who is not afraid to tell the truth about Canada: that it is a country for sale. From our adoption of American consumerism to foreign control of our oil industry Mel delivers the straight goods on the current state of affairs in Canada. This book brings to the surface what should have been obvious to Canadians long ago- multi-national corporations and pandering to foreign interests are the forces that are defining our country. Is it too late to change this? Most likely, because the only institutions with enough power to change this are the ones who created it in the first place.
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on May 1, 2004
Mel starts by telling the reader how good we have it in Canada, with all the space we have compared with Europe or Asia, and how lucky he felt to grow up here after immigrating from Eastern Europe. He then goes on to tell us how, since the Mulroney government abolished the Foreign Investment Review Agency in 1985, approximately 13000 Canadian businesses have been taken over, mostly by Americans. He also says why this is bad due to transfer pricing & other things. Then he goes on to say why it would be a bad thing to continue the "Americanisation" of Canada and gives us some differences between Canada & the United States, including why Canada is better in many ways than the United States. Near the end, he lists many alternatives to the current situation, including 4 things which MUST happen for Canada to survive in any meaningful way. Is it too late to save Canada? I think it's a question of political will. Canada isn't Haiti; it has more to do with will than opportunity.
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on March 13, 2004
I have had the opportunity to hear Mel speak several times and I recommend that anyone with an interest in the future of Canada listen to what he has to say. His books are a harsh reality check, and eye opener to the past, present and future of Canada. "Vanishing Country" addresses the Americanization of Canada and pulls no punches in naming those who have contributed to dissolving Canadian sovereignty and selling out Canada (at bargain prices) to the super power south of the border. "Vanishing Country" is a MUST read for everyone that gives a damn about the future of Canada. Read this book, and tell everyone else to read it too!!
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on January 29, 2004
Its hard to believe that a single political book can have such an effect on a person. This incredibly potent book has transformed me into a "patriotic" Canadian, with its examination into the anti-Canadian sentiment eminating from the rightwing corporatists attempting to turn us into an American colony. I've become a huge fan of Mel's since reading this book, and am now reading some of his older works. Mel Hurtig is a hero, a true Canadian, a real patriot, and "The Vanishing Country" is a trip into his world--no, our world. The real Canada. You won't be pleased by what is uncovered here.
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on May 14, 2004
I read Mel's Betrayal of Canada(and the mind boggling stats within) and my heart swelled with pride. His latest book is another masterpiece. Without repeating his older books he points to new and profoundly disturbing trends happening in Canada. The amount of foreign ownership in Canada would not be tolerated in any other country. The right always tries to site other countries relationships like france and germany....this is wrong they have simular values and relatively close populations unlike can-us. This is a great read if you care about Canada and where it is headed. Mel always uses facts and stats(that you can find on the interntet if you doubt it) to back up any claims! No BS just the facts to help identify what is happening to our country.
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on October 16, 2004
I sincerely hope that this book is seen by other Canadians as visionary and revolutionary. Unfortunately, honourable men like Hurtig will never find themselves in the halls of power because of the monopoly pro-US parties have in the House of Commons. Although Hurtig's optimism in his thesis that it is indeed not too late to save Canada is inspiring, I fear that it is misled. At this writing, since the 2004 General Election, it is a sad day when I am forced to write that the largest and most influential political party that actually opposes most US policies and fights Canadian annexation and continentalism is the Bloc. Of course they don't fight these issues for the beterment of the whole nation and that leaves only a 19-seat caucus NDP left that actually fights for Canada. With the Greens cutting into the NDP activist base, and undercutting them in ridings all over the nation (Indeed Jack Layton himself almost failed to get elected in Toronto-Danforth as the Green Party leader ran in that same riding), the future of any truly strong leftist political party (be it Green or New Democrat) is sincerely at risk. Moreover, with David Orchard's exile from the PC Party and it's merger with the Alliance, as well as with the possibility of more US News channels coming into the country (read: Fox News) - all things that have happened since this book was published - I do sadly begin to doubt Hurtig's hopeful conclusion.
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on December 25, 2003
Another tiresome screed from professional moaner Mel Hurtig. Same message he's been peddling for the past few decades: America is bad, Canada is good. Er, make that _Mel's_ Canada is good - his 19th Century nationalistic jingoism doesn't leave any room for competing visions.
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