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le 18 mars 2006
This is a wonderful collection of highly sensual laden and sweetly sinful stories from three extremely accomplished authors.
TURN UP THE HEAT by Sherrilyn Kenyon - Kenyon gives steamy and exciting story with a Cinderella heorine meets a 'bad boy' on a fantasy island. Allison is the winner of a 'live the novel' romance contest that lands her on a dream island, complete with major 'stud muffins' and one darkly dangerous hunk who is hiding out from the mob. Attraction between the two sizzles and between bedroom gymnastics and dodging bullets these two create spontaneous combustion! HOT!
HUNTERS OATH by Jaid Black - Inconsolable over the loss of her brother Sofia didn't pay much attention to the roads the cab driver took while plowing thru the snow to catch a plane back to Tampa. Too late she discovered that she'd been kidnapped and brought to a secret underground 'otherworld' where she is auctioned off on the marriage block. Having been given a powerful aphrodisiac by the guardian of the 'outsider brides', Sofia couldn't help the 'itch' that her new husband, the seven foot warrior Johen is only too willing to take care of. Once the drug wore off, Johen himself becomes the aphrodisiac that convinces Sofia to stay. Romantic and sizzling!
THE WARLORD WANTS FOREVER by Kresley Cole - 'Myst the Coveted' is an immortal Valkyrie who considers vampires and other such ghouls her mortal enemy. Nikolai Wroth, a warlord general is a vampire who recognizes Myst as someone special. At first he didn't know just what exactly she was until just before he'd lost her. It then took him another five years to capture this very special Valkyrie. Their battles would be ferocious and their lovemaking exquisite as Wroth fought to convince Myst that she was fated to be his 'forever bride'.
I've read Kenyon before and she definitely knows how to heat things up with her BAD boy series; Jaid Black was brand new for me and my,oh my, I do plan plan to look her up in the future. I've read great historical fiction from Ms Cole before and with this debut effort into the paranormal genre she has proven herself equal to the task. The reader won't be disappointed in availing themselves of this exceptional trio of short but extremely titillating stories. These are 'smoking'!
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le 26 octobre 2011
For the sakes of these 3 stars, I'll only review the Warlord wants forever, since I tried to read Jaid Black's story (I would have given it a zero) and Black put me off so much, I didn't bother reading Sherrilyn's.

Yes, I bought this book for the novella of Kresley Cole and yes I wish I could have bought only Cole's. But once I got into the Immortals After Dark series, I couldn't pass it. The story is the weakest of Cole's series to be frank, but still a pleasure to read. The characters are bordering weird and have definitely been fleshed out in the later books even when they aren't the center of those. Myst borders sex-kitten stupid vibes that are definitely softer later on and Nikolai isn't as laidback dumbfounded. Still the foundation to a great serie deserves recognition and the story isn't flat at all.

Like a previous reviewer said, if you can borrow it from a friend, do that. It's worth a read but it can easily be skipped.
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le 2 août 2010
Like the other reviewer I purchased this book as a resulting of getting hooked on the IAD series by Cole. This is the first in the series and worth a read. Mysty and vampire layer is good for some solid entertainment. This story is the first introduction to the characters we love. Nix, Regin, and of course Myst to name a few.
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le 14 janvier 2008
This anthology was overall very disapointing. The story by Kenyon was brutal and the characters and plot were weak. The second story by Jaid Black was slightly better but still not worth buying. The only saving grace in the anthology is the novella by Kresley Cole. Her story is extremely well-written and the characters and story are great! The scenes are funny, clever and not to! I wouldn't suggest buying this book, but if you can find it used I would get it just for Cole's awesome story.
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