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le 3 février 2004
For those who enjoy epic level battles where the little guy rises to power and glory only through a constant struggle against overwhelming odds, Werewolf will deliver that in spades. For those who enjoy the mixture of intense combat and deep spiritual reverence, Werewolf will deliver that in spades. And for those who wish to understand and appreciate the contrast between being man and wolf, Werewolf is the one for you.
None of the other White Wolf games can deliver the above, without truly playing outside their intended mood. Werewolf is a game of horror - of loosing your loved ones to horrific monsters; of failing in your duty to protect the Earth; and of betraying the trust that others (werewolf, spirit, and mortal alike) place in you. Take the phenominal powers bestowed upon you and decide whether it is time to unleash your fury on your enemies, or gently share your wisdom with the next generation.
Feel the fear of despiration. See your foes all around you. The world crumbles as the last memories of your ancestors drifts away like whisps of fog.
When will YOU rage?
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le 25 mars 2002
I have the three revised Core White-Wolf books. To a new person to the genre this may not mean much but Revised has brought some serious changes to the three games that have come out. Vampire was the first and it was a great improvement to the game. Mage came second, and lost out. Their was alot to be expected from it, but it came short in many ways. Werewolf is middle of the road with most of it's changes being cosmetic.
The rules have changed to the revised Story Teller system like Vampire and Mage. This doesn't make Werewolves weaker or stronger like what happened in Mage or Vampire. It just makes things easier to do. Since the damage system changed, it also means that many damage stats are reduced. Some new gifts are created, and Rage, the thing that gives Werewolf players a strong advantage, is toned down.
Storywise some changes have happened as well. The Stargazers, the most enigmatic tribe, in the Western Concordant have left. It is mysterious why they did, but they claim it is to defend their homelands during the final days. Speaking of Final Days, this setting really drives that point home, every thing does seem hopeless. I really liked that being added to the setting as it gives the setting a much better feel, mainly so people don't act like Enviornmentalist who can shape change. This game is a very good introduction to the World of Darkness for beginners, that I'd highly reccomend.
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le 31 décembre 2000
I agree that this 3rd edition is not a complete redue of the 2nd but it adds desperately needed changes: subtle but important rules changes (esp in the combat section), drastically improved artwork and an update of the situations presented by White Wolf in their ever changing world. Ex: With the destruction of the Sept of the Snow Leopard in Tibet, the Stargazers are pulling their small numbers back to the east to attempt to save their tribe, becoming more a part of the Beast Courts in the east than of the more 'western' tribes.
The new rules include those things introduced in the Vampire 3rd like different catagories of damage (bashing/lethal/aggrivated), fine tuning the combat system (which needed it) and adding/replacing new gifts and fetishes (I haven't gone through the rituals section to see if they added anything there.)
I do not agree that it is a waste of money. If you are new to the game, pick up this 3rd ed. If you have played before, leave the expanded information on cosmology and history to the vast number of suppliments that treat those subjects in detail (Rage Across the Heavens, Guardians of the Caerns, Croatan Song, the Mage suppliment Spirit Ways, etc). This book improves combat, adds more details and options for pack tactics and totem interaction plus much more.
For those of you who don't know much about the Werewolf genre it is the best gaming background I've ever experienced in an RPG; leaving itself open to give something to everyone- bloodthirsty combat, intense emotional turmoil, spiritual beauty, and what it all boils down to-characters who belong to a society whose underlying goal is something good, to defend life, creativity and beauty, even though they are loosing the war. Hack n' Slashers (roll-players), Pure Roleplayers and Storytellers of all genres (horror, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, tragedy, and more) can all find something to share in the Werewolf universe.
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le 10 décembre 2000
I've played and enjoyed the Werewolf rpg, but was disappointed by this newest White Wolf release. For those of you unfamiliar with the earlier editions of this game, in Werewolf you play, well, werewolves (or "Garou") -- not the cursed monsters of folklore and film but a unique species possesing human and animal traits and a shamanistic, tribal culture. The Garou see themselves as the protectors of nature, but their bickering and internecine conflicts make them nearly as dangerous (from a human standpoint, anyway) as their chief foes, demonic minions of a corrupting spritual force called the Wyrm. The tension between the heroic and mythic qualities of the Werewolves -- who wield superhuman physical and magical powers -- and their capacity for destructive violence can make for highly entertaining gaming.
The reason for my low review is that the "revised" edition of Werewolf is basically a reprint of the second edition of the game, with just a few cosmetic changes that make the setting slightly gloomier. I had hoped that the new edition of the game would give me more information on werewolf culture and cosmology, but this was not the case. If you already own the Second Edition of Werewolf, save your money on some other product. If the idea of gaming as a werewolf appeals to you, I'd be inclined to recommend the earlier edition of this product.
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le 12 mars 2002
I wanted to start playing an RPG with my friends. I heard Dungeons & Dragons was way too complicated so a friend suggested Werewolf.
My friends and I have been playing every Thursday for about a month now and we're having a -blast-.
This book really helped us beginners flesh out our first characters, and taught the history of the Garou (what the werewolves call themselves).
I'd say my only complaint is that some of the art wasn't all that great, but there is also a lot of good art. So that didn't affect my star rating.
I'd suggest getting the Werewolf Player's Guide as well, as it gets into a little more detail than this book. And don't forget to hit the local game shop to get a set of D-10 dice!
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le 5 novembre 2003
Werewolf was my first introduction to World of Darkness. I enjoyed it, but, reading the other books pointed out to me that Werewolves are definitely a better platform for Storytellers than players - they're either too weak or too powerful! New players will find themselves darting away from a vampire or hunter with any kind of experience, where as someone who actually finds standing in the Garou nation will be able to kill off Justicars and Femorachs without breaking a sweat.
You could play a campaign, of course, but, it'll take some effort to make high-leveled characters keep interest. Buyer beware!
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le 20 juin 2001
So we are to expect a lot from this book, and it does certainly satisfied my expectations. It has great artwork, with lots of info on everything in the Garou Nation and the Apocalypse. As a storyteller, I strongly recommend this book in order to use werewolf for or against players. Also a werewolf chronicle might proove great fun if the players are adequate.
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le 12 septembre 2001
This is definitely the best World of Darkness game. Besides being more comprehensive of the entire WoD than other books, it has much more mood and feeling than Vampire or Mage.
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le 22 juillet 2003
You have to be really stoopid to like this game, seroiusly. Read my Vampire review (by clicking on my name, above) and you will catch the majority of the reasons. I pretty much speak out against all of WOD there. I decided to post here as well because this is most the insane munchkinfest of the WOD games.
This game has story, and could be roleplayed well, but you're not going to find anyone who wants to seroiusly roleplay interested in this game.
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