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4,2 sur 5 étoiles
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le 19 juillet 2000
This is quite possibly the worst book I have ever read. To begin with, the story is blase, the world is never described, even the main character and her "powers" are not properly explored. The writing sounds like a cross between a smarty pants teenager with the fantasy of a nine year old wrapped into a very uncreative roleplayer who wanted to make a one-dimensional character fly into our hearts. WRONG. Even the writer losses her own consistency. Halfway through the story, I'm reading of the events taking place through a Saturday, and what happened to the characters earlier that morning was described as happening the day before. Am I the only person with it? How could the author and the editors have missed such a thing? All the characters actions were misplaced and the reasons, unmotivated. If you want to bore yourself, and spend the 7 bucks it takes to read to the witless dialogue and waste the rest of your time trying to grasp the very underdevloped world of Hamilton's, please go to the library, or else you'll hate yourself. I instead suggest sitting infront of the TV on Tuesdays and watching some Buffy. It's a much better portrayal of the supernatural, with smart, intelligent characters and writing to boot.
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le 29 mai 2000
The first in a seemingly inexhaustible supply of Anita Blake novels, GUILTY PLEASURES is a publishing oddity. Reading much like a first or rough second draft, the novel suffers from nearly every amateur writing mistake and still manages to win adherents despite its second-rate execution. Less a novel than a mish-mash of vampiric, Anne Rice cliches and faux-noir pose, GUILTY PLEASURES dashes madly from sequence to sequence, some barely related to others, until it comes to an abrupt, and merciful, halt.
Ostensibly a mystery, the book serves more as a vehicle for Hamilton's neophyte self-indulgence, making GUILTY PLEASURES a showcase for a lovingly-created world that the author is absolutely certain you'll adore as much as she does. As a result, truckloads of characters and locations are introduced, most of them utterly meaningless, apparently for the sole purpose of simply having them in the book. Most of Hamilton's locations are painfully unoriginal, such as the vampire strip club -- an overused staple of erotic vampire fiction if there ever was one, for certain -- and the characters almost uniformly fall into common stereotype. The anemic plotline serves little purpose other than to legitimize the novel's existence, despite Hamilton's effort to infuse in her setting and cast (through stale, tough-gal, hard-boiled prose) a real sense of gravity.
As shoddy and derivative as a Fred Olen Ray film production, GUILTY PLEASURES can only be described as a trashy waste of time, which would be perfectly acceptable if there weren't better books on the shelves worth reading.
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le 5 septembre 2015
The series starts off reasonably well, with the first nine books being decent, but not exceptional, urban fantasy. After that, however, it degenerates into a porn-laden shagfest wherein the formerly strait-laced protagonist morphs into a self-loathing succubus. The author seems to be determined to have Anita railed by every male character in the series, often in groups.

Internet rumor has it the abrupt change in direction coincides with the author's divorce and possibly the onset of menopause, and it certainly reads like a defense of her own alternative lifestyle. But regardless of whether Hamilton's writing is therapy or bragging, it's still unreadable rubbish.
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le 25 mai 2003
As much as I wanted to like this book, I did not. The plot never emerged. As they say, "the plot thickens," but in this books case, it thickens into a paste of mud. In order to get me interested, I really should be enticed into liking Anita Blake from the start. I don't or perhaps I've not been given enough info to form an opinion. To me, it was just a slightly gory horror book with some kinky vampire fantasy thrown in for good measure. I picked it up because I was told, "If you like Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, you'll like this." Unfortunately, I didn't. Sorry.
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le 16 février 2003
after reading *dead until dark and living dead in dallas* by:Charlaine Harris..i searched for the same kinda stories..and read that Laurell K. Hamilton's books are even i gave it a try after reading the reviews..i couldnt finish the was so boring..and alot of discription just to fill the pages..i was skipping all the pages tryin to find somethin interesting to was really a boring book i did not like it at all...maybe cus it was her first book..but ill give her other chapters a try....i cant hardly wait for Charlaine Harris 3rd book.
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le 14 octobre 2003
If you were to buy this book based on all the praise it gets in its opening pages (as I did) you are in for a horrible surprise. This is one of the most poorly writtne thrillers I have had the displeasure of reading. Bad noir-esque narritive, bad dialogue, not at all erotic, not at all interesting overall, a fairly uninteresting effort by "the next Anne Rice." A waste of $$ and precious time.
Try something else.
Anything else.
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le 5 novembre 2001
I was sold this book as a racey romance. It was really a fairly stupid vmpire hunting detective story. Don't be fooled, unless you like light detective stuff. There is NO relationship in this book, even though the back of the book claims that the heroine will "find a man capable of arousing in her a hunger strong enough to match his own".
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le 20 décembre 2000
I bought Guilty Pleasures at the recommendation of a co-worker. He is a fan of the Anita Blake series and thought I'd get into it too. The background is well written and defined, but the characters are shallow and sexual thought/desire/memories/plans simply take up too much dialogue and the plot drags along. I'll avoid the rest of the series.
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le 9 juillet 2004
This book was slow-moving and had way to many pop references.
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