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le 31 mars 2003
Discworld Also picks up where GURPS Discworld left off and includes information on the more modern innovations that have occurred on the Disc in the books Pratchett has written since GURPS Discworld was published, such as the communications explosion and the opening of EcksEcksEcksEcks, and also offers more information and help to the game master and players. There are also new racial packages and character templates (including one for creating an Igor!).
It also includes 3 full-blown adventure scenarios and 3 adventure seeds. I've only run one of the adventures, Lost and Found, twice at conventions. This adventure has always run beautifully with both those familiar with the Disc (even those more familiar with it than I) and those who are not. Warning, though, the laughter that erupts from time to time at the table tends to distract those at the surrounding tables who opted (silly people that they are) to play something else!
This book is a joy to read, even if you're not planning on running a game in the Discworld setting, but is, of course, primarily intended for those interested in running a game in the setting. I would note that you really need to own GURPS Discworld (or the Discworld Roleplaying Game, as it's now being called) to use it.
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