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le 1 juin 2010
I've been reading and learning from John Chow for many years. I've also had the pleasure of meeting him on various occasions, getting better insight into who he is as a person.

On the web, he's the no-holds-barred money man John Chow Dot Com, but the man behind that man is someone of charity and the willingness to help others.

I've read [...] since his very early posts, but in the book I learned more about how John began his career as a guy who makes money online. It's a trial-and-error story that may sound familiar to those who are self-taught and learn by doing, but where he took it is truly amazing.

I often recommend parts of John's site for education on blogging principles, ad revenue ideas and to see how he does it himself (rather than how he tells you to do it).

Many are critical of John's success and methods of achieving it, but I always point out that paying attention to what he does is much more important than many of the things he says. While they are often the same thing, sometimes they are not and there is much to be learned from that.

He has been consistently making money through major downturns in the economy, and it really does begin with the advice given in his book. It touches upon the motivation required (do it now), the technical skills (how to setup Wordpress, for instance) to the strategies he and others have used to generate traffic, readership and revenue.

It's a well-organized (thanks to Mr. Kwan!) and easy to understand guide on how to get started with blogging. While much of the information is available on John's site itself, you'd be hard pressed to put it together in a format that works as well as this book.

I'm somewhat disappointed with the cover of the book and think there could have been more effort put into the branding and design. While it doesn't take away from the content, it feels generic and if I didn't already know, I wouldn't give it a second look in the bookstore.

I recommend 'Make Money Online: Roadmap of a dot com mogul' for those who have the will, but are unsure of the way (to start blogging). I will continue to recommend [...] to friends and clients, but will now point those who would enjoy learning 'everything' at once, to this book. If you want to start a blog or publish content and aren't sure how to start, this will help.
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