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4,0 sur 5 étoiles
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le 29 août 2010
The book sets out to prove that a design thinker is someone who uses both analytical and intuitive reasoning at the same time. Another expression the management lore already has for this is integrative thinking. The new spin the author puts on the topic is that a design thinker uses abductive logic, which is beyond deductive and inductive logic. In other words, it is the logic of what is to come and what is not built on the past. Through the text, professionals using analysis and labeled reliability-driven and those employing design thinking are labeled validity-driven. I don't fully agree with his dichotomy as even those who use analysis as a primary tool strive for valid solutions, even if they realize them in sometimes slower fashion. The author also provides a method to become a design thinker and that is by referring to his other book "The Opposable Minds" in which he states that every person has a personal knowledge system made up of a stance, tools, and experiences. By changing one's stance one changes the other components downstream that feed back and forth.
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