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le 20 juin 2005
This is a book I would strongly recommend. I brought the book to my GP (following the advice of the authors), who said it was the best book she had ever seen on the topic, and functioned as an "effective guide to getting people to eat more healthfully". My GP advised *against* taking it to an extreme, actually, but that's been perfect for me. I'm losing weight, feeling better, and presumably ageing more slowly. The downside to all weight-loss diets is hunger, of course. What I like about this book is that the clear, simple, brief explanations of theories of ageing help me to "reinterpret" the hunger as just a normal feeling in the stomach of someone who isn't going to die of a heart attack at the age of 60. The book also offers many other tips for dealing with hunger, which I'm currently experimenting with.
A great book!
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le 20 juin 2005
I bought the book when it first became available almost a month ago (don't know why it says "June 9" here--it was available earlier) and it has been extraordinarily helpful to me. I'm not one of these "life extenders" who follow the diet to an extreme. I don't want to live to be 140 years old. I want to be healthy and trim. Other reviewers have talked about how the extremely clear explanations of some basic nutritional principles "stick" in a powerful way that helps you make more sensible food choices. I have definitely found that to be the case. You "feel" the harm a half pint of ice cream will do to your cells, and it's easy to say No. It's only been a month so we'll see how long the positive effects last... but right I can say I feel much better and I don't feel I'm making any kind of "sacrifice", and I assume this will continue indefinitely.
The personal stories were also very helpful. (I wish there had been more. That would be my only negative comment about the book.)
I just saw one of the coauthors on Good Morning America a couple hours ago, who actually looked WAY too thin. It's too bad ABC didn't show the people following milder versions of the diet like Delaney the other coauthor since they actually look great. (See [...]) Maybe some people on this diet get obsessed with extreme health or extreme skinniness and that's what ABC wanted to focus on to make this sensationalistic. It's a pity because the extremists actually look almost scary. But for people who start out overweight (like moi), this diet is perfect.
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