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le 14 mars 2011
If Kresley reads this review, I would want her to know she brought magic to the pages in this book. Thank you Kresley, yet again you have rocked the IAD World. This book binds the past books and sets up the future plot lines with ease. By far my favorite IAD character was Cadeon... until Declan. Declan's character is intricate and woven to depict a man that we understand and oozes with sensuality. Regin was fabulous yet again. You can feel the tension between them and go through each twist and turn with them in their story. The book is a keeper and I will be rereading it because there was so much detail packed into each page. It made me gasp, it made me laugh, it made me yell... loved every bit of it. My girl Nix is her cray cray self and it was great to see into the way she wheeled this plot. If only I could spend a weekend in her mind and conjur up these wicked happeninings - it would ROCK.

Awesome, awesome, awesome... how is that for a review?!?! LOVE THE IAD SERIES TO THE MAX!!!!
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le 15 février 2011
I have to admit that after Demon from the Dark I wasn't sure how Cole was going to pull off Regin and Declan's story but she totally did. I really enjoyed this installment of IAD and couldn't stop reading. Declan's torment is so great that you can at least identify with his feelings if not all of his motives. His desire for Regin, a deathless one, is so confusing to him and Ms. Cole manages to conveys his inner turmoil believably. Regin is, as always, just Regin. However, with this story, we do get to see a little more depth of character and we get to see beyond the facade she wears.
There is some new information on Lothaire to add to the rumors, and a few new characters introduced on both sides.
This installment just makes me more anxious for the next. I guess I will just have to satisfy myself with rereading my other IAD favorites while I wait
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