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le 14 octobre 2002
Burfoot's "The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life" is so simple yet so thorough. It's such a quick read, but the depth and variety of each short, powerful chapter is incredible. I literally could not put it down.
I particularly connected with the chapter on traditions (the need for anchors in this fast-paced world). Amby talks about the draw of Manchester and it's annual Thanksgiving day Road Race, which he has done 37 consecutive times. This fall will be my 17th straight. Like Amby, I make the pilgrimage back to Connecticut (despite now living in Chicago) because of the opportunity to re-connect with family and friends for this one "magic" day.
As a father of three daughters, I also appreciated his perspectives on his children and how he came to the realization that they must choose their own paths. While I would love for my daughters to share my passion for running, I have learned through Amby that it is OK if they don't. Finally, the chapter titled "Materialism - what you really need you already have" is right on and should be "must read" for our entire society.

This is a book much like "Tuesday's With Morrie" that I will refer back to from time to time to put life - and running - in perspective.
Thanks Amby and see you in Manchester!
Todd Gothberg
Gurnee Il.<
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le 30 juin 2000
What a wonderful book by Amby Burfoot to fuel the spirit and heart of the runner in each one of us. The book is inspirational, caring and sharing of running and life that we run. It has quotes, stories, heros, thoughts about goals, courage, finishing, victory and yes stopping to smell the roses along the way or maybe even a majestic view on the race course. Amby shared thoughts and philosophies that made me laugh, put the book down to do my own reflection and even brought me to tears. The story of Amby's 30th annversary Boston Marathon race was so touching when his brother joined him on the run. I plan on giving this book to all of my running friends. This book is just what you need to fuel or maybe even refuel your own running spirit. Whether you are a beginner or elite runner there is something in this book that will touch your mind and heart. It is a book for the runner in each of us. Amby teaches us the winning attitude so well in the book. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Thanks for all you do for the running world.
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le 4 mai 2000
This book was easy to read, straightforward and inspirational. Though not as deep as Sheehan, this book contains simple truths of the joys of running and makes you appreciate not only the mileage put in, but why you do it. I put the book down feeling good about the hours of sweat, a renewed bond with runners in general, and a desire to carry forward in good times and bad. Amby Burfoot, thanks for sharing!
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le 22 avril 2001
The perfect book to lift the spirits and give you the motivation to get out and give it your best. It's a small and easy to read companion that is ideal for taking along to races and whipping out when the nerves start to set in. Every runner should have this in their kit bag or beside the bed.
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