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le 1 janvier 2012
I find this manual difficult to navigate, and the language is occasionally obtuse. Like most people, I use these books to learn how to complete a specific job. I don't read the book cover to cover. Does anybody? I haven't been able to complete a single project I've attempted, because reference is invariably made to some tool or process with which I am unfamiliar, and there are no links to track the required information down. Normally, the index would help with this problem, but the index is this manual is woefully lacking. All in all, the book is a dud. I'll be looking for something else.

In fairness, it's tough to buy a manual online because you don't have the opportunity to scan it first. I love buying books online, but I think a manual is one book better bought in a bookstore.
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le 17 janvier 2012
I love this book. I am going through it cover to cover and although it was frustrating to start with using the Organizer and Saving your work (I wanted to jump right in and DO something), in the end the author knew better then i did and you have to know what you are going to do with your pictures after you adjust with them. While taking Kim Klassen's free on line Skinny-Mini Elements class, I constantly referred back to this manual to figure out what I was doing and why. I felt it referenced other commands in the book very well. Although there are plenty of examples in the book, I could have used more pictures.
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le 17 septembre 2012
Photoshop Elements 10: The Missing Manual

PhotoSHOP Elements 10 is 600 heavily illustrated, large format pages of small type superbly printed, exhausting the capacity of the application to modify photographs. A power user will be satisfied.

However, I am not interested in modifying photographs. I use Photoshop only for painting illustrations. This tome has 100 pp explaining the tools for painting, mainly about layers, gradients, and text. That works out to >30¢ per page; instruction for drawing, painting, selecting, etc. must be sought among the other 500 pp and then adapted to painting. I suggest that ADOBE's manuals be studied before costly third party books

PhotoSHOP is the industry standard, a necessary competence for professionals; it is written for photographic technicians and professional printers rather than intuitive artists. I advise artists to start digital painting with simple programs, such as Corel PAINTER Elements 4, and then graduate to PhotoSHOP when the basic operations are understood and the finer, professional techniques are desired.

This book is thorough and fairly lucid for PhotoShoppers determined to achieve professional excellence. Who else would invest in PhotoShop?
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