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le 2 août 2011
ah-hah... I just found out that the author is Canadian... this explains a lot about the tone of the book. I'm not exactly sure how to explain what I mean, but there is a Canadian flavor to this book, even though the content is American (i.e. the references to health care processes are based on the U.S. version of healthcare, not the Canadian pseudo-socialist version).

It actually reads more like a journal article (complete with many pages of references) than a book - and is short like a journal article too. It seems to be well-researched and, for the most part, well-supported by other research.

I found it interesting to see just how pervasive the economic model of the world is, at least in North America, and how this "dollar-value" approach to everything lowers our quality of life, even if it might raise our standard of living (for those lucky ones among us anyway).

The author did offer some alternative models but the bulk of the book is spent looking at how our modern world has applied economic assessments to everything, even things that traditionally don't/shouldn't have an economic component (such as our health and well-being).

All in all, it was an interesting and enlightening read even while it was sort of depressing to see how nearly every part of our world has been boiled down into its value in dollars and cents.
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