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4,6 sur 5 étoiles
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le 9 juillet 2003
This is the first review I've ever written for, although I often shop here. I felt compelled to write because I felt that a recent review totally missed the mark about this wonderful book. The authors have done an incredible job, in my opinion, of balancing information with emotional support. They include quotes and stories from dozens and dozens of parents who have been through the death of a baby and who have somehow found the courage to try again. (BTW -- I didn't take "trying again" to imply a previous failure at all. To me, it merely refered to trying to conceive after a loss. I didn't find the title offensive in the least.) And as for the reviewer's comment about the book being potentially offensive to a pro-life reader, that comment is totally off the mark. There are one or two stories of women who made the heartwrenching decision to terminate, but there is never any attempt to say that this is the right or wrong decision. I thought the authors were very balanced in their discussion of this difficult and emotionally loaded issue.
I would urge other readers to try not to be put off by this single (and I would say unfairly harsh) review of this book. Trying Again has been a huge blessing to me during a very difficult time in my life. It makes me sad that another reader fails to appreciate what a wonderful gift these authors have given the world in writing this book.
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le 3 mars 2003
This book did not make me feel like I was overreacting because I "only" had a miscarriage, something that I wish my doctor and her staff hadn't done. Instead, it addressed all of my concerns, like what is the chance this will happen again. And the beautiful thing about the book is it provides ALL of the necessary tips for conceiving even while I'm am still busy healing. So, I feel like I have something positive to set my sites on when it is time. I started reading this book absolutely hopeless and have ended it feeling blessed that I had the little bit of time that I had being pregnant, without any of the guilty feelings. I realized I had done everything I could have to prevent this from happening. Honestly, I would recommend this book to anyone trying to conceive, not just people who have lost a child. I wish I had this information when I was going into this pregnancy. This book is 100% grounded in fact, which was very reassuring. Absolutely priceless to my husband and I.
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le 21 décembre 2000
I wish I'd had this book four years ago when I first started "trying again" to have a baby. I am one of the parents interviewed for this book.
It's so true that when you lose a baby so many well-meaning people urge you to try again - as if being pregnant again will make everything better. I too thought everthing would be better but in my case my efforts to try again resulted in two more losses. I too thought that everything would be better if I could just hold onto another pregnancy. When I became pregnant fear and anxiety were my constant companions. Reading Ann's book has given me a sense of normalcy. I certainly am not the only one out there whose pregnancy was 38 weeks of near panic. This is a book that acknowledges those feelings and gives you ideas for how to cope.
The one area that I wish Ann had discussed was when you decide to stop "trying again". I had three losses before we had our precious 3 year old. We tried to get pregnant a fifth time and after a year finally decided to stop trying. That decision created another loss for us. Somehow our grief was deeper as we re-grieved all our losses and then grieved for the children we would not have.
This is a good book. I have given copies to friends that are trying again.
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le 20 mai 2002
I thought the information it this book was very well organized and laid out in an easy to find manner. I was surprised at all the things that can go wrong during a pregnancy, but found it reassuring that many of the women who offered testimonials went on to have healthy children. I plan to share the book with my sister who also recently had a baby who was stillborn. I hope that it will help give her hope as it has helped me. It has only been a few weeks since my own daughter was stillborn but knowing that others have survived this tragedy helps me know that I can survive, too.
I especially enjoyed the section about how people felt when their subsequent children were born. I plan to try again very soon, and I want my boys to know that they did have a baby sister, even if it was for just a little while, and that they may still have another little sister soon. Or a brother, that would be wonderful, too!
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le 11 mars 2003
Like the other reviewers, I agree that this book has a lot of very good information about losing a baby and trying again.
However, after my 2 miscarriages I have become extremely sensitive and emotional about the issue of abortion/terminations. When I read in this book about a woman who had chosen to abort because her baby had Down's Syndrome, I felt like I'd had the breath knocked out of me. It shook me up badly and made it difficult to focus on reading (I finally just set the book aside).
So, if you, like me, are very hurt by and sensitive to references to abortions, be aware that there are a few mentions of it in this book.
However, if you're *not* bothered by references to abortion, I can recommend this book without reservation.
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le 4 novembre 2000
First, I must admit to a slight bias, as I was one of the bereaved parents, trying again, whom Ann Douglas interviewed for this book. Having eagerly awaited its publication, I can say that it is everything I was hoping to read and more.
Losing a child during pregnancy or shortly after birth is a tragedy that few people can imagine until they have had the unfortunate experience of living through it. Many people urge the bereaved couple to "try again" (as if that will make everything all better). They often do not realize how the loss of the previous pregnancy colours every facet of trying or being pregnant again.
As someone who has lived through the loss of a child and the birth of a subsequent baby -- as well as being a gifted writer on pregnancy and parenting issues -- Ann is uniquely qualified to explore every aspect of this largely unexplored subject. The book is thorough and presents lots of factual information, as well as the voices of bereaved parents who have made the courageous decision to try again to bring a living child home. For me, it was the stories and examples of these other bereaved parents that really "made" the book.
I would highly recommend this book for any bereaved parent struggling with the decision to try again or going through a subsequent pregnancy, as well as those in a position to provide support to these brave couples.
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le 9 septembre 2002
When I lost my first baby to a miscarriage, I needed information! I searched high and low... and found this book. It really helped... and it did help through the next two miscarriages. I trusted where it came from, as the author, Ann Douglas had suffered losses as well. I connected with this book... and am lucky to have had it when I needed it.
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le 24 janvier 2002
My husband and I were told at our first prenatal visit (10wks) that we had lost our baby. One week out I was hungry for information on why this had happened to us. Having no friends that had been through this experience I looked to books. This book was great. I was able to see that all of my feeling were all right there in front of me and even some other feelings that I might experience down the road. This book was more helpful that others since it was well written for all stages of pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and infant death. Other books that I purchased did not make me feel that my loss was as important as those whose baby had died in their arms after nine months of pregnancy.
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le 13 juin 2003
Having just lost a baby to stillbirth, I ordered this book in hopes to trying to conceive again. It is a reassuring book for those of us who have lost a baby and anxiously want to try again, but are nervous and scared. The author addresses all the fears you encounter in a subsequent pregnancy and also offers a lot of tangible information. I'd certainly recommend this book to a mother who has experienced a loss and wants to try again. Now, wish me luck in conceiving!
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le 21 septembre 2001
Ann Douglas and John R. Sussman, M.D., show that there is really light at the end of the tunnel! They offer advice in a very imformative way that leaves the expectant mother full of hope. In addition, it deals with some issues that our society would rather not talk about. A must for anyone trying to conceive or have already conceived after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.
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