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3,6 sur 5 étoiles
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RÉVISEUR DU TOP 500le 31 janvier 2012
Firstly I have to say the others writting reviews here are forgetting the target audiance of the book.
its not a beginners programming book... its not. it wont teach you want you already should know.
for that you need a book for learning C++

but this IS a beginners game development book.
think of this as your first book for learning to make games, sort of the
same way you thought of the first book you "or will use" to learn actual C++

With that being said: it IS a beginners book, it takes you hand and walks you through
all the concepts and code you need to learn for GAME DEVELOPMENT. if you still havent

so use this guide to decide if this books for you: (Using C++ as your guide!)
havent made your first "hello world"?
havent written a file from your own C++ app?
havent made your own class "with proper accessors, and all that jazz"
havent written at least 1500 lines of working code "not examples"
not sure what an API is?
not sure how to navigate windows (for this a simple google tutorial will do) or make directories
Asking, whats a pointer?

if you answered yes to just one of these, a full out beginners book is what you need
if you answered yes to one of the bottom 4, a primer will be your best bet (as you have probably done enough to start there)

remember, beginners game book, not a beginners programming book.

I gave 4/5 because while this book does EXACTLY what it says;
it does so halfway, lots of code snippets could use better explanations for example.
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le 17 avril 2011
Like the other 2 reviews (at the time of this writing) I have to say that this book is much better suited for intermediate C++ knowledge. I did use a C++ primer and ordered this based on amazons recommendation (Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, Third Edition) and I was barely able to grasp what was going on, especially because its a C++ book and the first set of code he dives into is windows programming.

My second issue is that I am not a person who can handle constant educational pressure. He is always on 4th gear, pushing tons of new code with small explanations that dont necessarily clearly explain things. For people who are into academics and just love high levels of challenge this is definitely a book you can sink your teeth into. Its definitely not 'boring and slow'.

Lastly be prepared to have issues with coding based on this book as I was unable to find the DirectX SDK version that was required in this book so I used the newest one which caused numerous issues. Also do NOT use Visual C++ 2010 Express unless you wanna have the worst time with directories and getting the environment connected to the DX libraries.

To summarise:
This book was absolutely not for me. Having only one book as a buffer to this was not enough and in one of his end chapter excersizes he literally told me I wasn't worthy to keep reading the book.

For those of you that take "If you can't do this you aren't worthy to continue this book." as a challenge and then thrive off that pressure then this book will be a 4 star or 5 for you.
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le 4 mars 2011
This is not a beginners book, just the beginning of game programming using DirectX. He lays out the basics of using a windows application, to show what the differences are in windows applications and DirectX. You must learn about C++ and not be a beginner in this language to catch on about all the terminology, however, knowing the basics about C++, and willing to learn more as you go about it will allow you to follow along.

A C++ primer is recommended by the author, which would allow you to learn more advanced C++ programming. Not a book for beginners, but a book for budding game programmers already familiar with C++.

A good side note is that he also lays out some details of game programming and design that will be helpful to budding game programmers. Definitely worth a look.

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le 11 novembre 2011
The book was overall great and it helped alot but as the others said it isn't for beginners.The reason I gave this book a five star is because of the writing style.The writing style made everything easier to pick up on and the CD came with the required software.I thoroughly recommend this book 5/5
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le 9 février 2011
If you are just learning C++ and are just a begginer I don't recommend this book because it does get real complicated, especially because he mentions terminology, that's hard to understand.
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