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le 2 avril 2011
Being I own several online businesses I was interested in obtaining tips that could help me with them as well as possibly starting others. As I perused this book I was pleased to see that Sharon L. Cohen covered the basics concisely without being overwhelming for anyone that is new to online ventures or not internet savvy.

Aside from giving basics such as e-commerce, marketing/advertising, customer tracking, business essentials (plan, license, tax,) name/location, effective website design, generating traffic she also gives suggestions of what types of online businesses may be started. The list does include 199 suggestions and if the interest is there one may pursue further research. Each suggestion has a brief business overview, skills needed, tips, and where to find more information.

If you are expecting detailed information, it's not in this book; however, it does contain the basics to whet your interest enough to find out more. I believe this is a good book to get your mind wrapped around what it entails to run an internet based business and whether or not you have enough discipline and interest to run with it. In my opinion this is a good resource for a beginner.
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