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le 18 avril 2006
The Four Seasons of Marriage explains basic characteristics of what healthy/unhealthy marriages look like. It's filled with examples to help the reader relate and best discover strengths/weaknesses in themselves. Chapman depicts strategies in an easy to understand and very practical format to help move (or stay) in the spring/summer seasons of a healthy marriage.
There's also a section dedicated to the reader wanting to improve their marriage even when the spouse is not cooperative or showing signs of wanting to change.
Excellent book for married couples, or for those just looking to prepare themselves with a healthy mindset before getting married.
It's a very easy and fun read! Anybody who found The Five Love Languages helpful will appreciate this book as well.
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le 6 août 2013
This book goes hand-in-hand with The 5 Love Languages. The steps/strategies are very 'doable' for anyone wanting to work through and strengthen their relationship. Though its intention is for married couples, I feel it can also be applied to people who find themselves in long-term relationships that are no longer in the 'honeymoon phase'. It was an easy read and extremely encouraging
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le 21 mai 2015
Gary Chapman has pulled back the curtain and exposed his readers to the realities of marriage. He brings us face to face with ourselves, our attitudes and our need to communicate with our spouse. It is of utmost importance to keep God in the picture and to continually work on something more important than property or popularity --- our marriage for --- As goes the marriage so goes the home. As goes the home so goes the family. As goes the family so goes the nation. Well done Mr. Chapman.
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