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le 22 décembre 2007
I really like this series (have read the first two so far), and it's a shame that it isn't more well known.

Riordan has done a very clever thing - he's entered the cluttered young adult fantasy arena with plots woven from the old Greek legends. So he has actually claimed the stories that have since inspired Rowling and others. I mean, the parallels are almost funny - in this series we have a prophecy about a young savior (hello harry potter & golden compass), and we have a dark lord (Kronos) slowly rebuilding his strength as he prepares to take over the world (hello voldemort!!).

And though you might expect the greek tie in to lead to overly-dramatic writing, the book is actually really fresh and funny. The God Poseidon for example is a Jimmy Buffet / beach bum playboy figure.

I highly recommend these books. They're more quickly paced than Rowling and Pullman's books, more readable (because Riordan isn't building up detailed backstories the way those authors do), and quite simply they're great page-turners.
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le 29 décembre 2009
My friend gave me her book to read because she loves it so much. I really didn't think I would want to read it, seeing as this book was written for younger children and we are both older adults, but she insisted it was great. Now after reading it I understand why, this book is good for all ages. I've only read this first book so far out of the series and I really liked it. There was a lot of adventure and there always seemed to be something exciting happening to keep you interested. I will definitely be reading the next adventures of Percy Jackson that's for sure.
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le 25 janvier 2010
Set in a world where the Greek Gods still exist, The Lightning Thief tells the tale of 12-year-old Percy Jackson, who after years of being a bad seed, realizes there might be more to his problems than dyslexia and ADD. Trouble has always seemed to follow Percy wherever he goes, despite how hard he tries to avoid unwanted attention. Then when his mother takes him on a summer vacation, trouble comes for them in a big way. After battling an unbelievable creature, Percy finds himself thrust into a strange world that seems impossible, but just might explain the strange things that keep happening in his life.

By weaving the stories of the Greek gods into the tale of Percy Jackson, Riordan has created a magnificent world that feels entirely possible because so much of it is familiar to us. There's hardly a dull moment in the story, and by doling out bits of information slowly, the author ensures that we're always wanting more. I found myself liking all of the characters in The Lightning Thief, and enjoyed learning their back-stories.

We're told at the beginning of the story that Percy is twelve, but I had a hard time picturing him as any younger than 16. Which, to me, is a good thing. I love my YA fantasy series, but I don't like to feel like I'm reading a children's book, and I believe that The Lightning Thief stands up well as a tale that will appeal to both teens and adults alike.

My one criticism of the story is the glaring similarities to the Harry Potter series. Yet even with the obvious parallels, it somehow doesn't take much away from this wonderful tale. It appears the author took the shell of the Potter series - magical land known only to those who are part of it; plucky, unaware young hero; whip-smart girl, and loyal boy to aid him in his adventure; wise, knowing elder to offer advice; and a young nemesis - but then filled it with a new world and new characters. While the framework of the two stories is almost identical, I found the similarities stopped there.

For those who are fans of the YA fantasy genre, the Percy Jackson series is not to be missed! The Lightning Thief is an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable read that sets up what looks to be a great series. I already have The Sea of Monsters and The Titan's Curse, the next two books in the series waiting for me, and I can't wait to dive in!
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le 30 avril 2015
Even though it was way under my level of reading I still loved it! It wasn’t a book where I read straight through to the end, not able to put it down, but I still thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Riordan did an amazing job incorporating true facts of greek mythology into the story thus teaching me more about them - which I find really interesting. He also did a great job putting a modern twist on the gods in “todays modern world”. I think it really worked.

His writing style is directed towards middleschoolers so it is easy to follow and fun to read, even when the action isn’t happening (which is rare). The characters in the book too were really likeable and had their distinct personalities. The story itself was really interesting and not at all predictable (which is nice for a book directed towards a younger audience). It truely does not all come together until the very end, where it is left with a new problem to be solved in the next book.

There really isn’t too much to say about a book as popular as this except, excellent read!
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If you know anything about Greek mythology, you'll know that their gods had a tendency to produce demigod kids by the dozen. So it's not too hard to guess what "The Lightning Thief" is about -- a boy who discovers that he's the offspring of a god, and the other demi-god kids that he gets to know at a very, very special camp. While the introduction is a bit rocky, Rick Riordan spins a clever fast-moving adventure that mines ancient mythology and gives it a modern spin.

Percy Jackson has always been a troublemaker, but he's shocked when some truly strange things begin to happen in his life -- and especially when a minotaur appears and attacks his car. When he comes to, he learns that he's at a special training camp called Camp Half-Blood intended for demi-god children, and that his best friend Grover is actually a satyr bodyguard. Though Percy is understandably resistant to the idea, he soon makes friends in the sharp Annabeth and the bitter Luke (and enemies with the kids from Cabin Ares).

Oh yes, and he finds that he's the son of the god Poseidon... which is a problem since the "Big Three" gods have sworn an oath not to father any more kids, due to a rather ominous prophecy.

The problem is that Zeus and Poseidon are also having a feud at the moment, due to the loss of Zeus's master lightning bolt -- and Zeus believes that Percy is the culprit. And if things aren't patched up by the summer solstice, the forces of sky and sea will go to war. To save civilization -- and someone dear to him -- Percy must venture into the world of the dead...

"The Lightning Thief" is all a little Harry Potter in concept -- ordinary kid discovers he has magical powers, and is taught in a specialized school/camp with other kids like him. Rick Riordan spends the first half of the book exploring the nature of Camp Half-blood and the various demi-god kids, as well as dropping hints about Percy's parentage. Although, given the number of times he makes water misbehave, you would think someone would have guessed.

Fortunately the plot picks up about halfway through, when the whole matter of the bolt and thieving gods comes into play. Riordan has a snappy fast-moving style, and he peppers the story with plenty of plot twists and monstrous action. And he has quite a sharp-edged sense of humor -- the snarkiness is a bit annoying in the first chapter, but after that he produces some fun dialogue ("Spontaneous combustion is a form of harm." "Nonsense. Boy wouldn't feel a thing").

And he does a good job with the concept of gods and monster surviving over the center of the western world, as well as spoking some fun at the gods' behavior. Example: Dionysius whining "Father loves to punish me. The first time, Prohibition. Ghastly!"

I found Percy rather annoying in the first couple chapters, but Riordan slowly evolves him from a rather bratty, rebellious kid to a reluctant budding hero. Annabeth is an excellent counterpart to Percy, smart and measured if rather haughty in attitude, while Grover is a likable little sidekick who is chewing his nails over the possibility of losing his job. And the supporting cast of gods and demigods is pretty well-drawn, especially the paternal Chiron and embittered Luke.

It's not brilliant, but "The Lightning Thief" is a solidly written fantasy/adventure yarn, which leaves the door open for more adventures from Perseus Jackson. Hopefully the movie will be up to its standards.
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le 18 juin 2013
This was a really cute book, and I think if I had been 10 years younger, I would have really enjoyed it. It is packed full of Greek mythological references, so I think for kids or teenagers who enjoy that sort of stuff (as I really did), it's an excellent buy.
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le 5 avril 2010
I thought the person reading this book did a very good job of assuming different voice inflections for different characters. I also enjoyed the story and felt it moved along at a good pace, with plenty of plot twists to hold a reader's attention.
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le 17 janvier 2014
Bought for two boys. Don't know their reaction yet but the masses say it is awesome. Will continue the series if they like it.
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