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le 28 décembre 2003
I work with a cat rescue and have been able to save countless cats and kittens with the help of this book. Detailed descriptions, pictures and instructions make this a must have for the cat owner. Everything is written in plain english making it easy to understand. I have recommended this book to everyone in my organization as well as every new "parent" we have placed a cat or kitten with. If you have a cat you need to have this book.
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le 7 mars 2003
that even a laymen can understand!
I purchased this book a while ago simply because I had multiple cats in the house that were becoming geriatric and I wanted to make sure I was doing the best for them in their twilight. I am also working on my Pre-Vet Curricula for intrance into Vet School.
Then I became a surrogate mommy for a new born kitten that had been abandoned my its feral mother only hours after it was born. Not wanting this wee one to expire, I took her home to raise myself, and immediately got on the Internet looking for info on the proper measures to care for her (I forgot about this book). I found a few helpful sites, but each one was contradicting the other...which for anyone is confusing. Thinking I needed a professional opinion on the subject, & went to my library of reference books & schoolbooks. Luckfully, I ran across this one & decided to see if it mentioned anything at all. To my surprise, it had the most complete section on orphaned kitten care than any of the other books & the Internet sites. I greatly recommend this book for any cat owner, be their cats young or old, it has information aplenty to assist you in caring for your 4-footed loved one.
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le 6 juillet 2004
This is the most complete book I have ever seen for cats. It has helped me out when my cat had 5 kittens. It talks about all the diseases, the colds, and symptoms of all kinds of things. It has photos of animals with the problem so you can see if that is the problem with your cat or kitten. WONDERFUL.
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le 22 février 2002
The low rating I have given this book is solely because it was written in 1995. If it were an updated edition from 2001, I'd give it rating of 5 stars. Veterinary medicine has enormously developed in the past few years and some of the information in the book is no longer accurate. I am only very familiar with the conditions of hyperthyroidism and hypertropic myocardiopathy. The little information offered in the book regarding hyperthyroidism is no longer accurate. In 1995 the cause of the condition was unknown as well as the effects the condition has on the heart. In addition, the new and successful treatments that are being given to cats are not stated in the book. The information on myocardiopathy, to be fair, seems to be accurate. If the author updates this book, this would be a magnificent reference source to own. I would suggest to change the black and white pictures for color pictures. Other reviewers hate the pictures, but they should realize that this is the best way to visually compare their cat's physical condition against a picture to figure out what is wrong with the cat before it goes to the vet. Medical school textbooks are full of color pictures. My point is that the pictures add to the excellence of books. To finish, it is unfortunate that I ended up with a 1995 edition (which is my fault for not checking it out before ordering the book). Having discovered the inaccurate information makes me wonder what other medical information is outdated in the book. As a result, I can no longer consider it a reliable reference source.
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le 6 mai 2000
Just received the book yesterday, have read most of it and it's Great! Only a few criticsms. The first and foremost is the authors' mistaken insistence on FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) testing for cats/kittens. There is no, repeat NO, NADA test for FIP in a live cat/kitten - it's only conclusive on necropsy. (Further info at [...])
In the section on kidney diseases they totally ignored PKD (polycystic kidney disease), which Persian breeders have realized is a genetic problem and have been breeding away from. (Also more info at the above site) I feel this is a gross oversight on the part of these authors.
Unfortunately, FIV (feline immunodeficiency disease, also known as feline AIDS) isn't mentioned. This IS a condition that's easily tested for by any competent vet.
I really hope these authors address these errors and omissions in a new edition of this wonderful book!
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le 15 mars 2001
I agree with the request for a gross-picture-free edition of this manual. But, if pictures must be in it, perhaps they could have pictures of cats that aren't quite so obviously ill as the ones shown. If my cat were *that* sick, she'd be staying overnight at the vet's office for as long as it took.
The pictures were the main reason I didn't buy the book when I first saw it at PetSmart. But, now I've just schooled myself not to flip through it too carelessly because I'll see things that break my heart.
Aside from the picture issue, the book is invaluable. It contains far more information than your typical "cats for dummies" style book. Not that "cats for dummies" isn't very enjoyable, but I don't use it when I'm seriously inquiring upon the health of my cats. (All ten of them.)
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le 11 mai 2000
The reader below is mistaken--this book does have info on FIV (page 64, to be exact). Importantly, it emphasizes that there is no vacciniation for this disease, and the best way to prevent FIV is to not allow cats to roam.
It is by far the most complete resource for kittten care.
However, I have a rather silly criticism--I wish that a "gross picture-free" edition was available. If my cats looked anything like some of the extremely ill cats in this book, I'd be rushing them to the emergency vet. I wouldn't need a book to tell me that the cat had a serious problem. So I don't really need the seriously gross pictures. But, if nothing else, they serve as a reminder to keep your cats indoors to prevent most of these maladies (especially when one sees the picture of the eye worm).
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le 1 avril 2002
We do cat rescue and have recommended or given this book to many people. It's a good basic book, helps explain when to go to vet, not too hard to read.
I disagree that the "gross pictures" shouldn't be in there -- You don't have to look at them, and they're there to teach what some things may look like. We've found some of the pictures quite useful.
The argument that "if my cat looked that bad we'd be at the vet" is kind of off the point -- this book is good because it is a great COMPANION to your vet --
Anyhow, very good book. I too wish there was a more recent edition, but much of the most changed stuff since 1995, is at a higher technical level than this book.
For the next level up, Feline Husbandry, and Feline Diseases by Niels Pedersen are great...
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le 28 février 2000
Sometimes it is difficult to buy a book off the internet if you are unfamiliar with it and are not sure if it's really what you want. With a book like this, you really need to browse through it to see if it's worth the money. Well, I'm an owner of an elderly cat and decided it was time to have a book like this handy in case symptoms arose. This is, without a doubt, the best cat care book there is! Trust me, you don't need to look through it first before you buy it ~ it covers every area, illness, ANYTHING you need to help you when you are concerned about your cat's health. It explains everything in easy-to-understand text and gives you information about cats in general. I'm so glad I have this is a great reference.
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le 16 janvier 2000
I was given this book the first Christmas I had my first cat. The person who gave it to me is an owner of about 15-20 homeless dogs(numbers vary) and has found the dog version to be helpful. I have found this book to be a necessary item...better than many "people" guide books. I can actually have an intelligent conversation with my vet before(and if) I have to take my cats in to see him. If my vet mentions a specific malady, I can look it up and find a simple definition. It's truly user-friendly! It's a must for those new to cats AND those cat experts. I would also recommend the dog & small animal version for those to whom it applies. We need an automachanic's book that is this simple & helpful!
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